Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics

Hear! Hear! That's exactly how many new YouTubers are reacting to the top YouTubers' Mic Choices today.

With Youtube in the centre of the new content creation as a career scene, Youtube creators all across the world are investing their money on the platform by buying equipment. Many describe it as their profession while many resonate YouTube with a business.

So, be it lifestyle vlogging, comedy videos, vines, technical unboxing videos, travel videos, and the n number of niches that are present in the YouTube world, there is a parallel world of electronics that are like a uniform for every YouTuber, be it the tangible elements like mics and cameras or the intangible elements like their personality, the flow of making a video, or their storytelling skills.

Well, we will be working on every part of the YouTube journey in the upcoming blogs, but from a technical aspect, we have today brought the list of the best mics for Youtube in our YouTube Basics series.

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
Description For YouTube Channel: YouTube Basics


As many YouTubers have said time and again, content creation doesn't ask for the best equipment, it asks for commitment and effort. So, starting up, for new YouTubers, we have included best and affordable mics for New Youtubers and going forward you can find some of the best and expensive mics for YouTube that can use can save and buy when your pocket allows.


As we said earlier, YouTube has created its world with different niches and different types of creates with different types of needs when it comes to equipment.

Similarly, when it comes to choosing between a microphone or a mic, you must understand the types of microphones that convert the vibrations of the voice into signals and make it work.

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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Lavalier Mic:

The Lavalier microphone is one that must have popped up in your search of a good budget microphone for YouTube. Usually hooked to the shirt pocket, tie, or collar, these are the basics of the kinds of the mics available in the market that can be available in decent quality from Rs. 500. Now, you can pick these especially when you are working on the scripts like a traditional hosting and storytelling, but for YouTube.

The best features of a lavalier mic are:

  • Easy to be hidden in the outfit

  • Can be directly connected to the phone or with a wireless receiver

  • Simple and easy to use

  • Great quality

Budget Lavalier Mics for Youtubers

Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser

The mic with Audio cable 20ft (6 meters) with 3.5 mm Audio jack, Frequency range 65HZ-18KHZ, Good condenser, 100g weight, Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser has pros of long cable wire around 6 meters, premium quality of the sound recording, and the mic is easy to carry.

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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Maono AU-400 Lavalier Microphone (Black)

An alternative to Boya BYM1 Omnidirectional Lavalier Condenser has 78 inches(1.9 meters) long wire with 3.5 mm jack, decent noise cancellation, with good sound recording, 1.9-meter long cable wire, and great for beginners.

Smashtronics – Collar Clip Microphone Omnidirectional Mic

A great microphone with 3.5 mm jack, 20 Hz – 16 kHz frequency, 1.5 meters longer cable, compatible with Android, IOS, DSLR and PC, 120 g weight, and 360-degree omnidirectional recording implies that following pros of good recording quality, value for money, and a long wire.

Shotgun Microphones:

As the name suggests, the appearance of the mics resemble a shotgun barrel, These long microphones captures sound only in front of the microphone, unlike other omnidirectional microphones. If you are binge-watcher of India's top vloggers like Flying Beast, Mumbiker Nikhil, and others who like to share the behind the scenes of the equipment, you must have seen these mics attached to their camera setups with a fur like cover attached to it. Now if you see these mics in flesh, you can see how exactly the sound from both sides is cancelled using holes.

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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So, essentially, shotgun cameras are called a vlogger's weapon. Let's discover why:

  • Can be attached to camera stand or separately

  • Can pick up sound from a distance

  • High-quality sound

Best Shotgun Mics For YouTubers

Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone

Rode VideoMic Directional Video Condenser Microphone has 40Hz – 20kHz frequency range, the output impedance of 200Ω, maximum SPL of 134dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load), 9v battery-powered, and weight: 176.00gm

Audio-Technica ATR-6550 Shotgun Microphone

Audio-Technica is a known brand for microphone, polar pattern: normal which is cardioid; tele: supercardioid, 70 – 18,000 Hz frequency response, open circuit sensitivity: normal: -56 db; tele: -45 db, impedance: normal: 1,000 ohms; tele: 2,200 ohms, and 113 g (4 oz) weight.

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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Rode VMGO Video Mic GO:

The most affordable mic in this list comes with 100Hz – 16khz frequency range, maximum SPL of 120dB SPL (@ 1kHz, 1% THD into 1KΩ load), -35.0dB re 1 Volt/Pascal (17.80mV @ 94 dB SPL) +/- 2 dB @ 1kHz sensitivity, 34dB-A Equivalent Noise Level (A-weighted), and 73.00gm weight.

Studio Mics:

If you belong to that part of the YouTube world, where you have to indulge in the sound recordings or voiceovers after you record your YouTube videos like music videos or vine videos where you cannot compromise on the audio quality, Studio Mics are for you.

The best thing about studio mics is professional voice quality.

Best Budget Studio Mics For YouTubers

If you are YouTuber, podcaster or a singer, well, these are the top budget studio microphones you can use:

MXL 990 Condenser Microphone:

Using the cardioid pickup pattern, this affordable microphone rejects sounds from back and sides of the mic. It comes with 30Hz to 20kHz frequency response curve and high-quality metal finish at an affordable rate. However, its cons include phantom power requirement from an audio interface or external power source function.

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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Blue Microphones Snowball iCE Condenser Microphone:

The US-based audio production company Blue Microphone's Snowball iCE is suitable for podcasters and singers. Equipped with a tripod, USP and desktop stand, this is a great product for YouTube creators in search for best budget studio mics for YouTube

Blue Microphones Yeti USB Microphone:

Again by the same brand whose legacy goes back to 1995 when an American singer founded the bran, BLUE's Yeti USB Microphone is easy to set up plug and play microphone with a tri-capsule array with three condensers, multiple pattern selection, and no additional drivers required for installation, Again a perfect choice for recording vocals, podcasting, musical instruments, conference calls, field recordings, and voiceovers.

If an affordable mic is what you seek, these are some of the types of microphones for YouTube and based on your purpose, you can choose to buy best budget lavalier mic for YouTube, best budget shotgun mic for Youtube, or best Budget studio mic or YouTube.

Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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Best Mic For YouTube: YouTube Basics
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