Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness
Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness

The greatest gift in our life is happiness and every people have the ability to create their own happiness and enjoy it. No one can measure it, it can only be felt.

But do you know how one can truly get to the point where you are truly magnificent, awesome and blissful? Not many people can say that they are truly happy with their social, business, family and overall life.

Happiness is not what most people think of it, it is becoming an indefinable goal because our society gives us a false idea of what true happiness is. They believe that the accumulation of wealth and a lot of money is the key to happiness but it isn't.

Money can buy you a bed not sleep; it can buy you food but not appetite, a house but not home, medicines but not health, computer but not the brain, luxuries but not culture, acquaintance but not friends, amusement but not happiness. So, you don't need money to be happy.

Directed by Gabriele Muccino and based on Chris Gardner's life the 'Pursuit of Happyness" is the story based of a real life single father and his journey from living on the streets to owning his own brokerage firm.

The movie is not only thought-provoking rags to riches story but also one which shows some harsh realities of life.

The movie starring Will Smith that led him to be nominated for Golden Globes is a true story depicting how the single struggling San Francisco salesman manages to sustain the expenses of himself and his son played by Jaden Smith in the increasingly unstable economic climate and his American dream.

Chris Gardner works as an unpaid intern at Dean Witter Reynolds who he impresses by solving a Rubik's Cube during a shared taxi ride.

We are sure by the end of the movie, you will not only left amazed by the way he deals with life and left in tears but also have some great takeaways from the life story. We have to summarize 5 entrepreneurial lessons to take away from this movie; it would surely be the following ones –

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness
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"When the going gets tough, the tough get going"

Heard this phrase before? Doesn't it relate really well to the real struggling life of a budding entrepreneur? A journey of starting something new and different is never going to be a cakewalk. It is going to be a garden of roses full of thorns.

So, the first lesson one can learn from Chris Gardner in the movie is to never give up. However tough the situation may be, keep trying. You never know when you will just hit the right key.

Have The Courage To Have High Aspirations

In the movie, Chris Gardner aspires to get the job of a stockbroker while he is still struggling as a salesperson selling bone density scanners. Too high aspirations for someone who is struggling at the initial stages itself? Well, that's the lesson to learn.

It may sound too easy to say than do, but that's the way it is – don't be scared to go against the stakes, don't be scared to take risks and set high aspirations for yourself, your startup and your team.

Never Show Your Weaknesses 

In the movie, Pursuit of Happiness Chris Gardner's is homeless, literally lives in public bathrooms and train stations and he is responsible for six years old.

He never shows these weaknesses while at the firm. He is always smartly dressed and polite and carries himself in such a way that no one would think he is homeless.

Don't Let Others Opinions Become Hindrances In Your Journey

Chris Gardner's partner thinks that his idea of entering the stock broking field is too high aimed and absurd. Did it affect Chris's goals? No! Do the same while you are moving ahead on your journey of success. Listen to other people, but do not let it affect or influence your actions and decisions. 

People on your way will give you loads of advices, tips and share their experiences, which might make you rethink for a brief moment! But, if you really want something, clear all those stages and go get what you want.

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness
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If You Want Something, Work Towards Achieving It.

 While Chris is still working as a medical salesman, his brief encounter with a man from the financial services industry driving a Ferrari makes him want to work out of a desk at a fancy office and own a nice car.

From that moment, he holds on to that vision and works towards it no matter how hard the situation becomes.  It obviously won't be easy, but eventually you will reach your destination.

The Current Economic Status Will Not Determine Your Future

It surely may have an impact on your savings and present scenarios, but the current economic status prevailing in the country or world is not going to bring in such situations that will force one to alter their goals and future course of actions.

So, don't allow such trivial situations to effect long term planning. The only thing constant in the world is change, and learn to keep up and be adaptable to the changes.

"You got a dream, you gotta protect it. People who can't do something themselves will tell you that you can't do it. " – Pursuit of Happiness

Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness
Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness
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Entrepreneurial Lessons From The Movie Pursuit Of Happyness
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