Best Luxury Watches for Men in India 2022

Luxury Watches for Men

Luxury Watches for Men

Best Luxury Watches for Men in India 2022

A watch speaks a lot more about a man's personality and attitude. It complements your outfit and adds a great shine to your personality and looks you stand out among the crowd. But, only the right kind of watches will make you look more stylish and modern. But it has never been an easy task to choose the right type of watch that fits your personality.

Because there are a number of famous and luxury watches brands are available for men in the Indian market, including indigenous and popular international brands.

Top Luxury Watches For Men In India

To make your task easier, today in this post, I have described 10 of the best and most popular watches brands available for men in India.

These are the watches brands that are most popular in India and have been liked by people of all classes. You can pick your favorite watch from this brand that makes yourself more attractive and stylish.


Titan is probably the first watch brand that comes in mind while talking about the best watch brands for men in India. This is the most loved, most trusted and prominent watch brand in India. The brand Titan was formed in the year 1984 during the collaboration of Tamil Nadu Industrial Development Corporation and the Tata group.

Titan as an indigenous watch manufacturer is not only the leading watch brands in India but also the fifth largest watch manufacturer in the world. The best part about Titan watches is that it is available in various styles and a verity of models with a wide range of prices that are the reason for the success of this brand.

Titan has all watches for every class of people from the most expensive ones to the affordable ones, they have it all. Titan also includes popular watch brands in India like Sonata and Fastrack. If we talk about the retail store of the Titan Brand then it has more than 350 stores in India and also you can find it easily available on the online shopping store with the trust of millions of satisfied customers.

Tommy Hilfiger

In the list of best watches brands for men in India, we placed Tommy Hilfiger first due to its popularity and stylish design which has dominated the men's watch market for a long time. Tommy Hilfiger is an American fashion apparel brand that creates fashionable accessories for both men and women.

It is one of the best watch brands available in India with a huge range of watches available. Tommy Hilfiger stands for its top-class build quality and premium look, and the same feel you get in their watches when you wear them on your hands. The Tommy Hilfiger Brands carries a huge range of watches for various occasions for men in India and the brands have a watch for every men's mood.

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In the list of the best watches brands for men available in India, Fossil Brands is a name that has a huge range of watches for men according to every occasion and outfit. Fossil is a watch brand that has a range of designer watches ranging from classic style to trendy and sports.

Fossil is an American lifestyle brand, known for its creatively authentic vintage and classic design. The brand stands for creating high-quality and premium products that preserve the best of the past while updating it for today's consumer. The unique style and piece of mastery reflect on its watches. Fossile has some of the best and true blends of stylish watches that will definitely suit for men.

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Emporio Armani

Emporio Armani is another name in the men's watch segment in India that has a large range of watches. This is a well-known Italian luxury brand in the fashion industry. Emporio Armani is the sub-level of Giorgio Armani. The brand Emporio Armani is known for its high-end products and accessories, such as watches.

If you are one of those who looking for an affordable way to embrace your personality than this high-end fashion brand the Emporio Armani watches may be a solution for you.

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The next brand on the list of best watches brands for men in India is the Casio. Casio is another one of the leading and popular watch brands known for the best timepieces in India. Casio is a Japanese electronics company founded in the year, 1946. Since it has extended its hands to numerous electronic types of equipment, and watches are one of them.

Casio has a unique style of designing and a variety of watch models with a wide range of prices which makes it one of the most popular and most loved brands among the Indian people.Casio's watches are quite pocket-friendly and affordable. Watches of this brand are known for their next to zero-defect and are reliable and hence, quite popular in India. G-shock, Pro- Trek, Enticer Series, Edifice Series, and Youth series are some of their well-known collections in India.

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Going ahead in the list of best watches brands for men in India, Timex is another leading watchmaker brand that comes into play. The Timex is an American watch brand formed in the year 1854 and has since been well-known as one of the best and popular watch brands for men.

Because of its premium quality, fashionable designs, reliability, durability and affordable price range, it is a popular brand in the Indian watch segment. Timex offers expensive to inexpensive world-class luxury timepieces from analog to digital hence almost anyone can afford it.

Also, Timex introduced many affordable watches for every class of people so if you are one of those whose budgets are low and don't want to invest in expensive watches and still you want a value for money watches, you can certainly go for Timex watches. The Timex expedition Analog-Digital and Timex Analog Black Dial Men's Watch are some of the signature men's watches that are specifically designed for men of all ages and loved by the people.

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Whenever it comes to wristwatches for the younger generation of the country, the first watch brand that is talked about is Fastrack. Fastrack is another major name in watch brands available for men in India. Fastrack is a brand that has a special place in our hearts.

A sub-brand of Titan introduced in the year 2008, Fastrack has become one of the fastest-growing casual watch brands in India that created a stir among youngsters when it was launched. This is the most preferred and most loved brand among the younger generation of the 21st century. Fastrack has a wide range of casual watches, sport funky designs with an affordable price range for every occasion. Fastrack is also known for its evergreen yet fresh appearing collection. Along with Fastrack has also introduced many Fitness bands for the advanced younger generation to track and monitor their daily activities and routines.

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If you are a man who loves to wear classic expensive luxury watches then the watches of Citizen is a great choice for you. Citizen is also a popular and leading watch brand for men in India with a variety of watches to choose from. The brand Citizen is a Japanese watch brand which is selling its timepieces since 1918. Citizen stands for its innovative technologies and impeccable design.

The brand comes with many best-class luxury timepieces from analog to chronograph collection. This brand is well-known for its digital watches, along with it has a wide range of Analog, Analog-digital, and Chronograph watches. The only issue with this brand is its price range that the watches of this brand are a little expensive from the other watches of the category, which makes it a little less popular in India from other leading watches brands. Instead, it has the best technically advanced and unique and innovative features due to the brand is quite popular across the globe.

Citizen has also introduced such watches that run on solar energy that works for six months and do not require cell or battery.

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Talking about the best watches brands for men in India, Giordano is another watch brand that comes into play with its modern-day advanced design watches. Giordano timepieces are also very popular in India. The brand comes with a wide range of timepieces with a stylish to a classic design in a verity of color choices with different colors, dial, and shapes.

Giordano is a Hong Kong-based international retailer that is offering splendid watches in quartz, automatic and hand-driven movements. If you love to wear modern and fashionable watches then Giordano's watches are a great choice for you that has the right blend of class and suave.

Each timepiece of Giordano is crafted for the people of the modern-day. The brand is famous for it's swanky and elegant looks among youngsters.

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Daniel Klein

Here is the last, but not the least, Daniel Klein is also a popular watches brands among Indian people that come on our list. Daniel Klein is the brand known for its affordable and classic watches in the Indian men's watch market.

If you are looking for something cools and classic then Daniel Klein watches can be your best friend that has a wide range of best class timepieces for every occasion and attire. The watches available in a verity of designs from metallic to leather strap, Analog to Digital watches.

This brand is quite popular among the Indian, as the brand offers timepieces for your formal and casual look. The easy availability of the watches of this brand on the online store makes this brand popular among the Indian buyers.

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