Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

Apple Watch Ultra

September 2022 has been eventful for Apple lovers, with the company announcing 14th generation iPhones and now Apple Watch Ultra, a high-end version of the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch Ultra is an effort of the company to match up with the expensive and fitness-focused watches by Garmin, Coros and Polar.

With a lightweight aerospace-grade titanium body, flat sapphire crystal, deeper grooved and large Digital Crown, side button housing and an extra button- Action Button. Action Button lets users physically control various functions, making it easier to access while partaking in sports.



Apple Watch Ultra is the largest Apple Watch to date at 49mm tall, 44mm wide and 14mm thick. It is 4mm larger and 3mm thicker than the Apple Watch 8 Series, which is 45mm tall. The large display lets the user see up to six metrics at once.

Apple Watch Ultra comes with three new sport-focused bands, which include the Alpine Loop, Trail Loop, and Ocean Band. The bands designed for 44mm and 45mm Apple Watches also fit the Apple Watch Ultra.

The Alpine Loop band features a woven design with high-strength yarn, which increases its durability. The Trail Loop band suits people with petite wrists, being the thinnest Apple Watch band to date. For athletes doing water sports, the Ocean Band suits best with a flexible fluor elastomer to fit over a wetsuit.

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Apple Watch Ultra has all the functionality and features of the Apple Series 8 Watch and then some more.

Apart from the S8 8 chip, a new high-g accelerometer, new temperature sensors, and an improved gyroscope for Crash Detection, The new Apple Watch Ultra features a water temperature sensor and 2,000 nits brightness of the always-on display.

It offers better voice call quality with three microphones and a second speaker to increase the volume of Siri responses, phone calls and the emergency siren.


Offering a complete package for athletes, the Apple Watch Ultra comes with bigger battery life. With the increased size of the casing, Apple Watch Ultra fits in a bigger battery which increases the battery life.

The Apple Watch can last up to 36 hours with regular use on a single charge. Apple is soon going to launch a low-power setting in which the battery can last up to 60 hours.

With all these great features, the Apple Watch Ultra is priced at $799. In India, the watch is available for 89,900 INR. The preorder for the Apple Watch Ultra began on September 7, 2022, and the launch of the watch happened on September 23, 2022.

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