Creative Synergies Group, Delivering Digital Innovation to 40+ Fortune 500 Clients

Creative Synergies Group, Delivering Digital Innovation to 40+ Fortune 500 Clients
Dr Mukesh Gandhi, CEO of Creative Synergies Group

Creative Synergies Group, Delivering Digital Innovation to 40+ Fortune 500 Clients

Dr Mukesh Gandhi, CEO of Creative Synergies Group, leads the cutting-edge digital solution provider by synergizing deep domain expertise and NextGen technologies to deliver the convergence of digital engineering, embedded systems and software technologies globally. His dynamic team, has been leveraging CREATIVE’s proven track record in Transportation, Infrastructure, Industrial and Hitech industries to drive digital innovation and engineer a creative technological edge for its over 40+ global Fortune 500 clients and empowering them to be leaders in the digital revolution.

At the helm of digitalization, they are driving radical changes across industries and enabling businesses to achieve strategic, commercial, and operational excellence. Today, their unique array of solutions across various aspects of businesses is not only helping companies in supporting their clients across different landscapes but also facilitating them to modify existing processes, incorporate new initiatives, adopt unique cultures and restructure client experiences from the learning.

CREATIVE delivers excellence in the areas of digital product engineering, embedded systems, application software, digital plant engineering, digital manufacturing engineering and product support services. The company specializes in smart enablement by leveraging leading-edge digital technologies including IoT, AR/VR, AI, machine learning and data analytics, which uniquely positions it to capitalize on massive opportunities in this space. For example, Industry 4.0 opportunities alone are projected to contribute over USD 15 trillion to the global economy in the next decade.

In a conversation with The CEO Magazine, Dr. Gandhi talked about CREATIVE’s target market, proprietary solutions / platforms and his vision for the future. Edited excerpts:

TCM: What is your target market and how are you empowering your customers?

Dr. Gandhi: CREATIVE is a strategic partner for major global transportation OEMs and Tier One suppliers who are driven by a greener, safer future. The company empowers these clients through its expertise and innovation through proprietary platforms like DIGIAUTO© in electrification, autonomous navigation, connectivity and shared mobility. With major brands like GM, Mercedes and Nissan in US, Europe and Japan as its clients, CREATIVE has a relentless passion to be on the leading edge of safety, comfort and driving experience, which has been demonstrated in its industry leading SAF DRYVER© solution.

The company accelerates electrification in the transportation and industrial verticals through its expertise in system integration and controls, power electronics and battery system engineering. It leverages its proven track record in NextGen technologies to innovate in autonomous navigation, connectivity and shared mobility. For the factory floor, CREATIVE’s solution suite delivers significant cost savings through DIGIPORT© for automated material handling solutions and THRUPUT MAX© for substantially enhanced manufacturing throughput.

TCM: How are you creating a unique brand position in the market?

Dr. Gandhi: CREATIVE has had unparalleled success in empowering its very demanding clients to achieve business outcomes through its domain expertise from concept to production. For example, in the Hitech industry CREATIVE is defining the future with integrated and connected products and cloud enabled anytime, anywhere functionality. The company accelerates time to market with its cutting-edge know-how in an environment characterized by rapidly changing advanced technology in consumer electronics, medical electronics and communication systems.

TCM: How are you approaching the change in the industry?

Dr. Gandhi: The global growth in urbanization combined with innovative technologies and connected assets is putting unprecedented demands on process and infrastructure industries to innovate faster and reinvent themselves. CREATIVE is capitalizing on this mega-trend by leveraging its deep domain knowledge and expertise in mechanical, embedded, software and digital technologies to deliver significant business outcomes. CREATIVE empowers its clients in their digital transformative journey by leveraging its expertise in automation, IoT, AI, ML, AR/VR, cloud enablement and data analytics.

TCM: Tell us about your PLANT MODULARIZ© and AUTOMATA© solutions.

Dr. Gandhi: CREATIVE deploys its NextGen solution PLANT MODULARIZ© to deliver significant schedule and cost savings by optimizing process management through automation and smarter planning and management with process digitization. CREATIVE’s AUTOMATA© platform is custom designed for optimal management of connected plant assets using IoT and data analytics, real-time remote monitoring and predictive maintenance utilizing digital twins.

TCM: How do you create a different stance in the industry?

Dr. Gandhi: CREATIVE fast-tracks the digital transformation journey of its clients by rapidly deploying its proprietary cutting-edge solutions and platforms. This enables its clients to achieve their strategic and operational objectives during the entire product and process lifecycle in the most efficient, collaborative, and cost-effective manner. CREATIVE leverages its substantial experience in diverse industries and its proven track record to enable its clients to establish technological and thought leadership in the digital revolution and leapfrog their global competitors.

TCM: How are you empowering your clientele through your solutions?

Dr. Gandhi: CREATIVE’s INTELLI-CHARGE-BOT© empowers charging robots in unstructured environments to power up automotive batteries. AUTO-PILOT ROVER© delivers autonomous guided vehicle capability on factory floors, warehouses, and data centers. The company’s CROWD GLUE© platform is an industry leading cognitive demographic and location sensitive passenger and audience information system for airports and mass transit stations.

TCM: What is the secret of Creative Synergies Group’s success?

Dr. Gandhi: CREATIVE’s phenomenal success and unparalleled growth are a direct consequence of its ‘Can Do’ culture. The company’s global network of dedicated professionals with unrivalled technical knowledge and a drive for outstanding delivery is continually focused on helping clients significantly exceed their performance targets.

The CREATIVE team’s endless curiosity and hunger for new ideas has resulted in a ‘Can Do’ culture of innovation that is permeated throughout CREATIVE’s global operations. CREATIVE is poised to reach new heights by spearheading digital engineering innovation with NextGen technologies and ground-breaking solutions.

TCM: What motivates the team?

Dr. Gandhi: CREATIVE has an organic family like environment that motivates every individual to contribute and flourish in a positive merit-based ecosystem that fosters growth and team spirit at every step. The company’s strength lies in people who are deeply committed to deliver successful results and build strong client relationships. CREATIVE believes in going the extra mile to provide value to its clients and nurture the growth of its employees in a diverse, vibrant, and thriving work culture.

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