Best Investment Advisory Agencies in India

Best Investment Advisory Agencies in India

Best Investment Advisory Agencies in India

Investments might be risky so before you invest you need to be well equipped with information of both investment plans and options because no-one wants to end in an investment which will make them suffer. A simple mistake while investing can cost you your fortune so it is advisable to ask for help from investment advisors who will guide you to make correct financial decisions. In this inconsistent market, there are many options to invest and seeking advice from the experts before investing will be a great support. So here we have listed 5 investment advisor agencies that can help you in making the right decisions.

  1. Bajaj Capital Limited

Bajaj Capital Limited is one of the best investment agencies in India. Their offices are situated in four metro cities of India which are Mumbai, Kolkata, Chennai and New Delhi and their head office is in New Delhi. Their main purpose is to help investors with their investments plans and give them important information to make the right decisions. They also give financial advice while investing in real estate, bonds, company fixed deposit, mutual funds, post office schemes, Portfolio management, pension and IPO's.

  1. B.T.S Investment Advisor Ltd.

B.T. S. Investment Advisors Limited was created when the requirement of capital and the possibility of financial investment increased in India. Main aim of this firm is to be a leader in capital provider in India and their purpose is to provide importance to confidentiality, integrity and fairness to all. Their head office is in Zurich, Switzerland and their Indian office is located in Mumbai. They have already contributed to the growth of various Indian companies by providing them with financial advice.

  1. D.S.P Merrill Lynch Ltd.

D.S. P. Merrill Lynch is a part of one of the most reputed company in the world, Bank of America Corp. It is the most regarded investment advisor agency that helps in capital market and wealth management in India. Its office in India is located in Mumbai city. They also act as major financial advisors for many government organizations, firms, institutions as well as individuals. They are also experts in helping clients in increasing their capital, trading, security research, mergers – acquisitions and sales.

  1. Go 4 Advisory Services

Go 4 Advisory is one of India's leading financial advisory and research agency. This agency is a part of Go 4 group which is located in Ahmadabad. Their main work is stock broking but they are also experts in business understanding and stock information. They provide valuable information and technical analysis according to their clients need. Go 4 is experts in various services like Financial services, Analysis, Real estate, Internet, Broking, FMCG, Picture Film Productions, Automobiles, Plastic Industry, Media and many more.

  1. Kotak Private Equity Group

Kotak Private Equity Group also known as K.P.E.G is a leading financial advisory agency in India. They offer technical support, equity capital and many important services to help their clients. They have both mid-size as well as huge corporations as their clients and they help them at every level. Their main office is in Mumbai and they have won the award for 'Best Performing Equity Broker in India by CNBC financial advisor awards in the year 2008.

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