Houzbay Consulting

Shaping Realty with Big Smiles and an Even Bigger Vision!
Houzbay Consulting

Houzbay Consulting

Shaping Realty with Big Smiles and an Even Bigger Vision!

The organization featured here is known to have amassed a countrywide applause for being a Launch & Strategic Partner for Developers based in Bangalore, India. It is none other than Houzbay Consulting that has been inching towards becoming one of the leading prop-tech companies in the Indian markets.

The duo of co-founders, Boppanna Monnapa and Rayan Munawer shared the exclusive information about their brainchild and this narrative offers deep insight into how Houzbay has been creating an incredible mark in the industry.

We hope it will prove to be a motivation booster to our global readership. Trimming the fat, let’s jump straight into exploring various aspects of the organization’s portfolio-

A brief of the company

Since its inception, Houzbay Consulting has scaled the corporate ladder spectacularly, demonstrating its remarkable capabilities within the Real Estate sector.

The founding team’s objective of revolutionizing traditional home purchasing led them to blend technology with conventional functions, resulting in a seamless experience.

Functioning as a Launch & Strategic Partner for developers, Houzbay now provides comprehensive solutions encompassing design, pricing, and launch strategies. 

Its phenomenal journey took a positive turn when it assumed control over CRM and Operations for Manyata Developers, AMT Ventures & Cornerstone Group, thereby expanding its portfolio.

At present, the team focuses on robust lead generation strategy as well as mandate projects. Houzbay handles Pricing Strategy, Launch Strategy, and actively participates in Construction design before each launch.

Composing a young, dynamic, and professional team of over 60 employees, Houzbay is committed to delivering sales numbers at the developer’s right price while ensuring the best-in- class experience for its esteemed clients.

The company’s current strength lies in project launch strategy generating high-quality leads via digital marketing, branding, channel partner management, and successful sales closures.

The unwavering mission

The mission that motivates the team to forge ahead with great zeal is to provide homebuyers with a platform to find their dream homes at the right price, making the home buying process effortless, efficient and explicit. 

No matter what, Houzbay is determined to provide developers with excellent sales results at right prices. This commitment to innovation, transparency, and service, coupled with a lively, youthful, and skilled workforce, positions Houzbay as a highly desirable workplace.

Here, the management is actively encouraged to think outside the box, question established practices, and contribute to the company’s groundbreaking initiatives, creating a dynamic and fulfilling work atmosphere.

The company inspires the developers to adopt green building technologies and practices, and educate customers on the long-term benefits of sustainable living.

While this is a value that Houzbay is already mindful of, it is an area they wish to emphasize more in the future, aligning their business with global sustainability goals.

Cultural principles at a glance

Employee welfare is intertwined with the cultural principles that are fostered at Houzbay. Each employee at the organization propounds to create an environment that encourages innovation, collaboration and respect to each other.

Cultivating creativity and unique perspectives among the workforce allows them to forge ahead with high motivation. The administration highly prioritizes the professional growth of its employees for which several opportunities for learning and development are created in their favor.

Each of the employee’s achievements is recognized as well as celebrated. From facilitating open communication to valuing constructive criticism, a positive environment is ensured by the company at the core level.

Additionally, the leadership panel at Houzbay enunciates on the significance of work- life balance, understanding that happy, well- rested employees are more productive.

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Changing the Skyline of North Bengaluru

“We nurture a culture that is best described as “Innovative,” embodying the company’s commitment to pioneering tech-infused real estate solutions.

We are collaborative in promoting teamwork and shared goals. The culture is always respectful while valuing diverse perspectives and contributions.

Above all, it is growth-oriented as the company believes in the personal and professional development of the employees, encouraging continuous learning and adaptation,” claimed the founders.

As much as the culture at the company is employee-centric, the management also expects high levels of accountability from its employees.

Operates in a collaborative environment, each team member’s contributions impact the overall results. Employees are held responsible for their tasks and the outcomes of their decisions, with clear expectations set from the outset.

Such an approach is truly commendable as it encourages proactive methods and contributes to the overall success of Houzbay.

Inclusion of R&D

Like any other organization that aspires for substantial growth, Research and Development (R&D) is crucial for Houzbay too. Positioning itself as a prop-tech firm, it is mandated for it to stay in alignment with the cutting edge of technology and industry trends.

R&D allows Houzbay to innovate, improve its services, and curate new ways to stay in sync with the customer requirements. Moreover, the process allows the company to anticipate future market trends and adapt them accordingly.

As per the luminaries, “R&D isn’t just about developing new technologies; it’s also about finding better ways to serve clients, streamline operations, and enhance the overall efficiency and the effectiveness of the company. Thus, R&D is not just essential; it’s integral to Houzbay’s mission and vision.”

The leadership mantra

At Houzbay, the administration believes in ‘decentralized leadership’. They state that owing to this, they have successfully guided their teams towards a shared vision, empowering individuals, and fostering a supportive environment that encourages growth and innovation.

None of the leaders claim themselves to be the decision-makers but they believe in mentoring the team members through their professional journeys. 

“Our leadership style can be defined as ‘Transformational.’ We believe in inspiring and motivating our employees to exceed their own individual performance goals and contribute to the company’s mission,”

elucidates the leader.

The future endeavors

A concoction of tech capabilities, diverse services, and more geographical reach is how they have created their future roadmap. Along with this, they are planning to heavily invest in R&D to constantly improve their prop-tech solutions ensuring them to stay ahead of the industry trends while meeting the evolving needs of the clientele.

A heavy focus would be ensured on including better CRM operations while offering comprehensive solutions for developers. 

In the upcoming years, the company converges on including better tech integrations to further streamline and enhance the home buying experience.

Furthermore, they are looking forward to boosting their promise to sustainability, encouraging eco-friendly practices within their operations and projects.

And it goes without saying that delivering exceptional service to the clients and partners while driving innovation in the real estate sector is always under their mission statement.

The proud accomplishments

Within a short span of time, the company has been able to garner nationwide attention. When asked about sharing their most considerable achievements in this extraordinary journey, the duo unveiled, “Over 50% of Houzbay employees have seen a salary hike of 100% in the last 12 months.

In a span of less than 3 years of existence, Houzbay is the largest strategic mandate partner in plotted development with inventory over 8 million sq.ft. Houzbay has sold over 1200 units in the last 1 year.

Another gleaming feather has been added to our cap - we’ve been awarded the prestigious ‘Best Launch & Strategic Partner of the Year

- 2023’ Award by Global Real Estate Brand Awards. This is a testament to the dedication, innovation, and hard work our team puts in every single day.

We are stoked to continue reaching for the stars, pushing boundaries, and setting new records. Your story is our story - let’s continue to write it in gold together.

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