Ways To Improve Communication Between Generations That Will Make Your Work-life Easier

Ways To Improve Communication Between Generations That Will Make Your Work-life Easier

Ways To Improve Communication Between Generations That Will Make Your Work-life Easier

Communication is the lynchpin of all productive works, which lead an individual or company to dizzying new heights. Besides, it creates value for any type of work, irrespective of its magnitude and nature. However, would you be amazed if we say communication also plays a pivotal role in the workplace?

Yes, you heard it right. Communication in the workplace is very important between generations. Sometimes, it gets more challenging than one may think. Why so? Let’s unravel the answer in the following paragraphs. 

Communication and Different Generations; Present Day Scenario

In this cut-throat market situation, any business needs to have a cohesive strategy for success. To do that easily, entrepreneurs depend on better communication as well as other parameters. Today’s business environment allows different generations to work together. Each generation has its own expectations, work strategy, and perspectives. 

The amalgamation of different thinking styles of different generations allows the entrepreneurs to harness the workforce strength. Thus, it helps them to compete better in the marketplace. 

With effective communication, you can also excel as an employee. However, you can overcome these issues with a few simple tips. 

Four Generations in the Workplace

As mentioned earlier, each generation has its own perspective, work methods, and concerns. Therefore, style differences and expectations may create hindrances. Evaluating the work habits of the generations, followed by proactively anticipating their needs may help entrepreneurs, as well as employees like you:

  • Baby boomers

  • Gen X

  • Millennials

  • Gen Z

For example, research shows that 83% of Gen Z workers prefer a solid engagement with managers in person. However, 82% of managers believe that Gen Z employees prefer communication via instant messaging. Furthermore, 57% of Gen Z want feedback from their respective team leads, but only 50% of them provide the feedback. 

With ubiquitous connectivity options and the proliferation of mobile technology, there is an abundance of new communication channels including text messaging, email, video calling, etc.

However, the communication complexity intensifies when multiple channels are combined according to the varying communication preferences of each workforce generation. 

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ways To Improve Communication Between Generations That Will Make Your Work-life Easier</p></div>
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1. Give Generations Their Communication Preference 

Always defer to the communication preference used by the generation. For instance, Gen Z who want to connect with baby boomers should not DM them on social media.

They should initiate a phone call or face-to-face meeting. Conversely, if the baby boomers want to connect with Gen Z, they should not call them directly. Instead, they can leave a message or voicemail. 

Which generation do you fall into? Hatch your next moves accordingly. 

2. Acquire Generational Awareness

General awareness of communication helps to bridge the communication gap in unique workplaces. Make sure you can handle the generational traits for building a better connection with your colleagues. 

Here are a few traits of each generation: 

  • Baby boomers prefer direct and formal communication including face-to-face, phone, and email. In addition, they value background information and details. 

  • Gen X prefers flexible and informal communication, with a preference for using phone, email, text, and Facebook. They always value professional etiquette.

  • Millennials prefer fast and authentic communication, including text, email, chat, and Instagram. Consequently, they prefer a digital-first approach and value efficiency. 

  • Gen Z prefers visual and transparent communication including face-to-face, Snapchat, Youtube, and voicemail. 

3. Mirror Communication

Always respond to communication by using the same channel in which it was received. Suppose, you are a Gen X person who receives a text from a millennial colleague. You should not call the millennials but reply to them with a text. 

However, if there is a need for alternating communication; then you should take the time to initiate the previous correspondence into a new communication channel. 

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ways To Improve Communication Between Generations That Will Make Your Work-life Easier</p></div>
The Importance of Public Relations and Communications in Business

4. Create Communication Guidelines

You can create communication guidelines within your team and spread them to other team leaders to effectively follow. These guidelines will help to set expectations, establish boundaries, and safeguard any crucial work that will help the organization to move forward. 

5. Be Open-minded 

Irrespective of their generation, everybody likes open-minded people. Therefore, being easy-going and amiable will help you nurture your colleagues. Make sure you are not being too insistent with an issue. Instead, talk to your team members and sort out probable solutions. Encourage your team members so that they can learn from each other and accelerate their growth together. 

Wrapping it Up

A careful driver always wants his passengers to be safe. Hence, he drives carefully to prevent accidents. Likewise, if you want your team to grow, these tips will help you to pave out hindrances. Therefore, your organization will grow together which you may consider a “blessing in disguise”, while you are working in coworking office spaces.

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<div class="paragraphs"><p>Ways To Improve Communication Between Generations That Will Make Your Work-life Easier</p></div>
Communication Solutions: The Key To Effective Business Communication

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