The 'hack' has become a buzzword today, be it 30 seconds video on social media applications like Facebook and Instagram or detailed compilations on YouTube for good 10 minutes. So, I am you know about hacks, but did you know these YouTube hacks exist that will make your YouTube streaming easier?

Well, don't worry we are here to guide you through some of the best YouTube hacks that exist to make your life easier. These tips and hacks will help you optimize your YouTube for regular watching as well as your YouTube marketing efforts.


Here are YouTube Hack Every Pro Must Know

Let's find out:

YouTube Hack For Shortcuts:

Keyboard shortcuts don't only make your life easier they also have a good impression on people around you. So, memorise these shortcuts to ensure that you have an easy manoeuvre through YouTube.

YouTube Shortcut and Its Functions:

  • Spacebar – Play or Pause the video

  • K – Play or Pause the video

  • J- go back 10 seconds in the video

  • L- go forward 10 seconds in the video

  • M- mute or unmute the video

  • , – Skip to next frame in the paused video

  • Left and right arrow – go forward and background 5 seconds

  • Up and down arrow – increase and decrease volume

  • 1-9 number keys – Jump the 10% to 90% video mark

  • 0 – Go to the beginning of the video

  • / – Go to the search box

  • F – activate full-screen

  • C- activate closed captions

  • < – Speed down the video playback rate

  • > – Speed up the video playback rate

YouTube links with specific timings:

Especially if you want to share links that start from a point which you want to highlight in the YouTube video in your blogs or otherwise, you can use this YouTube hack to create YouTube links with specific timings.

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How To create the YouTube links that start with a specific time?

Here you go, open the YouTube video you want to share and click share.

  • Check the Start at box,

  • Click on the box which is front of "Start at" and adjust the time.

  • Copy the link that appears above by clicking on Copy or selecting the link and pressing ctrl and C keys on the keyboard.

YouTube Hack For Video Transcript:

Today, videos are trending medium to view information and have made a special space in the modern world through YouTube video streaming platform over text.

It mostly due to their very nature of offering data in a personalised manner as often there is a human himself/herself speaking the content or a generated human voice which makes the viewer connect and understand better.

So, if you want to easily pullout quotes from these videos and have the information from YouTube video in a text form, well, you can use the transcript feature.

  • Start by opening the YouTube video that you want the transcript of,

  • Then, you can click on the three-dot ellipsis beside Save.

  • Select the option of 'Open Transcript' and you can see the second by second lines spoken in the video.

Things you must know before you get into transcription a YouTube video.

  • Usually, this feature is not available on mobile phones.

  • The creator's of the video may have decided to hide transcript and hence, it may not be available

  • Many video creators don't edit their transcripts which implies that the transcript might not be perfect.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>YOUTUBE HACKS YOU MUST KNOW: YOUTUBE BASICS</p></div>
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Youtube Hack For Better CTA with Subscription Prompt:

Well, google search engine essentially works with various, what we can call formulas for the lack of a better word, you can use various signs for the search engine to offer you the required results. Here are some of those hacks you can try with YouTube links

Automatic Subscribe Prompt: You can use a simple formula after your YouTube channel page link and make sure that you have a better opportunity than using mere subscribe CTA or social buttons on other platforms to increase your subscribers.

What do I have to do to a sharable auto-subscribe link?

  • Find your channel ID. Visit your YouTube channel page and the URL is your channel ID

  • Your channel ID will look something like this https:/

  • Now, open a new tab on the browser, paste this URL with your channel id and add ?sub_confirmation=1.

  • Now, you will end up on your YouTube channel page which tab open asking for the user to subscribe to the channel.

  • You can copy this link and use it as your Subscribe CTAs.

Here's the example of CEO Magazine's YouTube Channel. See how we have used the link at the anchor text "The CEO Magazine YouTube Channel"


 Be it a piece of information that you want to share or a viewer's comment you like, well, You can pin the comment and boost engagement further or even add a call to action.

If you loved a witty comment or agree with one that you found relatable or unique, you can show your viewers your love by using this feature.

So, How can Pin a comment on YouTube?

  • Go to your Community tab.

  • Select the comment you want to pin.

  • Click More and then, Pin.

  • Here you go, the YouTube comment is pinned

  • Hope you enjoyed this blog, let us know in comments how informative you find it?

<div class="paragraphs"><p>YOUTUBE HACKS YOU MUST KNOW: YOUTUBE BASICS</p></div>
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