RAW Pressery

‘Just the fruit and nothing else’
RAW Pressery – ‘Just the fruit and nothing else’

RAW Pressery – ‘Just the fruit and nothing else’

RAW Pressery – ‘Just the fruit and nothing else’

RAW Pressery – 'Just the fruit and nothing else'

Nowadays, fruit juices are considered as a healthy choice for weight management, prevention of cancer and cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure management and more.

Not only that, raw fruit juices are also preferred for increasing the levels of HB and RBCs, boosting immune system and removing toxins from body. Catering to the increasing demands of people, various brands are offering packaged fruit juices that claim to offer many health benefits.

People, unaware of the actual composition of store bought juices, fail to understand that most of them contain preservatives and sugar as well as unlisted additives which may adversely affect our health.

RAW Pressery, India's first and largest clean label F&B brand, aims to transform the way people eat and drinkand provides 100% natural fruit juices completely free of additives like sugar, preservatives, chemicals, colors or flavors.

Their juices are prepared with farm fresh ingredients and have a shelf life of twenty-one days. The company's product offerings envelop nearly thirty cold pressured flavors which include juices, smoothies, boosters, soups, nut-milks and coconut water.

The company claims that on consumption people can tell a fresh juice from a juice that they have come to 'believe' is fresh.

Established in 2013, the company is a brainchild of Anuj Rakyan and it is incorporated as a part of Rakyan Beverages Private Limited in Mumbai. A vertically integrated company, RAW Pressery retains matchless in-house capabilities in farm-produce procurement, processing, manufacturing, cold-chain logistics, warehousing and distribution.

In a short span of time, the company has positioned itself as the leading cold-press juice brand spread across ten cities in over 1100 points-of sale. Anuj Rakyan conceived the idea of setting up this company while he was nursing his own injury and was advised to increase his protein intake.

He discovered that fresh fruits and vegetables have a very high nutritional value, which canbe absorbed directly into the bloodstream if it's consumed as a juice.

However, he could not depend upon ready to drink packaged fruit juices as most of them had preservatives, added sugar, water and additives and also it's a known fact that fruit juices available in the market are devoid of actual nutrients as they are heat treated and pasteurized.

This realization appealed to Anuj's entrepreneurial spirit and led to the establishment RAW Pressery.

Why Cold-pressed juices?

Usually, preparation of fruit juices employs conventional pasteurization and heat treatment that result in loss of significant nutrients.

However, cold-press juicing is done by applying thousands of pounds of pressure to extract the maximum amount of liquid from fresh fruits and vegetables; which doesn't require additional heat or oxygen.

The utilization of pressure to extract the juice helps in ensuring great nutrition, freshness, flavor, and natural taste without adding chemicals, preservatives, sugar or water.

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Success Mantra

RAW Pressery pioneered the manufacturing of cold-pressed juices in India. It is the only company in Asia employing advanced cold pressurization with High Pressure Processing to maintain shelf life and produces about 7000 litres of juice a day.

By replacing the conventional pasteurization method of mass producing juices with the cold pressed process, the company has successfully created a niche for the cold pressed juices in the beverage industry.

Moreover, the company makes every possible effort to maintain the standards of hygiene and safety that adds to increasing demand for refreshing fruit juices. Raw Pressery strives to reduce cost while maintaining effective top-line achievement to keep its word for delivering a quality product that provides numerous health benefits to clients.

The company's unparagoned beverage portfolio encompasses twenty-six special flavors that happen to be luscious blends of fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts and seeds and promise wholesome nutrition keeping away the unnatural.

RAW Pressery's strict adherence to keep its products completely natural and healthy has ignited a wave of transformation in the market; which is being ardently embraced by Indian masses.

The company connects with the consumers on a deep level and endeavors to reach out to their hearts.  

Speaking about the success mantra, Mr. Anuj Rakyan, Managing Director, RAW Pressery, tells The CEO Magazine, "At Raw Pressery, we focus our energies on developing products redefine standards of quality, taste and freshness, bringing the customer closer to fruits of nature in their most glorious form.

This is done by listening to the customer and designing products that closely address the gap between healthy and tasty. Brands that have the customer at the heart of their activities are able to establish a relationship of trust and loyalty."

Major Milestones

RAW Pressery has achieved a number of milestones that have become its stepping stones to success and have helped it to position itself as India's largest cold pressed juice brand.

Born in Anuj's kitchen, the company started production in June, 2013 after Anuj and his team had spent countless hours juicing and consulting with farmers. The company took baby steps towards achieving growth and began home delivery deploying Dabbawalla network across Mumbai and Pune.

In April 2014, the company entered into a partnership with modern retail outlets,Foodhall and Godrej Nature's Basket for direct selling of products. The same year, RAW Pressery bagged first ever round of funding from Sequoia Capital.

The year 2015 witnessed achievement of two major landmarks in the company's journey;it achieved notable growth with expansionof retail and Direct-to-home presence across Mumbai, Delhi and Bengaluru.

Also, the company set up its first High Pressure Processing Machine in Asia in its Pressery at Panvel in August. In January, 2016 the company extended its special beverage portfolio launching four new categories– (Benefits, Basics, Boosters and Soups) and 19 new juices.

The company spread its roots in five more cities across nearly eight hundred Points of Sale and more than four hundred Quick Service Restaurant outlets. Recently, Bollywood Diva, Jacqueline Fernandez joined RAW Pressery family as an investor believing in its 'cleaner & healthier future.'

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Awards & Recognitions

  • Entrepreneur of the Year – Service Business – Beverages (Entrepreneur India)

  • Entrepreneur of the Year- Consumer Business (Entrepreneur India)

  • Most Innovative Packaged Beverage of the Year 16-17 at the Indian Restaurant Awards (Restaurant India)

  • Coca Cola Golden Spoon Award for Most Admired Brand- Retail Partnership of the year 2016-17

  • IAA Olive Crown (Silver) for excellence in communicating sustainability in events for RAW cycle

  • Listed in 100 best startups to look out for in 2017 by Sutra HR

Road Ahead

In a chat with The CEO Magazine, Anuj Rakyan throws some light on his future plans and says, "Making eating healthy easier for the Indian audiences, we look at foraying into the fresh food and packaged nutriments.

We wish to further establish Micro Cold Presseries across our laid out geographies, each equipped with the best of produce and technology to give our discerning customer a truly phygital experience, integrating online and offline.

These establishments will allow a consumer to place an order digitally and see their beverage of choice getting made, in real time."

The Man behind the Success

Anuj Rakyan, Founder & Managing Director, RAW Pressery

A graduate from Duke University, Anuj began his career as an investment banker at Morgan Stanley. He then moved to the world of brand consulting at FutureBrand, New York.

Before embarking on his entrepreneurial journey, Anuj spent the past decade building operations and helping brands in the diamond jewelry industry. He has worked with well-known names like Gitanjali Gems and Nirav Modi Jewels.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>RAW Pressery – ‘Just the fruit and nothing else’</p></div>
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