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Vapa Tech Solutions

Vapa Tech Solutions

Kausalya B - CEO & MD - Vapa Tech Solutions

Long gone are the days when the traditional methods of marketing were enough for a business or brand to establish its presence among its targeted customers.

In the digital era, when the number of people accessing the internet is increasing every day, traditional methods of marketing may not be sufficient to reach your target audiences.

Businesses now need to implement new ways of connecting their target audiences where they are spending most of their time, on the internet and for that, they need digital marketing.

Now, not everyone can be a digital marketing expert, and businesses, more often than not, rely on digital marketing companies to provide digital marketing services.

Vapa Tech Solutions is one such digital marketing agency offering comprehensive digital marketing services to help businesses achieve a wider and global reach and stand out in the crowd to achieve the desired results.

The brainchild of Kausalya B, Vapa Tech Solutions is a leading digital marketing company helping businesses build an online presence through multiple digital channels.

A result-driven digital marketing agency with a pan-India footprint that provides 360° digital marketing solutions, Vapa Tech Solutions stood strong in the digital era amid the survival challenges that the pandemic had thrown.

Be it strategy building or marketing planning and executions, Vapa Tech has made brands stand out from the rest through its innovative and technology-based solutions.

Kausalya B, CEO & MD, Vapa Tech Solutions -Comprehensive Digital marketing agency

An entrepreneur, skilled finance professional, and experienced founder with a demonstrated history of working in the marketing and advertising industry, Kausalya B founded Vapa Tech Solutions.

Highly skilled in Business Process, Analytical Skills, Management, Management Information Systems (MIS), and Business Relationship Management, she is a strong business development professional and Finance professional having various educational qualifications from Cost accountancy (Inter) from the Institute of Cost and Works Accountants of India to Post graduation qualifications in Finance and Marketing to getting various certifications in Digital marketing’s.

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How It All Began

The incorporation of Vapa Tech Solutions happened on 9th of January 2019. Ms Kausalya planned for the company to launch in the year 2020 with the right team and inventory, but the covid 19 pandemic hit and shook the entire world.

The priority shifted to standing strong in the chaos and surviving. Ms Kausalya says, “When the covid pandemic subsided, we replanned our launch, and in 2022, Vapa Tech Solutions began its journey with a creative and passionate team redefining digital marketing.

Vapa Tech Solution is a parallel agency giving Digital marketing solutions to Brands and clients, largely from Ecommerce, OTT and entertainment etc.

Be it Brand awareness, Development solutions, Planning and strategising or paid marketing, the team at Vapa Tech Solutions provide single window solutions for every marketing need to stand digitally strong in this era. Ms Kausalya shares,

“Digitally marketing your brand has several benefits, but the primary benefit it offers is helping establish a powerful reputation and brand identity in the market. Having a trustworthy brand identity increases the level of trust between a brand and its customers, in turn creating a brand’s value”.

Ms Kausalya

Services Offered By Vapa Tech Solutions

Vapa Tech Solutions offers a wide range of digital marketing solutions to its clients, including,

  • Brand Building and Digital Marketing Strategies

  • Content Writing Solutions

  • Content Marketing (SEO)

  • Paid Marketing

  • Social Media Management

  • Designing And Creative Print And Videos

  • Public Relations management

  • User Acquisition

Setbacks Are Part Of A Successful Journey

Every journey has its ups and downs, and entrepreneurship is no different. The journey of Vapa Tech was in the nascent phase when the pandemic hit the world, and the launch took a backseat.

However, covid also turned out to be a boon, as with the pandemic, the entire operations of organisations shifted online, which in turn resulted in a massive growth of the digital marketing industry.

The industry growth also had its own pros and cons, from handling the competitors to the high expectations benchmark set by the Brands. However, the guidance of Ms Kausalya and the perseverance of the Strong team led Vapa Tech Solutions through the tough times.

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Effective Leadership Is The Key To Success

The mantra for success at Vapa Tech Solutions is Consistency, Innovation and adapting the market changes and expectations. At Vapa Tech Solutions, we simply listen to our brand and strategize the right solutions within the client’s budget, and this works wonderfully for us.”

Trust, Excellence, Accountability, Collaboration and Innovation with Passion are the core values at Vapa Tech Solutions. With a belief in their vision, which drives them to the success they envisage.

“The pandemic has left a long-lasting effect on many businesses. For Vapa Tech Solutions, it has rescheduled its launch date, but we have come out stronger as a team,” shares Ms Kausalya. The future of Vapa Tech Solutions is all about building the right team, giving value to the effort and life to the dream and reinvesting and adapting the market change.

It is the people who make an organization and not the other way around.

“Achievements are when you have a smiling team working without any pressure and driving the clients to come back again and again for Digital marketing solutions.”

Ms Kausalya

Impacting The Community As An Entrepreneur

The success of an organisation depends largely on the team and leadership. However, it also depends on the acceptance of the organisation by the community. Every entrepreneur they go through a time when they are in need of support from their

community. When their business succeeds, there comes a time when they need to think beyond their organisation and give back to society, which impacts the lives around them. Ms Kausalya is an avid believer in giving back to the community.

She shares, “At Vapa Tech Solutions, we are planning to drive a mission towards the protection of environment and nature.” She also plans to contribute towards the growth of orphan children.

As an entrepreneur herself, the journey for Ms Kausalya has been a learning experience for her. Sharing her words of advice for young enthusiasts, Ms Kausalya says, "A dream is not a dream for anyone who has the passion for giving it life. Do your study well before you step in, and be ready to adapt to the changes. Follow the right Ethics and Values, and it will drive you ahead.”

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