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The Maverick Storyteller spawning a fresh perspective to brands’ message with a new face 
Align Media 

Align Media 

Sanjoy SahaMondol- Founder

Align Media: The Maverick Storyteller spawning a fresh perspective to brands' message with a new face 

Picture this: You head a meeting and is versed with a fact that your company needs to shoot up its marketing game. But the modern world of marketing stands as a mosaic of complexities and trucking with a creative advertising agency to steer your brand becomes tumultuous.

Advertising has travelled a long way while witnessing a thousand miracles. From the emergence of the printing press in 1440s, to the advent of television, the industry has always been an expression of world's socio-economic, political and cultural flow.

From the 'bollywoodisation' used by Britannia for casting the villain Gabbar Singh (Amjad Khan) in its Glucose-D biscuit ad to the birth of Maruti, Ind-Suzuki, Hero Honda, Titan and Andhra Bank launching India's first credit card after India's World Cup victory, India has witnessed the changing face of the advertising industry.

From huge billboards and hoardings on the road side to alluring offers at the shops, from radio branding to the world of internet advertising- the industry has always refined its tone to appeal to the changing face of the country.

An immensely crucial aspect, advertising has always focused on aligning itself with the attention of the customers.  What started with the voices of street hawkers has matured to classified advertising in Hickey's Bengal Gazette, India's first newspaper (weekly).

In true sense, advertising has been an immensely crucial aspect of the business and Out-of-home (OOH) medium has always held the back of the industry.

Despite this spring season, the industry is not fully blossoming. The market stands highly fragmented where unorganized leaders influence the market. In the face of focus and efforts, the growth has not coordinated with the expectations well. In between all odds, a player has positioned itself as the light of the industry.

Expediting the growth of your business with quality and unified results, the company has become the voice of brands, talking to their customers. Offering an outside posture to differential potential advertising solutions, Align media has become a positive impact maker for brands has been putting business in the best possible shine since 2013.

The Genesis: How it all started

Sanjoy SahaMondol gauged the basic psychology behind the consumer behaviour pattern and decided to tap the opportunity by acting on it. Sanjoy established Kolkata based Align Media in 2013 that works tirelessly to capture emerging newfound media space and client satisfaction keeping in mind the British roots of Indian culture and Advertising Industry.

India dramatically liberalized its economy in the 90s, paving way for a fertile ground for the advertising firms to grow which saw its vertiginous rise when the internet came into the equation, the democratization of the industry began and new avenues emerged.

Heavy investments in the infrastructure development facilitated opening up of a lot of unchartered or potential media spaces and finally came into the mainframe of the Industrial picture. Align Media today is a forerunner in the specialization domain with the aim to perform innovative advertising in Airlines, Airports and allied OOH media spaces.

Coming on the scene as an OOH leader

Align Media's provenance and Sanjoy's journey cultivated from same background.

Incorporated with a vow to provide niche innovative advertising at Airlines and Airports across the country, Align Media today is one of the leading companies in Asia for Airline/Airport advertising and is very much pleased to showcase several innovative media options for client's brand to communicate and engage with airline passengers across the world.

It is one of the few companies who can help in connecting with approximately 100 million (and growing) passengers in Asia annually. The opportunity to communicate directly with Aviation captive audience: make them experience the client's product, highlights their special offer and generate direct response.

Align media not only has the first mover advantage in the industry; It awards the client with heavy returns on investment, The Outdoor Media Association after a survey disclosed that OOH advertising offers high Return of Investment (ROI). So, higher the budget spent on Outdoor Marketing, larger is the ROI.

Align Media provides cost-effective services for advertisement, that in result induces top line and bottom line of the advertiser. The firm uses a premium or low-cost environment for the client's campaign: depending on the partnering airline, with no distractions from home life/work & mobile.

Highest brand recall and most effective impact of your advertising campaign without significant stray. From wrapping conveyor belts at the airport, to wrapping Aircraft!

Align Media's management is more than pleased to offer several exciting innovative options for client's brand to engage and partner with various airlines across the world.

With over 20 airline partners worldwide they can now offer specifically targeted branding options to over 200 million passengers annually. And it is just the tip of the iceberg of a brand and its leader who cultivated a vision, nurtured it and shaped it into a reality.  

Turning the Gaps into opportunity: Unveiling its Customised & Aligned 360 degree advertising outlook

What got constituted as a brand catered to airline/airport advertising 30 years back is now nestling a full-fledged basket of advertising elements- right from ideation, conceptualization to launching campaigns, Activations, Promotions and other BTL and ATL activities.

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The Dawn of the Biggest Game Changer

"We want to dive into the main line of advertising. We want to be the brain of the advertising industry." asserts Sanjoy SahaMondal, the leading man behind the organization. Align Media has created a modern face for itself in order to cover every inch of the advertising space.

Under one roof, Align Media has combined its dexterity, industry knowledge to handle every need of its clients. Running a business is hard, and the organization, as an advertising tailor is taking efforts to draw up the creativeness based on the clients' requirements and lightening the load while taking care of every aspect of their marketing needs.

Understanding its clientele's options, Align media has stepped into the horizon of:


  • Billboards

  • Bus Shelters

  • Bridge Panels

  • Pole Kiosks

  • Traffic Booths

  • Pillar Wrap



  • (all major channels)


  • Airport Media

  • Airline Media

  • Metro Rail Media

  • Rail Media

  • Bus Branding

  • Cab Media



  • All Social Media



Align Media's OOH storyline: Area of Expertise

Media /Branding Offerings on Aircraft includes Baggage Tags, Boarding Pass, Seatback, Meal Trays, Bulk Heads (Separators), Cabin Overheads, Skyline panels, Head Rests, Sampling. Aircraft Wraps. Tarmac Coaches, Security Trays, Planters, Promotional Space, Passenger and Shopping Trolleys, Passenger Transfer Carts, Queue/Line Managers, AeroBridges, Pillar Brandings, Conveyor Belts, Airport lounges, etc. in Pan India Airports. 

The advertising programs have been created to extend an advertiser's reach into the aircraft cabin, to every individual passenger, while maintaining a high-end brand and feel inside the cabin. It provides depending on the flight, captive, minimum uninstructed guaranteed viewing time of 40 minutes to 8 hours inside the aircraft.

Independent surveys have shown that in-flight ads provide brands the opportunity to stand out from the pack, have the highest recall rate of all media 79%, and generate an over 35% positive shift in intent to purchase.


  • Airline Media

India –Jet Airways, Spice Jet, Air India, Go Air, Air Asia, Indigo

South East Asia – CEBU Pacific, Hong Kong Express Airways, Tiger air

Middle East – Air Arabia group, Flynas

Europe – Wizz Air, Euro Wings, air Baltic, Small Planet, Transavia, People's Viennaline

Americas– AirTran, Leeward Islands Air Transport or LIAT, Spirit, Volaris, Jet Blue, Caribbean Airlines, Frontier Airlines


  • Telecom

Airtel, Vodafone, Jio, Idea, Aircel, Tata

  • Hospitality

Taj, Marriot International, the Lalit, Keys Hotels,Hyath 

  • Tourism

Himachal Tourism, Rajasthan tourism, Madhya Pradesh Tourism, Assam Tourism, Andhra Pradesh Tourism, Telangana tourism, West Bengal Tourism, Manipur Tourism, Mizoram Tourism, Nagaland Tourism, Chhattisgarh Tourism ,Odisha Tourism, Bihar Tourism

  • Financial

Axis Bank, Bandhan Bank, LIC, Karur Vysya Bank, City Union Bank, Citi Bank, New India Insurance, Allahabad Bank, National Insurance Co. Ltd 

  • Electronics

Samsung, BOSE, MI, Philips, Gionee, Whirlpool, Canon 

  • Automobile

VOLVO, Audi, Skoda, Honda, Tata Motors, Renault 

  • FMCG

ITC, Nestle, Quaker, Skinn, Mankind, Monte Carlo,Duncans, 

  • MISC

Kent, Kajaria,HotStar, Byjus, Roof n Floor, Lux Cosy, Turtle, Tata Retail Enterprise (West Side), Jharkhand Government, Manyavar, Manish,Turtle,Metro , Mochi

  • Building Materials

Berger Paints, Greenply Industries, and ACC cement

  • Realty

Tata Housing,Emami Realty,Godrej Properties

What has driven the growth of this OOH magnet? We reached out to Mr Sanjoy Saha Mondal, Visionary Founder, Align Media and the dynamic leader driving the endeavour of the company. We speak to the expert to understand the framework of the organization, the milestones, the reach, the road ahead and more…

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Vapa Tech Solutions

Edited Excerpts

How does Align Media sit within the advertisement ecosystem of India today, touching billion brands? What are the key ingredients behind Align Media's unique character?

Align Media offers several exciting and innovative options for brands to engage and partner with the highest brand recall and offers a positive branding experience.

Their forte lies in flight static branding, in-flight digital branding, Uber cab branding, Bus branding AC/ non-AC/long distance, Billboard branding, Airport tarmac coaches, Metro Pillar branding, Metro train branding / Metro station branding, Railway Train / Railway Station Branding.

These services provide favourable outcome and benefits in Visibility, Highest Brand recall, highest customer engagement, customized advertising medium to suit business needs, extended campaign life, brand-building, product awareness, measurable outputs, valuable real-time insight, wider client base.

With first-time mover advantage, professional ideation, value added innovation advertiser reaches the specific SEC segment including the Ultra HNI target audience in the most serene public ambiance.

Align Media is a valuable and mobile group with varying purchasing power and high interest in new products/services basis the Airline partner of the client's choice and has partnered with them all in the Indian diaspora! 

Comment on the value delivered by Align Media.

Align Media is known for its Brand value endowed on its OOH services till date. It is reflected in the way leading brands connect with us for our quality services delivery, audience engagement, technology and innovation.

Align media was recognized by the Government of India for contributing taxes for the Assessment Year 2017-18 to the Central Board of Direct Taxes under the Bronze category.

The firm was included in the twenty most promising advertising agencies by a leading Business magazine. Align Media is also listed among "30 young entrepreneurs to watch in 2018" by a leading business magazine.

What's next for the company?

Align media has successfully completed the total OOH branding of brands like Berger Paints, Greenply Industries Ltd., Trent (Westside), Roof n Floor (The Hindu Group).

Align Media doesn't see a future without the establishment of trustworthy relationships with its clients, hence its focus will be on making trustworthy relationships with all associates, and development of the firm with whom all its clients can trust with their brands.

According to experts, the outdoor marketing is expected to grow by 15% this year, and the management of the Align Media expects four times the growth of the firm in the next financial year. It envisages being the global leader in 'Transit out of Home' media by 2030 in volume and value

A piece of advice for the young entrepreneurs…

Build TRUST with all  your stake holders, that's the only investment for the future.

Dynamic Leadership

Sanjoy Saha Mondal

Visionary Founder

A science graduate from City College, Kolkata, a multilingual speaker has spent three decades in the Industry; FMCG, Durables, Media, with corporate culture exposure in Fortune 500 MNC and matrix reporting, to medium-sized Indian companies.

His core expertise lies in successfully generating targeted business values & volumes in Ultra-Premium Products and Services, leading and building successful start-up businesses and its management.

He specializes in growing existing business through client acquisition and partnership through team sizing 10 and 200+, and contains strong business, P&L, and Human resource management skills, emphasizing coaching and team development.

He is a quick learner with adaptability to different corporate structures; Entrepreneurial, Professional, and Multinationals. Sanjoy has been in proactive hardcore Sales and risen from frontline to senior most position in Sales & Marketing divisions of the leading companies dealing in a wide range of products and services in the past three decades.

In previous professions, Sanjoy was the head of Kolkata operation as GM with M/s TDI International India (P) Limited.  He also holds vast 13 years' experience in FMCG and 8 years in Consumer Durable Industry apart from 5 years in Ad sales as Head Business Manager.

Sanjoy a veteran in the media industry, capable in taking the challenging Senior Leadership roles in Business Development/ Sales & Marketing/Profit Centre Management is an achiever and go-getter, well exposed to some of the best management practices with a successful track record of growth and accomplishments.

Sanjoy understands the pertinence of trust in the business world; hence his message for the Young Turks in Advertising world is to prioritize building trust among all their stakeholders.

The complete list of Sanjoy's dynamic expertise is Business Development, Brand management, Advertising, New business development, Sales, Marketing, Marketing Strategy, Brand Development, Team Management, Sales Management, Management, Marketing Management, Integrated Marketing, Key Account Management, Market Research, Media Planning, Media Buying, Marketing Communications, Account Management, Negotiation, Startups, Strategic Planning, Competitive Analysis, Business Planning, Digital Marketing, Lead Generation, Direct Marketing, FMCG, Online Advertising, E-Commerce, Sales Operations, Project Planning, Retail, Leadership Skills, Entrepreneurship, Product Marketing, Marketing Research, Market Planning, Advertising Sales, Online Marketing, Analysis, Vendor Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

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