Inoactiv is radically innovating and shaping the performance and reach of the brands with its bouquet of digital services

Inoactiv is radically innovating and shaping the performance and reach of the brands with its bouquet of digital services

Inoactiv is radically innovating and shaping the performance and reach of the brands with its bouquet of digital services

Digital Media and User Experience is hot among businesses these days. In 2016, our Prime Minister gifted a mission of digital India which made more people realize the need to absorb digital marketing in their business layout. And today every small, medium, as well as large business and corporate, are surfing on the digital wave to reach new heights. For those who are yet to explore the power and changing face of digital media and User Experience, INOACTIV is there to help you.

Holistic in its approach, Inoactiv was incorporated in 2014 with a solitary mission to redefine web and mobile experiences for its global clientele. One of the pioneered exquisite UI and UX development services provider, Inoactiv's focused approach has contributed for being at the helm of producing world class web and mobile experiences, providing ethical and cost effective services with its people's passion for infusing human-eccentric design in everything they provide.

Creating the differentiator

It's not a piece of cake to become the top choice for over 500 plus customers. Inoactiv broke the back of the beast with delivering excellence, prompt, professional and powerful services which in turn raised the bar in the industry. Inoactiv's business model is underpinned by its values and the organization operates and makes decisions with being responsible, respectful and straightforward. Inoactiv's revenue model is built on the passion for technological innovation by providing 100% pure export services valued accordingly.

The advent

Inoactiv set out on its business voyage with a mission to furnish unique and value added professional services for the Product based IT Industry. Continues up gradation in the bouquet of its services parallel to clients' interests made Inoactiv the blue diamond of User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX) in the digital industry. As per the words of Mr. "We Create Customer Loyalty through education, strategy, customer service, excellent work and fair compensation.

We know our customers well and understand their specific needs and end goals. Everything we do revolves around the relationships we have with our customers. Our responsibility not only starts from very kickoff of the project but also once it is deployed and reaches maintenance mode. Our success depends on serving them well and retaining their trust in us. We are adding new services to accommodate our increasing clients' demands and enhancing technology diversity. These days, trends change very quickly and we believe in adapting to those trends to overcome challenges and find solutions ahead of the time."

Headquartered in Jalandhar, the organization houses 20 Inoactivians. These digital wizards are experts in their respective fields and are nurtured with growth, rewards, cricket tournaments and monthly outings by Inoactiv. The management at Inoactiv believes that company's environment is closely linked to its brand value and employee performance.

Product Portfolio

Inoactiv combines a mix of skills and technology to suit your requirements, rather than applying a one answer fits all models. The organization offers a vast bouquet of digital media marketing services right from User Experience design, Web design, Print Media Design and Digital Marketing campaigns. The company's main expertise is in User Experience and User Interface (UI/UX).



User Interface Design


Target Audience Research

Information Architecture

Customer Journey Mapping


Brand Design & Development

Logo Concepts

Print Media Design

Content Development


PHP Development

Front End Development


Systems Integration

Product Engineering

CMS & CRM Platforms


APP UI Design

iPhone App Development

Android App Development

HTML5 App Development

Tablet Design & Development


Digital Campaigns




Email Marketing


Social Media Management

Linkedin, Facebook & Twitter

Key Personalities of Inoactiv

Angad Singh

Managing Director

"The most important lesson I've learned in business is that to be successful. You have to evaluate the market dynamics and deeply understand the latest trends. I believe greater work comes from understanding how your users feel and behave, and most importantly what makes them tick. In the IT industry, it's too early if the technology is not ready or the target audiences are not ready to embrace it, and it's too late when companies with a critical mass are already present in the market. So we have advice solutions to our clients taking all technologies, design trends accordingly."

Angad holds a professional degree in designing from Maya Institute. It was his experience and passion that enabled him to scale up his seasoned business journey. Prior to Inoactiv, he has served the digital marketing industry with his Creative Services, Consulting and top UX design strategies and services.

Karan Singh

Creative Director

"With creativity, respect, vision, values, and teamwork at the core of all we do, we have forged powerful partnerships with industry leaders."

Karan possesses seasoned experience of more than a decade in the fields of Web, Print, Graphics and Multimedia, Visualization, User Experience, Brand Strategy and Creative Designing.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

In the last 3 years of business, Inoactiv has experienced tremendous growth, pioneered numerous innovative projects and established itself as a respected UI/UX Digital Agency in the market by walking an extra mile for its clients. Recently the organization completed a large Branding & UX Project for its Client Bureau Translations, a leading Translation Company based in Latin America. The final output was well appreciated by the client and this has been the leading achievement in terms of quality of output and client satisfaction. Inoactiv has received awards for providing innovative solutions to the clients. Inoactiv's future journey revolves around its key objective of connecting its mission to its vision. These objectives are long-term, continuous strategic areas that get Inoactiv moving and advancing. The organization is in the process of creating strategic objectives in four key areas –

Lead, Empower, Challenge and Preserve.

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