Timble Technologies: Delivering Impact with Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

Timble Technologies: Delivering Impact with Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

Timble Technologies: Delivering Impact with Advanced Artificial Intelligence Technology

The emergence of artificial intelligence (AI) is rapidly shaping the future with customized solutions for various business models and industry verticals. Aiming to create a positive social impact, Timble Technologies is providing customized AI products and services to numerous organizations such as colleges, automobile OEM's, and government organisations. While Artificial Intelligence is a mere buzzword for many companies, it powers the thinking, vision, and mission at Timble Technologies.

The company is helping various multinational corporates and government organisations achieve higher productivity through the use of AI. Its primary products include a patent pending training need assessment system (Timble TNA), a novel AI powered attendance and data analytics engine for colleges and offices, an automatic object size estimation tool and a niche expertise in matters of cybersecurity.

About The Visionaries

Dhananjay Goel, the CEO, along with his partner Anmol Gupta, the CTO of Timble Technologies, co-founded the company in September 2016. Under the leadership of Goel, the company is on a projected path to $1.5 million revenue in its third year of operations and a team size of 80 people. Besides being one of the first movers to use AI automation, image processing, marketing and cybersecurity tools in the untapped aviation, automobile, education and mattress industries, Goel has also led a team of interdisciplinary experts to create EPISAVE, a portable Video EEG helmet to diagnose epileptics. He is contributing to many projects that include benefit to society with innovation.

Anmol is an experienced director with a demonstrated history of working in the information technology and services industry, and is skilled in design, product and technical project management. Since 2016, he has been leading major technology developments within Timble that have resulted in the successful implementation of projects and a returning client base.

Artificial Intelligence through the Eyes of CEO Goel

"Artificial intelligence is intelligence augmentation.

Decades-old technology of Artificial Intelligence is becoming more and more acceptable today as the 'application' of the concept is becoming easier. While the challenge earlier was in the computing power of the machines, today, small-sized machines have enough computing power for AI to work swiftly, at scale, and in a frictionless manner.

The power of technology is to understand the complexity of tasks humans perform and reduce the efforts that are required to perform those actions. The responsibility of the innovators is to provide a path that newer AI-based technology does not imply a loss of jobs, but rather a burst of opportunity for humans and machines to work together to increase overall productivity." says Dhananjay Goel, CEO, Timble Technologies.

AI Technology: More than Automation

"Artificial intelligence is often seen as automating manual work but the technology holds the capacity of something more than that. From building a custom training assessment profile to identifying students who could benefit from pro-active academic counselling initiatives, all these are possible with the help of Artificial Intelligence. It holds the power to simplify mundane chores and increase overall productivity," said Dhananjay Goel, CEO, Timble Technologies.

The Timble Team

What began as a team of 5-6 people today has grown to 70 professionals who are dedicated to delivering expert solutions. In some sense the growth of Timble Technologies is remarkable. The company believes that the "sky is the limit" and with that spirit, they power their growth. Intending to deliver the benefits of AI to the general public, the AI-based company is inspired, and aggressively working towards, grabbing new opportunities to collaborate with industry leaders in the future.

Solution Offered to Clientele

Timble Technologies offers solutions based on the most relevant technology for the client. The company focuses on products and services in four different categories viz Facial recognition/Image processing, Speaker recognition, Cybersecurity and Marketing. From business corporates to teaching institutions, Timble provides a solution to many businesses across different industry verticals. The current clientele is very interesting, including the Indian Navy, Aadhar, SpiceJet, IIT Delhi, AIIMS, etc.

Every Challenge is an Opportunity

According to Goel, "Building a successful company culture is a key challenge Timble faced in its initial stage. With Timble being a tech-based company, our focus has always been to develop the best products and solutions in the market for our clients. A few months into our operations, we realized that we cannot achieve our goal until we work as a team and everyone feels comfortable and motivated in this environment. We identified that building a productive work culture in our company is essential."

Timble is driven to not only to provide the best for its clients but also to provide a culture of comfort, flexibility and productivity for its employees.

Target Audience

In India, and the USA, the company is primarily focused on its B2B business model. The company offers custom solutions after identifying the need of the organization- especially if the needs require AI based solutions. Each project offers a learning experience that helps the team at Timble identify the best technology and solutions for the next client.

"Whether they want to explore marketing options in a limited budget or track the productivity of their employees, we come in to recognise and curate the most efficient and cost-effective technology to create scalable impact." says CEO Dhananjay Goel.

Office: The Plans to Expand

With the current team of 70 people and the future expansion plans of doubling the employees in the company, Timble technologies will be expanding its office space to Noida Phase – 2 from the current office in Safdarjung Enclave.

Key Factors of Growth

"Constant innovation,", these two words are the baseline of the working at Timble. The company operates on the principle of innovation and social change. For Timble clients and its products, the key element of growth has always been "Innovation."

"My partner, Anmol, and I love what we do. Moreover, the support of industry mentors and our supervisory board has always kept us on point. We love innovating and that is how we found our way to each other as well. Together, we are proud of our team that constantly evolves and innovates. We rely heavily on our team and the spirit of innovation to come up with a unique, scalable and sustainable solution that would provide the client with what they need and magnify their impact," said CEO Goel.

Advice from the CEO

"If you're thinking about entering the field of AI, do it! It is an exciting field with a massive scope to innovate and challenge yourself. In fact if you feel we, at Timble, can add value please feel free to reach out."

The company always welcomes anyone with an idea that can bring a positive change.

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