Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt Ltd, Rewriting the Rules of AV Technology Experiences Since 2008

Anil George Punnoose is Director Sales
Anil George Punnoose is Director Sales

Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt Ltd, Rewriting the Rules of AV Technology Experiences Since 2008

Resurgent AV Integrators Pvt Ltd, Rewriting the Rules of AV Technology Experiences Since 2008

Sanjeev Srinivasan & Bopanna P N are the two visionary leaders working together as Co-founders of Resurgent AV Integrator, a leading AV systems integrator transforming the digital world by bringing World-class audiovisual technology solutions for businesses for the past 13 years.

Simplifying AV technology experiences to ensure clientele focuses on their business goals, Resurgent redefines the way you share ideas and knowledge.

By integrating innovative audio-visual solutions into your business, we enable collaboration and empower faster decision-making. From dynamic technology to an easy-to-use interface, our comprehensive systems come with features that give you the edge in a fast-changing business world.

Since the pandemic hit the world, it has comprehensively altered the way businesses work. Businesses were forced to align their AV infrastructure to be able to work remotely and bring in ease of collaboration while doing so.

Business leaders realised that to bring work productivity and collaboration while working remotely, they had to revamp the office space as well as critical AV infrastructure for employees working from home.

The need for connectivity and AV integration which also has to be user friendly paved the way for them to work more effectively and provided opportunities in bringing seamless AV integration for ensuring productivity across various industrial sectors.

While the need for AV integration is huge, they also ensured that the products and solutions were of World-class quality which was offered to the clients, as these had a direct bearing on work efficiency and collaboration.

The Hybrid Workplace

As the situation improved and the world is now heading to a Hybrid Workplace model, people now have a unique opportunity to break from a location-centric model of work designed around industrial-era constraints, and to redesign work around a human-centric model to secure digital-era talent and deliver business outcomes.

In short, the human-centric approach can be a win-win for employees and organizations, but it requires executives to commit to leveraging a hybrid workforce strategy.

The hybrid workplace is a fluid and dynamic entity that adapts and reconfigures the space with technology to remain connected. Creating an innovative infrastructure that allows multi-point conferencing and two-way AV communication now has to become an organic part of training room design to augment training interactions.

Challenges To Surmount Now

The AV industry has a lot of challenges as there is a dearth of good system integrators who value quality and processes, who can give customised and scalable solutions delivered within the specified timelines.

The pandemic has affected a lot of industries like manufacturing, logistics, etc which has led to a global shortage of products too.

While there is a rapid transition happening in revamping AV infrastructure, few companies have adopted a ‘Wait and Watch’ approach. This resistance to change is also a key challenge the AV industry has to overcome. Timely approvals and faster decision making by the client will help resolve many of the challenges we face today.

Resurgent, A Trusted Partner

Resurgent AV works across major AV companies globally and is a major partner with Microsoft, Zoom, Cisco, etc. They leverage years of experience and expertise in providing world-class AV solutions.

They are partnered with many of the world’s leading audio-visual manufacturers, and which helps them in bringing globally accepted practices in their projects.

Resurgent, today, is one of the very few companies across the AV sector that has surged ahead by aligning with the change and keeping a positive mindset for the challenges they face globally.

They also have in-house products like Surge+, which is a cloud-based platform meant for remote management and visitor management, now the need of the hour, as companies are looking to bring contactless enterprises for handling social distancing at the office.

Resurgent has years of experience in handling large and complex AV installation projects and adhering to the project timelines. This was made possible due to efficient in-house procurement and logistics teams.

While sticking to the timelines, they also made sure they never shied away from quality. They adhere to AV 9000 apart from other globally accepted AV standards. Their lean management processes also have been a key player in their success.

The Resurgent Team

To ensure seamless working, Resurgent has a dynamic team that comes with the skills required to ensure a hassle-free AV installation.

They have seen how the AV industry has changed over the years and adapted to face the ‘new normal.’ As they witnessed this transition and challenges, their team was able to deliver to customer expectations every time.

Resurgent is a team-driven company and they highly value teamwork which helps them in achieving the goals. Keeping a positive attitude and an openness to change is the way they define leadership at Resurgent.

We must adapt and devise new strategies in line with the market demand, as change is the only constant while looking at new solution areas as offerings to our customers.

From pre-sales, design, sales, project, HR, to IT teams, they believe in leading from the front while constantly motivating each other to achieve more. Working as a team with constant communication among each other is the way dynamic teams’ function at Resurgent.

· Anil George Punnoose is Director Sales for Resurgent with 25+ years of accomplished career track with a penchant for identifying new business areas and strategies for establishing business operations successfully.

He worked in Sales, Business Development, Product Management, Project Management, Business Operations, Profit Centre Head in Audio Visual System Integration (AVSI), Video Conferencing, Unified Communication (UC), Electronic Security / Screening, AIDC & POS, Project Information & Document Management System (PDMS), Office Automation and Enterprise Mobility domains. He shared, “Think out of the box and succeed.”

· Madhusudhan VC is Assistant Vice President- Customer Achievement having 25+ years of experience and over 5+ years in the AV sector with a zeal to venture and collaborate across various industries.

Worked across various functions like Sales, Business Development, Product Management &, Business Operations. He is also an avid bike rider who loves to explore new avenues on-road and work. He shared, “Explore, Learn and Achieve.”

· Santosh N is Assistant Vice President- Projects who comes with over 15+ years of experience across various industries handling various functions like Product development, manufacturing and operations, Project management and Lean management.

A firm believer of a continuous improvement mindset, he loves to be a problem solver and always looking to ideate and is a passionate biker, looking to explore. He shared, “For anything in life, first deserve and then desire.”

Awards and Recognitions

Resurgent has been awarded and recognised across the AV industry in India and globally too. Few awards like “Best Design and Implementation award” by Robert Bosch and “Best AV company award” by Biocon, Best Lighting Award by Sun TV and more have motivated them in pushing themselves more and more.

At Resurgent, they define success as “Being positive always and belief in the hard work we do.” While being open to suggestions by all and working as a team, they can focus on the objectives and collaborate more effectively. This is the success mantra on which Resurgent works.

Overcoming 2020

While 2020 was a challenging year for everybody due to the Pandemic and lockdown restrictions, they had to interact with the clients and team remotely. They rose to the change and adapted quickly due to the success mantra and had a good performance last year.

Few key learnings they learned during this period include the importance of self-discipline. While their teams worked remotely, they ensured that they upgraded themselves by attending virtual training and certification courses to enhance their skills and technical knowledge.

For the future, they have set new goals & are focusing on new verticals and sectors across various geographies by expanding their dynamic team.

To sum up the article, the leaders shared, “We don’t celebrate a Sale, We celebrate the beginning of a new relationship.”

Anil George Punnoose is Director Sales
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