Digifish3: Catering Digital plans to brands with its impeccable innovation and creative strategies

Digifish3: Catering Digital plans to brands with its impeccable innovation and creative strategies

Digifish3: Catering Digital plans to brands with its impeccable innovation and creative strategies

The Founders of the organization are firm believersof giving something betterand unique to the world. Ashmita Dhingra and Sandeep Banger are the two partners, having just one goal……flourish the organization and make an Impact on human lives in all good and humble ways. The journey to establish Digifish3, a brand name in the "New Age Media- The Digital Media" has been a hell of a ride. Digital clutter was growing bigger andConvincing, creating the need and explaining the benefits of digital marketing to the clients to make brands experiment with this methodology was a significant risk. This concern coupled with the desire to do something meaningful led the duo of Ashmita Dhingra and Sandeep Banger to incorporate a digital platform with the aim of giving brands and their products the much-needed reach and visibility. From the time of inception till date, Digifish3 has remarked a poignant change in its journey of three and a half year in the overall digital domain, making brands popular online and ensuring project fulfillmentwith optimum excellence.

Digifish3 stands by its brand message, i.e., "'Become Global Digitally'.

Known for its Result Driven Approach, Digifish3 is a 360* Digital Marketing Services Agency, comprising of digital enthusiasts helping the brands to achieve new horizon in the digital space. Digifish3's digital philosophy environs the way of ideation, creativity and the method adopted for brands across all genres. The uniqueness of this digital agency lies in its strategic approach of having a different technique for each brand, to reach their actual target audience and attain great brand image. Digifish3 is an agency beholding a wide gamut of digital services covering all aspects of digital marketing. Digifish3 works upon 3 pillars of marketing which includes:-

1)    Presence

2)    Promotion

3)    Engagement

Digifish3 helps brands to grow and prosper in this ever-evolving Digital Space which is well described by its tagline, "Become Global Digitally."

Digital entrepreneur Ashmita Dhingra, in a recent conversation with The CEO Magazine, talks about her entrepreneurial phase of venturing up Digifish3 and the success story of the brand.

How has been the journey of Digifish3 in mastering itself as pioneer under the digital umbrella?

Till now the journey had been hunky dory, but the road had been arduous. Many people started an organization without understanding the evolution of the market, but to be successful in this new age media, one required vision, a clear understanding of marketing and the roadmap. Digifish3 was incorporated with a full service based model and now we are getting collaborated with esteemed brands/products as their Official Digital Partners. We are solving the digital dilemma of the brands by catering the cutting-edge exponential mediums to showcase brands to increase their sales and to assist the users to reach out to the right product/brand. With established brands, Digifish3 works for boosting and optimizing digital exposure, and with upcoming brands, we help them in stepping the acute digital footprint.We assist brands in conceptualizing and implementing strategies for the product from scratch on various social networking channels and also help to promote them through Mobile Advertising, SEO, Affiliate Marketing, Google AdWords, Websites Designing, Digital Branding Strategies, Celebrity Connect, etc.

How have you succeeded in nourishing long-term relations with the clients?

Our expertise has nurtured our relation with leading clients from different verticals including Health, Fitness, Retail Store, E-commerce, Celebrities, Banks, Entertainment, School & Colleges and much more. Before making a brand plan we do rigorous research, execute the strategic plans and measure the outcomes of the strategies implemented. The client base is built organically, as anyone looking out for digital services leaves their query on our website or call us and gets connected. The Products are also planned post understanding consumer behavior.We are ranking No. 1 on the search engines because we do not enforce ideas; rather we understand the requirements and customize the same.

In this vast expanded digital spectrum, how does Digifish3 stands apart?

Digifish3 started when many big giants were changing their forte from media advertising to digital. We sensed it before anyone else could, and started keeping our head held high. Revolution began then and today we successfully empower Digital Gyan to inculcate professionalism, and help people to become Digital Savvy to reach new horizons in the Digital Domain aligning them "The Skill India Movement".  The Products were also planned post understanding consumer behavior.

What's in for Digifish3's future plans?

For us, the biggest award is a satisfied client, and we have attained the same while working.We have been ranked 13th in the Top 25 Hot Startup's in India by a leading business magazine and have also received numerous recognitions in various summits along with appreciation from brands that we worked with. The Company grows because of the people in it, so our end goal is a better future for the professionals working with us, and in-turn better future of Digifish3. We recently designed a course with regards to a huge gap in people's knowledge in Digital Marketing. It caters to each individual according to their requirement and their domain, rather than just providing mere basics. We want to initiate Farmer Connect Program, as an effort as well to remove adulteration and cater high nutritional fresh food in the Ecosystem. Our third project would be focusing on to cater a one-stop solution for information about the green energy and its benefits. Along with the projects mentioned above, we are also aiming to infuse into products in genres like fashion, healthcare, travel and recruitment, along with a few B2C products of its own apart from the ones mentioned above to ensure better lifestyle for consumers with further expansion over the geographies like Middle East, Europe and South East Asia.

The duo behind Digifish3

Mr. Sandeep Banger & Mrs. Ashmita Dhingra

Sandeep and Ashmita are the founders of Digifish3. They have an experience of 18+ years in the field of marketing, digital marketing and branding. They have worked for leading brands like Vodafone, Hungama, Seven3Rockers, Airtel, Aircel, Docomo, Samsung, etc. to drive acquisitions and understand consumer behavior in the digital space. Both the leaders of the organizations understand the consumer mindset and know the brand requirements very well. The dynamic individuals have built up a team of professionals who are now catering to people by understanding the value of the organization and showcasing their skills. The Charismatic Founders Ashmita Dhingra and Sandeep Banger are risk takers and strong-minded individuals. They are partners having a really strong bond, and showing what togetherness can be best in. They have an aim of growing the organization big and nurturing various lives by their motivational teachings and guidance. Ashmita is the Digital and Content Queen, and to compliment that Sandeep is a well-versed man in all subjects – politics, business strategies, and numerous other topics and he always keeps himself updated. He is an expert in the  Mobile Marketing domain.

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