ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD.– making stupendous advancements in healthcare

ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD.– making stupendous advancements in healthcare

ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGY PVT. LTD.– making stupendous advancements in healthcare

Molecular diagnostics is a dynamic and transformative area of diagnostics, leading to insights in research and treatment in many disease states that are revolutionizing health care. Molecular diagnostics detect and measure the presence of genetic material or proteins associated with a specific health condition or disease, helping to uncover the underlying mechanisms of disease and enabling clinicians to tailor care at an individual level – facilitating the practice of "personalized medicine." Continuous innovation in technology is increasing the speed and performance of molecular diagnostics, and a future in which whole genome sequencing is routinely performed is not far away. Increasing automation is enabling sophisticated molecular tests to be performed in the full scope of health care settings, bringing state of the art diagnostics to all areas of the world.

The medical community has recognized the importance of molecular diagnostics for several decades, and this field is especially important to cancer care. Molecular diagnostics have already improved cancer diagnosis and treatment techniques, and research is continuing. Before the use of molecular diagnostics, clinicians categorized cancer cells according to their pathology, that is, according to their appearance under a microscope. Borrowing tools from two new disciplines, genomics and proteomics, molecular diagnostics categorizes cancer-using technology such as mass spectrometry and gene chips. Molecular diagnostics analyses how these genes and proteins are interacting inside a cell. The focus is on patterns–gene and protein activity patterns–in different types of cancerous or precancerous cells. Molecular diagnostics uncovers these sets of changes and captures this information as expression patterns. Also called "molecular signatures," these expression patterns are improving the clinicians' ability to diagnose cancer and to recommend more targeted therapies based on an individual's molecular signature.

A glimpse at the organization

Founded in 2016, ASVINS LIFETECHNOLGIES PVT. LTD is a part of the prestigious NSP group which has been a major player in the field of Indian healthcare from past 60 years. ASVINS LIFETECHNOLGIES are the PAN India distributors of Belgium based company BIOCARTIS N.V. and South Korean based Company PANAGENE. ASVINS uses innovative technology in the field of molecular diagnostics for countering some of society's most challenging healthcare issues i.e. Cancer in India. ASVINS provides breakthrough technology for healthcare and finds new ways to deliver them to as many people as possible. ASVINS is an ISO certified and one of the well established and fastest growing companies in India with its Head office at Lucknow, U.P. and Regional Office in New Delhi. Other than molecular diagnostics, ASVINS also provides various other Diagnostics, Research and Healthcare products.


ASVINS have collaborated with one of the leading Molecular Dx company named BIOCARTIS N.V, based in Belgium to get their fastest fully automated molecular diagnostics platform named Idylla to the Indian market and accessible to the physicians for early diagnosis in less than 3 hours. Idylla, fully automated, real-time Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) based molecular diagnostics system, is designed to offer physicians fast access to highly reliable clinical molecular diagnostic information, anywhere and anytime. Idylla™ detects and quantifies multiple DNA or RNA-based biomarkers in a wide variety of patient sample types.

ASVINS have collaborated with another Molecular Dx Company Named PANAGENE, based in South Korea. PANAGENE has expertise especially in cancer-related molecular diagnostics including companion diagnostics using tissue or liquid biopsy specimens. Its advanced technology not only provides high level of detection but also simple and convenient procedure to be used easily in the front-line hospitals and clinical laboratories by themselves.


For ASVINS, their targeted audience are corporate/private cancer hospitals, super speciality hospitals, government/semi-government medical institutions focussing on cancer care, corporate/private diagnostic service providers, and pharma companies who are providing various drugs for cancer treatment.

Strategies for customers

In this competitive world customer relationship and satisfaction is the most important factor. So, to have an extra advantage over their competitors below mentioned are the strategies that ASVINS follows –

Engage Them – long-term customers generally do far more than buy a company's products. They connect with the business itself, which incentivizes them to keep coming back. Through their website, email messaging, and social media posts, ASVINS makes sure they are engaging the customers and increasing their personal connection.

Allow them to experience your brand – nothing can replace the experience of interacting with a company in person. When customers can meet you and your team, while also seeing your products live, they'll feel a stronger connection than if they'd only purchased from your website and read your email messages. ASVINS finds opportunities to meet their customers in person, using experiential marketing techniques to announce, invite, and follow up afterwards.

Explore their social media influence – when it comes to getting the word out about your brand, not all customers are created equal. Some will have a large online following, while others will have an inactive social media presence. Nurturing relationships with your more engaged customers can pay off if they mention you online.

Provide value – your goal is to introduce new customers to the products you provide. A consumer's goal is to find products and services that add some type of value to their lives. As you develop a strategy to build customer loyalty, keep in mind what the average customer would hope to get out of such a relationship. Through your content and brand experiences, you can make connections that will add value to your customers' lives, which will in turn make them want to keep buying from you.

Make them feel special – no customer wants to feel as though he or she is just a number. This is one benefit that small businesses have over much larger corporations. As your business grows, though, it can become far more difficult to know each person. In your database, include the date of the customer's first purchase and a notes section where you and your staff can input small details that come up.

Respond to every concern – even the most loyal customer can have problems. When someone calls for help, it's important to offer the same friendly, attentive service no matter how many times they've bought from you. But if a long-term buyer has an issue, it's important to flag the call for immediate attention to avoid losing someone who regularly makes purchases.

Challenges the company hopes to address

In this field there are two major challenges which ASVINS caters to:

  • Rising Cost: The spending on healthcare is invariably growing faster than the GDP. The rate of growth of healthcare expenditure has exceeded that of GDP. Macroeconomic factors like aging population or insufficient public funding are challenging to both receivers and providers of healthcare. These advanced, automated and integrated technologies widen the application scope of molecular diagnostics, they also lead to high test costs, which are unaffordable to huge sections of patients in India. Besides, lack of healthcare insurance and reimbursement schemes for diagnostics, which usually are not considered as important as drugs, further limits adoption in the region. To counter this ASVINS provides solutions which are affordable and best to the customer. Moreover, ASVINS has tie-ups with various diagnostics labs which provide free tests to the low-income Individual customers.
  • Turn Around Time (TAT): The turnaround time for the patient to get the results usually after a biopsy sample is collected is almost 5-7 days or even more. There are many patients who travel from one part of the country to get their treatments done, but due to long turnaround times of the results, the patients have to wait for their diagnosis reports so that the appropriate therapies can be started. With ASVINS platform, the company is able to provide the diagnosis reports the same day to the physicians which would enable them to start the appropriate therapies on their patients at an early stage.

USP of the organization

The USP of the company is to provide fastest solution to the problem related to the field of Cancer diagnosis. With this, ASVINS is able to guide the patient for early treatment of cancer which could save their lives from this deadly disease which is at its peak today unfortunately. ASVINS motto says it all, molecular diagnostics enables understanding of diseases at much early stage, which is not possible using the traditional methods. ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES aims to provide direct access to personalized medicine for patients in India by promoting fully integrated and broadly applicable molecular diagnostics. Their platforms can be used in a wide variety of healthcare settings to enable rapid and high-quality care to patients.


Due to the rapid increase in the molecular diagnostics and specially in the cancer testing the competition have increased from larger players and smaller companies as well.

Awards & Recognitions

ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES has been listed by Silicon India magazine as Top 10 Lifesciences Start-up in India and Awarded for best Customer Relationship by BIOCARTIS N.V.

Future Plans

Right now, ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES is offering complete automated solid and liquid biopsies for lung, colon and skin cancer. In the near future ASVINS would be dealing in breast cancer (BRCA1 and BRCA 2) mutation test and gene fusion panel for testing variety of other mutations e.g. ALK, ROS1, etc.  3-4 years down the line ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES would target to cater not only in the field of molecular cancer diagnostics but also other field like immunology, microbiology (infectious, respiratory diseases) and genetic engineering.

Key Executives

Two brothers scripting the success story of ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES, Samrat Marwaha – aged 33 and Sagar Marwaha – aged 27. The duo has created a niche in the healthcare spectrum with their hard work and perseverance.

Samrat Marwaha

Founder and Director

Samrat holds a Master's degree in Entrepreneurship and a Bachelor's degree in Electronics and Communication engineering from PESIT College Bengaluru. He also served as the Vice President of BNI- Global Business Network for Lucknow Region. With over 10 years of experience in healthcare especially molecular diagnostics with the National Scientific Promoters, he has led national Scientific Promoters to achieve accelerated growth. He specializes in taking turnkey projects related to the same. With all the Experience he is now leading ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES as a Director- Strategy and Finance and he is also the Managing director of the Parent Company National Scientific Promoters.

Sagar Marwaha

Director and Co-founder

Sagar holds a Master's degree in Business Administration for Marketing and Sales and Bachelor's degree in Biotechnology Engineering. With over 4 years of experience in cancer related diagnostics with ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES he has driven ASVINS LIFETECHNOLOGIES to become one of the emerging cancer diagnosis-based start-up in India. Combining with knowledge of product and sales he is the Director- Sales and Marketing in the Company and is also the product sales manager of National Scientific Promoters.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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