Accelerating enterprise global capability maturity using digital capabilities and practitioner’s strength.
Left to Right: - Charlie Roberson - Co-Founder & CEODenis McGee - Co-Founder & Head of PartnershipsAveek Mukherjee – Co-Founder & MDGloplax

Left to Right: -

Charlie Roberson - Co-Founder & CEO

Denis McGee - Co-Founder & Head of Partnerships

Aveek Mukherjee – Co-Founder & MD


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Global Capability Centers (GCCs) are consistently gaining patronage as a strategic lever and have seen rapid growth over the past couple of years. GCCs are in-house units that are set up by multinational companies in offshore geographies to take advantage of low operating costs, talent availability and language skills. Large companies have been using an outsourced model; however, over the years, there has been a major shift towards a GCC model, which is also referred to as in-house centres. Early on, these units were set up to take advantage of the cost and talent arbitrage, but have now progressed to be ‘value creators’ and are being leveraged as innovation and transformation hubs. India continues to be the top destination for new GCCs, hosting over 1580 centres with a talent pool exceeding 1.66 million professionals as of June 2023.

With a mission to simplify and make GCCs accessible and be size agnostic, Gloplax was founded in 2019 by leaders of the global sourcing industry. Gloplax has emerged as a ‘game changer’ in facilitating the establishment and operation of GCCs in India and the Philippines. Leveraging extensive experience, practitioner’s strength, and a digital ecosystem, Gloplax is rightly poised to accelerate the GCC journey for its clients. Gloplax has become a trusted partner for marquee brands in Financial Services and Retail. With a global presence spanning India, Philippines, US, UK, and Australia, Gloplax provides a definite edge in enabling seamless global operations.

Transforming Global Sourcing and GCC Excellence through Strategic Alliances

A successful GCC set-up requires a comprehensive ecosystem to support/ enable at each stage of its lifecycle. Gloplax has developed a digital ecosystem that comprises advanced technology-enabled tools, frameworks, verified vendor partners and reliable industry data and insights. The Gloplax team has a history of successfully setting up and running Global Capability Centres (GCCs) of leading multinational companies over the last two and a half decades.

Their commitment extends across the entire value chain of global sourcing, guided by the core belief that solutions should be tailored to each client’s unique context. “Embracing a bespoke approach supported by our distinctive 3E model – Effectiveness, Efficiency and Experience integrated in all that we do, Gloplax ensures customised and impactful solutions for every engagement.” Shared Aveek Mukherjee, Co-founder and MD, Gloplax.

Founded by professionals and senior leaders from the global sourcing industry, Gloplax distinguishes itself through deep experience and a technology-enabled operating environment. The leaders at Gloplax are proud of their impressive legacy of establishing GCCs for leading Financial Services companies and MNCs from other industries, Retail, Technology and other industries.

Gloplax recently announced a strategic alliance with KPMG in India, a prominent advisor in the GCC domain. Together, they present a comprehensive “GCC as a service” model encompassing strategy and design, capability building, facility setup, operational management, and support functions like Human Resources, Finance, Risk Management, Compliance, Branding, Recruitment, and technology implementation.

This collaborative model offers numerous advantages, including lower capital outlay, accelerated time to market, flexibility in team scaling, access to high-quality talent, market insights, industry experts, and competitive costs compared to traditional standalone GCC models. The joint service model caters to diverse industries such as Financial Services, TMT (technology, media, and telecommunications), Healthcare, ENR (energy and natural resources), Manufacturing, Insurance, and more.

The Minds Behind Gloplax Solutions

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Charlie Roberson – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gloplax</p></div>

Charlie Roberson – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gloplax

Charlie Roberson – Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Gloplax

Charlie Roberson brings a wealth of experience from his 28-year career, retiring as Executive Vice President at a large US bank. Leading the company’s global services from its inception in 2007, he grew it to 25,000+ resources within a decade. Charlie’s approach, tailored to the company’s culture, earned the trust of senior leaders. Under his leadership, Gloplax excels in assessing opportunities, supporting decision-makers, and providing ongoing delivery excellence, primarily in India and the Philippines.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Aveek Mukherjee – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Gloplax</p></div>

Aveek Mukherjee – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Gloplax

Aveek Mukherjee – Co-Founder and Managing Director, Gloplax

Aveek Mukherjee previously held the position of Executive Vice President at a large US-based bank, where he played a crucial role in establishing the bank’s global services delivery capability. Leading a team of 25,000+ across seven countries in Asia and North & South America, Aveek’s responsibilities covered both the enterprise team members and vendor resources. With 25 years of experience in the financial services industry, he is a seasoned global executive with expertise in all aspects of global sourcing and delivery for multinational companies.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Denis McGee- Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, Gloplax</p></div>

Denis McGee- Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, Gloplax

Denis McGee- Co-Founder and Head of Partnerships, Gloplax

Denis McGee is a seasoned leader with over 40 years of banking experience. In his role as Chief Administrative Officer at a large US-based bank’s Enterprise Global Services in Manila, Philippines, he successfully built a team of 4,000+ resources within three years, providing a range of capabilities to the Bank. Prior to this, Denis served as Chief Information Officer for a large bank in Australia. He also chaired the bank’s offshore unit in India, overseeing its growth and management in Bangalore for three years.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Gloplax -Team</p></div>

Gloplax -Team

Genesis of Gloplax

Having worked in the offshoring space for over two decades, Aveek’s journey in the GCC world began with expanding the GCC for a large Australian Bank. Subsequently, he was appointed as the Managing Director for a large US-based bank’s GCC in India in 2007. He set up, stabilised, built a team and grew this GCC along with a trusted team of leaders. Using the ‘Team Extension Model’, which ensured a strong cultural alignment with the enterprise, the GCC is now considered as a well-integrated and value multiplier for the enterprise. During his decade-long stint with the US bank, Aveek worked collaboratively with the enterprise offshoring program, which was led by Charlie Roberson, and helped expand the bank’s global sourcing footprint across India, The Philippines and Latin America.

The bank’s GCC capability can be assessed across three primary dimensions

1. Location presence – starting with one location in India, the GCC expanded to three locations in India and extended to one in The Philippines

2. Scale and strength – the delivery excellence, quality of talent, trust, and operational efficiencies led to an increase in scale and scope, growing from ZERO to about 25000+ in a decade, delivering technology, business operations, data & analytics and shared services.

3. Enterprise – wide adoption and integration of the GCC. Starting with technology and growing to 82 out of the 90 lines of businesses in the bank.

The GCC continues to grow and is considered among the most successful GCCs in the industry.

“My experience with GCCs established a very pertinent fact that mid to small sized GCCs face tremendous challenges right from attracting and retaining talent to operating effectiveness and efficiencies. Recognising this opportunity, Charlie, Denis and I, decided to draw on our experience and expertise to provide a solution to this segment of the GCCs. Gloplax was founded with the mission to simplify the GCC space and make offshoring accessible, for companies looking to set up and run mid to small-sized offshore centers.”

Aveek Mukherjee

Delivering Excellence by nurturing a strong value system and building an inclusive culture

At the heart of Gloplax’s ethos lies a commitment to core values that guide its every endeavour. Prioritising the “Client Partner” in every decision, they ensure a client-centric focus. Embracing “Balanced Leadership,” Gloplax makes informed choices that balance the needs of all stakeholders. With an ethos of “Courage,” they remain bold in upholding values and beliefs. A spirit of “Zeal” infuses enthusiasm and a forward-looking approach to challenges. Lastly, “Respect and Care” characterise interactions with all stakeholders, acknowledging their intrinsic value to Gloplax’s success.

Gloplax is committed to prioritising its Client Partner’s needs, safeguarding their interests, delivering exceptional service and providing superior value. Vendor partners are nurtured through fair, transparent, and mutually beneficial relationships. Team members are recognised as Gloplax’s most valuable asset, with active investments in their success. They acknowledge communities as integral partners, striving to contribute and offer necessary care and assistance to make a positive impact.

Recognising the strength and value each team member brings to shape Gloplax’s identity, they embrace an open culture where hierarchy only serves organisational structure. Every team member is encouraged to bring their authentic selves to work, pursue aspirations, and deliver their best.

“Dedicated to enabling companies to establish and operate high-performing GCCs, Gloplax helps create a sustainable ecosystem and implements robust governance and risk management. We are very proud of the organisation we have built,” says Aveek.

Strategic Solutions for Global Delivery

Gloplax’s approach focuses on understanding client partners’ desired outcomes, translating them into bespoke solutions, actionable roadmaps and offer superior execution capabilities at an affordable price point. Leveraging their ready ‘ecosystem,’ they bring in expertise, rich hands-on experience and relevant resources to fulfil the business needs.

The typical lifecycle stages of a GCC and its progression on the maturity curve is displayed here;

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Strategic Solutions for Global Delivery</p></div>

Strategic Solutions for Global Delivery

Gloplax’s deep knowledge of the Global Sourcing space is a critical differentiator, and their services span the entire value chain and the lifecycle stages. They help build business cases, identify offshorable work/processes, manage transitions, provide end-to-end program management and support the GCC lifecycle. Partnering through maturity stages—initiate, stabilise, mature, and breakout—Gloplax provides flexible and customised engagement models, including:

Enabled GCC: Assisting with GCC setup, facilities, tech infrastructure, recruitment, and support functions until client partners stabilise their own teams.

Hosted GCC: Running support functions on a long-term basis, allowing clients to focus on delivery with low capex and risk.

Virtual GCC: Offering a legal entity and support similar to Hosted GCC, eliminating the need for clients to set up their legal entity.

In addition to the end-to-end GCC setup and management, Gloplax offers strategic services:

1. Develop the global sourcing strategy.

2. Enable an existing GCC to move up the maturity curve.

Equip and Aid: Providing technology-enabled frameworks, tools, and models. Gloplax’s flagship model is the Hosted GCC, allowing clients to enjoy the benefits of their own GCC while leveraging a top-class support structure in a strongly aligned environment, with economic and talent benefits comparable to large-scale GCCs.

Unveiling Gloplax’s digital ecosystem

Gloplax has developed a digital ecosystem to make the setup and operations of GCC simple, transparent, effective and efficient. One of the key constituents of the ecosystem is the technology platform developed with the practitioners’ knowledge that the Gloplax team brings. These are customised to the unique needs of a GCC environment.

1. A technology-enabled GCC playbook – Gloplax GUiDE. This comprehensive playbook revolutionises the approach to establishing and operating GCCs. It covers all stages of the lifecycle encompassing the ‘whats’ and ‘hows’ of a GCC.

GUiDE is a comprehensive and user-friendly platform that allows for designing a custom roadmap for a client to build and run a successful GCC. It includes essential resources such as templates, tools, industry data, risk management & controls, and verified vendor information. Notably, GUiDE allows clients to select an Operating Model that aligns with their specific requirements, ensuring flexibility and tailored guidance throughout the process.

2. Transition management is one of the most crucial and pivotal activities for a GCC. It is foundational in setting up successful delivery operations. Gloplax has developed a work migration platform called ATMA – Activities Transition Management Assistant. It allows for an effective and efficient way of moving work into the GCC.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Gloplax’s USP</p></div>

Gloplax’s USP

Gloplax’s USP

In the last three decades, the adoption of global sourcing has steadily increased, driven by factors like lower operational costs, talent access, and transformative capabilities. India leads this trend with over 60% market share. However, evolving challenges, such as the ineffectiveness of traditional models and a scarcity of skillsets needed for evolving capabilities, are emerging. As businesses prioritise governance and experience in addition to addressing the scarcity of leadership talent, the demand for advanced capabilities such as Digitization, Data & Analytics, Cybersecurity, and Automation continues to rise with the widespread adoption of global sourcing.

While large organisations have successfully leveraged Global Capability Centers (GCCs), mid-size companies have been slower to adopt due to perceived complexity. Recognising this gap, Gloplax aims to simplify global sourcing, making it ‘simple and accessible’ for mid-size companies. Gloplax employs a data-driven approach to tailor solutions for different business needs and sizes. Their technology-enabled tools and frameworks offer a holistic view of setting up and running a GCC. The unique ‘ecosystem’ approach allows companies to strategically leverage GCCs regardless of size or industry.

Gloplax’s critical differentiator is its ‘practitioner’s strength,’ the digital ecosystem and the 3E approach. Their team’s deep knowledge of the Global Sourcing space enables them to offer tailored solutions across the entire value chain. Driven by the core belief that solutions must be customised to each client’s unique context, Gloplax positions itself as a partner committed to making global sourcing seamless and effective. Their competitive advantage lies in,

Unique Practitioner’s Strength: The team’s collective hands-on experience and extensive expertise set Gloplax apart, positioning them uniquely within the market.

Comprehensive Life Cycle Understanding: Having navigated all life cycle stages of a Global Capability Center (GCC), from co-ideation to strategy, scaling, evolution, and maturity, Gloplax possesses invaluable insights and strategies for success.

Holistic Ecosystem: Utilising their collective experience and practitioner’s perspective, Gloplax has built foundational blocks such as frameworks, tech-enabled tools, data, and vendor partnerships, creating a comprehensive and unmatched ‘ecosystem.’

3Es Approach: Gloplax’s commitment to Effectiveness, Efficiency, and Experience is embedded in all aspects of their operations, providing a structured and impactful approach to their services.

Thriving Amidst Challenges

The journey of building a business from the ground up is no small feat, and Gloplax was no exception. Founded in 2019, just as the company was starting out, the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Like numerous other businesses, the pandemic disrupted initial plans, making those early days particularly challenging. Despite challenges, Gloplax successfully onboarded its first few clients, providing crucial support during this tumultuous period.

Amid the foundational stages, the company faced the task of assembling a team, enhancing capabilities, and expanding resources. Ongoing challenges include educating prospective clients on the value and viability of GCCs. Gloplax actively transforms these challenges into opportunities, showcasing resilience and adaptability as they navigate the journey of establishing and growing their business.

Triumphs and Milestones

Gloplax attributes its success to the achievement of client goals, emphasising a thoughtful and responsible approach. The team highly values the trust and confidence bestowed by client partners. Notably, Gloplax has successfully established a GCC for a large global financial services company and a US-based premium retail company. Aveek Mukherjee, the Gloplax MD, has recently been recognised for his outstanding contributions to the GCC space. Furthermore, the firm has recently inaugurated offices in Hyderabad and Bengaluru and expanded their presence to The Philippines, US, and UK.

A Tech-Driven Approach to GCC Adoption

Technology advancements have significantly impacted business operations, with a notable rise in Global Capability Center (GCC) adoption. Leveraging new-age technologies, Gloplax has created a digitally enabled ecosystem, utilising AI/ML to source and orchestrate relevant data for informed decision-making throughout the GCC lifecycle. By tapping into expert knowledge, they convert insights into frameworks and tools, enabling clients to scale faster.

Globally, companies are grappling with escalating costs fuelled by factors like increased regulatory spending and the imperative for technological advancements. The COVID-19 pandemic further intensified the need for cost-effective strategies and enhanced technological capabilities.

As technology evolves, companies increasingly value the talent and skill sets offered by GCCs. This, along with other factors, positions GCCs as value generators, leading to increased value derived from these centres and driving the establishment of new GCCs.

Early adopters see GCCs not just as cost-effective alternatives but also as innovation hubs, inspiring other companies to strategically consider them for talent and cost advantages. Leveraging comprehensive market study and firsthand GCC establishment experience, the substantial value Gloplax bring is evident.

Aveek asserts, “Our services, fortified with digital tools and frameworks, are designed to meet the rising demand. Importantly, our proposition caters to companies of all sizes, industries, and geographies.”

Emerging trends

In the thriving GCC landscape, where the value of GCCs is well-established, Gloplax emerges as a key player committed to contributing significantly to this growth. With confidence in their existing investments and foundation, Gloplax is poised to realise their ambitious goals.

As companies increasingly recognise the value of GCCs, the industry undergoes continuous evolution to optimise their benefits. Gloplax acknowledges the proven success of the GCC model and anticipates this trend to persist.

“In a space dominated by larger entities, we stand out with our robust proposition tailored to the needs of enterprises, particularly focusing on mid-size companies and offering flexible engagement models. Our team’s hands-on experience and personal journey uniquely position us for success in this dynamic industry,” shares Aveek.

Words of Wisdom

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr Aveek says, “Stay grounded and be real. I believe it’s crucial to adhere to fundamentals of doing a business and not get carried away by distractions.”

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