India, the culturally diverse land has been home to some of the greatest adventures, most soothing spaces and landscapes that have unbeatable scenic beauty. In a developing country like the same, it is easy to find the megacity on the list to visit. While they are a perfect space to see the most popular monuments, they are also growing with the large number of the population available that are working-class who are stuck in their monotonous work, traffic-congested roads and surmounting the hurdles of maintaining a balance between the work and personal life.

So taking a break from this monotonously scheduled life to witness India's hidden cities that offer many adventures, treasures and surprises is a must for the local travellers and the foreigners, they must explore the subcontinent with the most magnificent regions in the world.


Situated in Meghalaya, one of the most beautiful places in India the name of which translates to the "abode of clouds". A cool, pine fresh mountain state set o rocky cliffs, all the features are apt to describe this place and how this place is a perfect amalgamation of nature and adventure. Many travellers have been visiting the state to find a tiny slice of paradise and Laitmawsiang is a wonder that is known as the garden of caves.

The natural space crafted by the seasonal waterfalls and fed by rains was officially inaugurated as a tourist spot on 9th December 2010. Opened a decade ago, the emerald greens of bushes and hedges, these cave gardens are home to caves, waterfalls and cascades. Though the place is officially inaugurated, it is still the road less travelled which makes it a hidden gem. One can see the seven major spots – Ka Synrang Syiem (the king's cave), Sum Syiem Falls, Ki Stieh Maw (warrior rocks), U Mawdo Hnud (heart-shaped rock), U Mawkhyllung (baby rock), Arsdad Falls, and Riat Umlwai on the 2.5-hectare property.

Location: Amid a remote and small village in Sohra, Meghalaya lies Garden of Caves, or Ka Bri Synrang, 10km from Laitryngew region these cave gardens are perhaps the most breathtaking spot in the state, and probably even India.


Formerly known as the Quilon- Shencottah or Quilon–Chenkotta line, the Kollam-Sengottai branch line is the first railway line in the erstwhile Travancore state. Made a century ago, the Kollam-Chennai metre gauge rail route was commissioned by The British in 1904 and has been converted to broad gauge and is fully operational from Kollam Junction to Shengottai.

The out of the world piece of engineering world on the greens of Western Ghats of Kerala offers the exceptional view. The history of this engineered beauty goes back to 1900 when its design was created by the British engineers and the construction was with granite blocks and mortar.


With the scent of coffee enchanting the travellers as soon as they reach the hill station, the Chikhaldara is a municipal council in Amravati district in the Indian state of Maharashtra. The pace holds significant importance in the Hindu scripts of Mahabharata as a place where Bheema killed the villainous Keechaka in a herculean bout and then threw him into the valley, today abounds in the wildlife such as tigers, panthers, sloth bears, sambars, wild boar and rarely seen wild dogs.

As far as the scenic view is concerned, there are various points in the area from where one can have a great view including the Hurricane Point, Prospect Point, and Devi Point. With the other areas like the Gavilgad and Narnala Fort, the Pandit Nehru Botanical Gardens, the Tribal Museum and the Semadoh Lake.


Locally known as the Danish Fort, The Fort DAnsborg is located in the shores of the Bay of Bengal in Tranquebar or Thranagambadi in the South Indian state of Tamil Nadu as one of the astonishingly beautiful infrastructures in the world.

The second-largest Danish fort that was built on the land ceded by Thanjavur king Ragunatha Nayak in an agreement with Danish Admiral Ove Gjedde in 1620 acting as a settlement by the Danish in the region. The British brought the fort in 1845 and the Tranquebar lost its significance as a town was not opened for trade until India's Independence. Took over the Government of Tamil Nadu, the fort is now a museum where the major artefacts of the fort and the Danish empire are displayed.


Travelling is crucial to inspiring and refreshing for the soul and India is a country that has been intriguing for many travellers, especially when it comes to the natural beauty and historic places it has. So, packing the bags for the next trip to these spots is a no brainer. What are you waiting for?

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