AdFarm is shifting the gears of OOH for SMEs in a techno-innovative way

AdFarm is shifting the gears of OOH for SMEs in a techno-innovative way

AdFarm is shifting the gears of OOH for SMEs in a techno-innovative way

Dinosaurs got hit, dodo followed next, and with the digital transformation, it seems that OOH will soon become a chapter in the advertising history! Outdoor advertising has always been a communication vehicle raising big awareness for the brands; 'big enough' to capture consumer attention.  Online Adspace sprouted as a threat to Outdoor Advertising which contributed towards a shift of leading brands going completely digital. Less celebrated today, OOH

Advertising has been left behind in the technology-driven wave. Yet, there are few daredevils in the startup industry which are infusing evolution, driven by technology in the offline advertising domain. Among such, striving hard and outgrowing as a leader is AdFarm which is changing the way people market in the offline media.

Creating the differentiator: Reviving the heart of Offline Advertising for SMEs 

AdFarm's idea brewed up from a simple problem statement; Does small and medium enterprises having the same exposure as big brands' inexpensive outdoor media? Can a tutor get same visibility as an engineering college with a monthly marketing budget of Rs.499? To experience the need, AdFarm's pilot project ran in a particular neighborhood at Chennai in October 2016. The team got an organic buzz with great response. There was no turning back then; AdFarm further extended its services and launched its SSP portal in Jan 2017. Embracing technology and ring with strategy and creativity, AdFarm is creating offline Adspace through installing LED screens at locations catering high captive audience including, Restaurants, Salons, Supermarkets, cafeterias etc. to make brands connect with the online world, thus giving them the power and flexibility to plan their campaign and launch it at a click of the button sitting anywhere in the globe, Just like they do online campaign on Facebook and Google.

AdFarm: Artificial Intelligent network for OMOM (Offline Marketing through Online Medium)

AdFarm with its technological competence sliced a wholesale media industry into a retail industry at a cost-effective way. AdFarm is helping the brands to:

  • Create Campaigns

Create multiple campaigns based on locations to increase possibilities to get the branding more effectively to a captive audience.

  • Showcase Products

With one or more slots in multiple cities in many locations, brands can showcase their existing products or educate the audience about new product launches, thus cutting the middlemen out of the brand engagement strategy.

  • Engage Users

Brands can engage audiences present at the target locations by offering a code for discounts, free gifts, vouchers and much more.

  • Launch Quickly

One can get their product out to launch quickly and effectively.

AdFarm screens are placed at different locations throughout the city. Not just that, brands can change and tailor their advertising content every week without any added cost and can run their entire TV commercial on AdFarm's screen in HD quality.

The revenue model of AdFarm is subscription based, like the number of slots booked for a TVC. Small and medium customers are AdFarm's strength. In a short span of 6 months of full-fledged operations, the company has successfully served 500 unique customers of different size.

AdFarm's clientele enlists leading names such as L&T housing, Max lifestyle, Nestaway and others from varied verticals.

The Team

Established in Chennai and Bangalore, AdFarm's team is a family of 20 performance driven professionals possessing the thirst to craft better with their skills. The company possesses an open work culture, free from communication barriers and hierarchy. One is the boss of his own work in the organization.

Milestones Achieved

  • 150 locations in 2 cities
  • 1.2 mn Captive Audience
  • 500 clients in 6 months
  • Successful test run in one international city (New Jersey – USA)

From Founder's desk

"The key to any business is to have the ability to sustain.  We always have to create a plan to continue sustaining during lean times.  Everyone gets hit with a lean time.  Be prepared for it."

Krishnan Naranapatty,

Founder & CEO

Venturing out a new company requires a vision and a passionate soul like Krishnan. He possesses business acumen for building a business with consumer-centric in mind, a firm believer in adding value to the customers and partners which will eventually make the business a successful one, he also invests in selective companies he helps in the building.

He has a Technical background with a Masters degree from a reputed US university in Applied Math and Computer Science.  He had worked at various positions from a software developer to leading teams building products to helping companies build their companies in India.His key strength is in setting up cross-continental operations both in India and in the US. In addition to this, he also enjoys being a mentor for people who work with him including the young colleagues who work with him.

Advice for youth

  • Be the devil's advocate and make sure you have convincing answers for every question that is raised. Get into the business only after you have answered all the obvious devil's advocate questions.
  • Have a model where you can attain profitability without depending on investment from outside.
  • Valuation and investments are the byproducts of adding value to the people in the ecosystem of your business.

Expansion Binge & Journey Ahead

SMEs are the biggest drivers of local business in any part of the world.  Up until now, there is no standardized product available with maximum visibility and at an affordable cost for offline advertising to cater to the SME market.

AdFarm is an ecosystem with different businesses involved playing different roles as an integrated Ad Platform for SMEs. AdFarm's ecosystem is a family of advertisers, location owners and businesses availing AdFarm's technologies.

With the motto of advertising globally and sitting locally, AdFarm envisions to expand its presence in multiple cities in India by tapping 1000 Locations in 12 months, 3000 Locations in 24 Months and  5000 Locations in 36 Months.

The company is also eyeing on its Global expansion in 10 Countries in the upcoming years. The goal is to be the largest and the most valuable player in the world offering Offline Marketing and branding platform for SMEs throughout the world.

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