Agilean’s AI and NLP based services translates into a differentiated value proposition

Agilean Solution 

Agilean Solution 

AI and NLP based services translates into a differentiated value proposition

Agilean's AI and NLP based services translates into a differentiated value proposition

There has been an ongoing conversation over the last few years about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and how it has been changing our lives and how the way of doing business is changing. As per the latest technology trends and prediction, AI can be considered having potential to be the most disruptive technology ever.

Today, we can ask the search engines to help us with simple questions or tasks, but much of their actual potential is still untapped. The reason why involves language.

To bring efficiency in IT companies through expertise and uniqueness, Agilean Solutions Pvt. Ltd. has positioned itself strongly amongst other players in the market.


Agilean is an AI and NLP based SaaS Enterprise automated workflow project management tool for small and medium IT companies across different verticals.

Highly customizable and user-friendly, Agilean is able to set your automated Kanban work-flow process within 2 minutes with more than "50 Built-in templates" and takeover the vast majority of administrative activities.

Agilean has also developed the SCRUM methodology which gives an estimation of Sprint that helps team become more accurate and efficient.

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With Agilean, workflow automation not only lets you speed up but also improve the existing assignments based on your organization's or your clients' needs.

Agilean leverages artificial intelligence in its tool to handle the project management in real time. is a subsidiary company of Agilean, where all meeting runtime discussions in the form of Audio will be converted to systematic text like (key points, decisions and action points).

The meeting minutes is sent immediately after the meeting and is later converted to MP3 to allow you to get ready for the next meeting from the car itself.

Agilean's success can be attributed to work culture where the company has people whose sole job is to keep employees and customer happy and maintain productivity. It may sound too controlling to some, but it is how this world-changing organization operates.

It is also a fact that there is a tough competition among the market in a field where many other companies have been working.

But what differentiates Agilean from many others is Agilean's ability to leverage AI/NLP to the maximum extent and automate all related processes of a Kanban or Scrum based project being worked on in an agile methodology.

This differentiating factor brings the company as one of the fastest growing companies in the market.

The company has been growing day-to-day with the support of its highly professional and talented team who are working with a great zeal.

Agilean's staff's the heart and soul of a go-beyond culture that enables the company to attract and retain as one of the best teams in the world and drives the company's competitive advantage.

Their commitment to shared values unites them globally and fosters an environment in which innovation and teamwork thrive.

The CEO Magazine interviews Mr. Sarma BKP – Founder & CEO of Agilean Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Editor Associate

Why does the company exist? What is its main value proposition?

Agilean offers an end-to-end project management solution for agile development teams, leveraging AI/NLP to automate most mundane processes that are part of an agile project.

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How does the company build a successful customer base?

Agilean is targeting the IT services segment to start with. Being a low cost high value software tool for agile project management, offering end-to-end enterprise scale solutions for workflow management, Agilean is targeting the renowned IT services companies in India to build a customer base and would later venture into the EMEA region.

How do you see the company changing within a year?

Agilean aspires to grow to a team of more than 25 with a proper inside sales and customer support team to monetize and grow the clientele base.

What's the most important thing you're working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

We are fine tuning the product and training the AI engine based on the customer needs and feedback.

What are the major milestones for the company since founding? 

We have developed multiple products like Agilean – Kanban, Agilean – Scrum and

Company plans to come up with an advanced product called Agilean – Hybrid to offer superior solutions to customer.

What is your vision for the company?

Agilean's vision is to become the biggest and the most renowned enterprise solution for agile project management.

What was the most difficult lesson you have learned as an entrepreneur?

Validating the Idea or thought process at early stages of startup is really needed to fine tune the product and market fit.

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