Delhi Co is going out of the way to create a disruption in the Indian co-working space with its prowess

Delhi Co is going out of the way to create a disruption in the Indian co-working space with its prowess

Delhi Co is going out of the way to create a disruption in the Indian co-working space with its prowess

Coworking is not a new concept; its existence dates back to the historical era where a group of artists or craftsmen would perch together as a community. Yesteryears have seen a twisted growth in the co-working concept; nurtured with technology and innovation making the co-working concept going popular worldwide. Logistically and financially for startups and freelancers, co-working makes the right sense.  Delhi Co is layering the co-working space with the multitude of prowess and mastery; catering immeasurable amounts of value for new businesses.

The initiation of becoming the 'space' for the startups and freelancers

Delhi Co was endowed by the trio of Shantanu Verma, Anubhav Mehrotra and Sanchit Mahajan. The trio was looking up to venture out a variant startup. Sooner they found out the ducks eggs; there was nothing in the market that could match up with the requirements of the budget, no-frills office space. And the problem led to the entrance of Delhi Co as a collaborative co-working space to plug and play.

"We let you will go out of our way to ensure you cross all your hurdles with ease" 

Investing into an offbeat business concept is not a piece of cake. Delhi Co team has managed to put the gear in the right place in providing affordable office spaces and an enriching community to the new businesses. The organization takes care of the office infrastructure for the startups and others making them goal focused. The flexible seating options, thoughtful design with high-speed internet connectivity, Delhi Co's spaces are specially crafted to enable collaboration and productivity amongst members. With experience in a whole host of domains, Delhi Co is able to create a niche for itself in providing Business Advisory and Mentorship along with services in relevant areas like Website & App Development, Social Media Management, Branding & Design, Marketing, CA and Accounting Services, Admin & HR Support.

Delhi Co at a Glance

Having just turned 3, Delhi Co's unique model with rock bottom prices is a hit among new businesses in affordable co-working office space.

Delhi Co's organic growth has been steady as an endowment of the clear value proposition and firm's unwavering commitment to providing the best services to our clients at the lowest possible price points. Currently operating from Shahpur Jat, South Delhi the firm is looking out for a major expansion among Noida and Central Delhi in the upcoming years. A flexible and secure environment has become the need of the hour for budding businesses. Delhi Co is one of the few co-working spaces which deals mostly in segregated team spaces, with 80% of its inventory dedicated towards that. The firm offers productivity to both, individuals and organizations by providing a stimulating ecosystem that encourages synergetic collaboration with independent focused action. Delhi Co's service gamut includes outlined features:

  • Plug and play office spaces with all business utilities
  • CA & Accounting services – Company Registration, Compliances, Trademark etc.
  • Business Advisory and Mentorship
  • Website and App Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Branding & Design
  • Marketing
  • Admin & HR Support

Delhi Co's family

At present Delhi Co's family numbers 120 people and 15 companies. Firmly believing in delivering more than what its customers expect, Delhi Co cherishes the long-term relationship with the clients boastfully. About 500 people and 100 companies have worked from Delhi Co like Keventers, GoBuzzinga, Instalively, Sociowash,, Xeler8 to name a few.  Delhi Co's team believes in a good work-life balance; closing the doors at 9 and encourage the members to de-stress at the in-house cafe, or with fun nights such as food walks, pub crawls, comedy nights etc.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

With its vision to create an ecosystem, Delhi Co is nurturing and guiding young businesses in the best way possible. The management makes sure to cater best insights, best services and the best recreational facilities to make sure they get a solid foundation which can propel them to success. Delhi Co envisions expanding across the country, collaborating with the best minds to create an unparalleled infrastructure.  Presently, Delhi Co's team is working on its in-house café and collaborations such as Movie Nights, Beer Nights, Comedy Nights etc. The startup space has become very exciting and a lot of new players are penetrating into the market. To keep them ahead of the pack, Delhi Co will be expanding their infrastructure as well as infusing a lot of innovative services for their co-workers to maximize their productivity at minimal costs. Sure a Delhi Co is holding a bright future in its abode.

The mind behind Delhi Co

Shantanu Verma

CEO and Managing Partner

An LSE Alumnus, Shantanu is a serial entrepreneur running three successful startups – Delhi Co., Gobuzzinga – An experiential Marketing Firm & Highground Energy.

Before venturing out his entrepreneurial journey, Shantanu has served as a Senior Risk Analyst in RMS (Risk Management Solutions). During this span, he gained an insight into various aspects of Risk Management and mastered the art of understanding the financial structure and its right application.

An avid traveler by nature, Shantanu is very amiable and easy to connect with; he can go on for hours when it comes to discussing about the new book on the shelf or the latest happenings in the sporting world!!

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