Artisaans: a symphony where architecture meets the future of ‘an innovatively engineered’ design

Artisaans: a symphony where architecture meets the future of ‘an innovatively engineered’ design

Artisaans: a symphony where architecture meets the future of 'an innovatively engineered' design

"Architecture, of all the arts, is the one which acts the most slowly, but the most surely, on the soul."- Ernest Dimnet

Our world breathes architecture in which architects are the magicians who give this world meaning. Architecture rotates on the axis of design and creativity. It's pole to pole in every facet of our lives-from home to pavements to our work places to our wonder world and social lives. Architecture is not a mere vocable; it's a whole world of innovation, creativity and visions of critical thinking-inspiring people. Ergo, so many writers, artists and designers give life to such profound and fascinating observations about architecture, while interacting with the built spaces.

In our country, architecture had always been an expression of values- our rich heritage and monuments bear witness as the 'gift' architects gave to us. India's architectural design is currently gaining considerable international acclaim and has positioned its strong reputation in interior design, architecture and bespoke engineering. A country that is daily constructing holds the opportunity not only to catch up but to undertake in how well it designs and builds its structures. To fuel this growth, many companies are escalating architecture as their mainstream which is notoriously slow to adopt new technologies. Yet, on the grounds, architects are gripped with difficulties to experiment in their field, due to their limited role in the project development process. Henceforth innovative design solutions and experimentation with fresh technologies remains grounded and bottled up. In the midst of this chaos, a strong-willed architecture firm is utilizing its influx of talented, creative and determined designers to create, inspire and nurture the development of new ideas. Let's leaf through the journey of a brand which has established its consistency in pushing the envelope and bestowing us to bystand a sense of awe when standing before something man-made, masterful and inexplicably beautiful.

The desire to reach for the sky runs very deep in our human psyche and Abhishek Jain knows very well how to turn them into a vision. He is an architect and entrepreneur, who is passionate about combining architecture with entrepreneurship, a union which led him to establish Artisaans, a multidisciplinary design studio encompassing architectural, engineering, planning, and interior designing elements in its portfolio. Artisaans' cruise sailed out in 2002 as an out of the box design firm to carve out new areas of architectural interior designing while blurring the traditional boundaries of the much-confined architectural profession. Today, the firm has impacted the industry and redefined the traditional roles of architects in ways we could have never imagined. 

Crafting built world with innovation, creativity and inspiration

Plot of Artisaans' story


The venture was founded by 6 friends in college out of passion and curiosity to work professionally. It was Abhishek, who came up with name and worked on to get their own first website up in 2009. Later, all the founders departed with their own agenda's and priorities in life. Abhishek thought of taking this further to different heights and as they say, the rest is history.

Why the name Artisaans?

Abhishek, Director & Principal Architect at Artisaans comes with the best reply, "You would have heard the word Kaarigar. It was there in my mind which converted into a name as a blend connected with Artists and Workmen's who can have their skill set polished and explored under one roof." It's just brilliant to see how Abhishek speaks out his heart. He holds extensive experience in almost every vertical of interior designing. Prior to venturing out in the field of entrepreneurship, he worked with 2 different companies. Abhishek's vision was crystal; to create value and exceed clients' expectations in quality delivery & cost effectiveness through continuous innovations & cutting-edge aptness. "Whatever comes our way we welcome it as an opportunity, even if it is challenging enough for us to design then create to inspire. Since, we call it Multidisciplinary Design studio, we tend to diversify in as many streams which would fascinate us in the field of Design. We are making efforts to integrate the latest technologies and techniques using modern tools and machinery in the designing industry. Besides, we are also continuously adding fourth generation smart materials to our library and using the same in our projects with a very minimalistic approach. The believed concept behind the start-up is to change the vision and perception of the design industry by introducing more sensitivity towards the environment and ergonomic design. In the same way, we are also trying to build a culture, where we have everything which is being designed are done with the minutes of the details," asserts Abhishek.

It is the ingenious spirit of the firm that has created a niche for itself in the spectrum by transforming the industry from merely utilitarian to inspirational.





we are bound to think that what's been cooking in the success pot of the firm, what are the key ingredients? Abhishek decodes the recipe proudly, "We have Hawkeye for detailing. We strive to deliver complete solutions for the client by collaborating with people who are excelling in their own fields, like freelance designers and consultants to maintain the highest level of standard as well as diversity in design. We are always in quest of something new, hence we integrate latest technologies and tools/machinery used in designing across the globe."

Calling Artisaans a multidisciplinary firm…

We have a very strong thought that the person should have a holistic thinking towards design which would include the thing which you are designing and things supporting it or surrounding it should also be taken into design consideration. So, we are looking forward to have such a setup which would give all round solution to the client under one roof which is appreciated as a complete services package……….

Artisaans' Design Philosophy

The team leaves no stone unturned in bestowing the clients with best feasible interior design solutions which are the need of the hour and hold proficiency in providing a touch of exquisite craftsmanship and precision to create a masterpiece carved out from the blend of innovation, technology and creativity. Also, they take care of the environment, while being smart in terms of materials and behaviour and being minimalistic and having a contextual approach.

The Portfolio

Artisaans has diversified into various verticals, including:

  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design
  • Product Design
  • Landscape Design
  • Communication Design

Expansion Binge & Brand's Reach

Artisaans' clientele encompasses leading names from Hospitality Sector, Steel Industry, Textile Industry, and varied industry. The design maverick caters an unparalleled level of clarity and precision to the clients, which fuels it in staying ahead. "We believe in long-term relationship, and it is our core strength, where we tend to retain more than 90% of our old clients and get a share of repeat business from them. We strive hard to deliver the end to end solution under one roof. With the huge potential and demand in this market, we aim to deliver our specialized expertise and services to benefit our clients in the best possible manner, and it helps us to create a long-term relationship with our clients", concludes Abhishek.

What inspires you to continue and pursue this venture?

Present-day, it is passion more than inspiration to explore more and more areas of designing and getting into more intricate details and takes up challenges and feasibility issue in the Indian context. Since it is a Multidisciplinary Firm, which also makes us more diverse in terms of our audience, which needs to get more and more awareness in our day-to-day life about the need for a design consultation.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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