Are you are planning to start a personal blog or a successful business website to reinvent your brand?

In 2020, amidst the pandemic, while offline businesses have disrupted, the demand of being online has become more clearer and some have learnt it hard way.

The domain name addresses for internet users to access a website on search engines like Google, Bing, and Yahoo. So, in this journey of creating your UNIQUE identity on the World Wide Web that makes you stand out from other competing brands to take your business, skills, or expertise online, here are some to help you find the perfect domain name.



Keep It Simple Yet Remarkable: 

Be it your offline business or online business, branding is essential. So, just like perfect advice for your brand name, the domain name should also be simple and representation of your what your brand engages in. Just like your brand should have more value attached to it than your products that can change according to the market scenario, your website's domain name should also be remarkable.

A Predictable Domain Name Won't Hurt: 

Short, memorable, easy to spell and pronounce domain name using the initial of your brand name rather than your whole brand name like for World Health Organization is a great idea. A predictable domain that showcases your brand in just one or two words will help your audience to share your website via word-of-mouth.

Avoid Numbers And Hyphens: 

Again, while keeping the domain name simple, try to avoid numbers and hyphens. They are generally distractions and are misunderstood. And we are sure you don't want to lose the potential users to not land up on your website due to a stupid hyphen or people who hear about your website to not know if the number is a numeral/character or whether it should be spelt out.

Domain Extension Matters: 

Having mentioned predictable domain name, a domain extension is like "Pvt. Ltd.", "limited", "organisation" etc, basically defining the nature of your website. It does play a significant role in the domain name creation process both for customers and marketing purposes. While it is highly advisable to go with the ".com" domain extension, and most do as well because it is one of the oldest domain extensions and Internet users are generally familiar with this extension.

But Don't Be Stressed If ".Com" Is Taken: 

Even if it is the TLD or Top Level Domain, you don't need to be stressed if you don't find it and there might be a chance you don't need it. Unique domain extensions help you have a clear brand 

image and there are many you can explore like ".net", ".org", ".co", ".edu", ".biz", ".review", ".photography", ".biz", ".me", ".ly", ".website", etc. which are becoming more acceptable.Re

Target Your Geographical Area:

Having mentioned extensions, you can also choose extensions that will be based on your location like ".in" for India and ".ca" for Canada. Research and see if those are available. To be honest, these are best suited for domestic businesses and not a great option, if you are planning to go multi-national and use the same website.

What If The Domain Name Is Taken? Well, there is no option already presented to you where you can choose a different extension for your domain name, not satisfied yet? You can search and be sure that the domain name is not in use (i.e., not connected to an active hosting). If it is not, then you can buy it. Yes, it is common practice for most people to buy a domain name and after that, sell it off. You can use a domain registrar for that.

Don't Overthink: 

If you don't already have a brand name and building an online brand from scratch, you might end up overthinking. Well, engaging the brainpower sometimes be unproductive and time is precious especially on this fast-paced internet world. So, what to do? Get your keywords in place and try to enlist the help of a systematic domain name generator.

Keywords & A Domain Name Generator: 

All you need is to type keywords or phrases related to your business in one of them, and then it will spit out a list of names. If you find yourself wondering what is the logic behind those generated domains? It is okay, you are not under compulsion to choose any of those names. If it makes sense, then proceed with those domain names must have expanded your thinking capacity and get your creative juices on.

Hope you found this guide helpful! Please share if you think that we have missed out any important key factor in the comments section below!

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