The Success Story of Abhinav Iyer

The Success Story of Abhinav Iyer
The Success Story of Abhinav Iyer

The Success Story of Abhinav Iyer

Abhinav Iyer is the first player born in India to have won WSOP Bracelet. Even though many Indians have taken part in the WSOP and some won bracelets in the Tag Team Event in 2017, Iye’s win was by far the biggest score. He broke Paawan Bansal’s record who had been the runner-up in the same event.

Poker has been one of the most popular games in India. Not only it is played offline, but also online. Many players take part in online poker tournaments at online casinos.

You can find the list of the best online casinos at where you can play poker and take part in some poker tournaments. You can use your poker skills at online tournaments and win top prizes worth thousands of dollars.

After two days of the action-packed game, Abhinav Iyer emerged as the winner. With millions of re-entries across all three starting fights, 2800 had been registered in total. It generated a prize pool of $3,780,000. This meant the top prize was $565,346.

Iyer won the bracelet at the end of the final day. He took home more than half a million dollars for his victory. But what marks his success the most is that he is the first to win the bracelet. He brings home the first bracelet of the series.

Iyer spoke to PokerNews after his win and explained how the poker market is booming and more and more people are getting into poker. He showed his support for Indian rail, saying he is really proud, and they had been cheering him all the time.

The best hand of the tournament took place when Iyer eliminated Jeff Gross after finding pocket-queens in the hole as Gross moves all-in with ace-ten in front of him.

Story of Abhinav Iyer

Abhinav Iyer is a Mumbai-based professional who began playing poker during his college days in Chennai. Then he moved to Australia to pursue his post-graduation degree, he improved his stakes by visiting Crown Casino regularly. It became a part of his routine.

He used to play in Crown Casino to play 2-3 days every week, initially. But eventually, he started playing more when he had some off days. He explained that the good thing about the university in Australia was that he didn’t have to attend classes every day. This meant he had enough spare time in his hand, and he started exploring the various aspects of Poker.

During his time in Australia, he was introduced to PokerStars. This was his first step into the online poker world. Once he began playing poker, he never stopped.

2019 has been a memorable year for him. By the end of 2018, he was in a little downswing. However, in 2019, he began on a winning note and became the champion of the APT Vietnam Main Event and won ₹69.51 Lakhs. He went on to play in Las Vega, where he had been a part of the biggest-ever contingent of Indian poker players to be a part of 2019.

He arrived earlier at the series and played the full schedule. Iyer collected a total of 8 scores, which totaled 4.03 crores as winnings. He played his first live tournament in Vietnam and won it. This proved to be a great boost for him as he had a long year planned ahead of him. Iyer had planned to go Aussie Millions and be a part of WSOP once again since he didn’t have a great one in 2018.

He worked really hard before the 2019 tournament. He took part in more events than he was supposed to and planned his entire schedule around the tournament. Vegas is a candy shop for poker players, and multiple tournaments are available for taking part. So, he played poker tirelessly and his efforts paid off.

Winning Gold Bracelet in 2019

Abhinav Iyer reveals that he still gets goosebumps thinking about the day he won the gold bracelet. He was thrilled to have received an overwhelming response from the poker community and some friends outside the community.

According to him, they had been really supportive. People sent him congratulatory messages, and it made him feel that he had made a significant impact on the community. It made him realize that there are many people who were railing against him.

When he was asked about the players that he looked up to, he said that he can learn a lot from the younger generation. Ashish Munot and Laksh Pal Singh, the ambassador of PokerGuru and Young Gun Gaurav Sood are a part of the list. He praises the hard work that Sood has put into the game. But he has also acknowledged veterans, such as Aditya Agarwal, the bracelet winner of WSOP 2017.

Since the time of the pandemic, Abhinav Iyer has been concentrating on online poker just as many other professionals across the world, and he has proved how prolific he is in the virtual field.

The Success Story of Abhinav Iyer
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The Success Story of Abhinav Iyer
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The Success Story of Abhinav Iyer
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