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Leading The Way In Multi-Specialty PR Services In India
Raashi Rohatgi Khan - Director & Media Head - W Five Communication             Pvt. Ltd.

Raashi Rohatgi Khan - Director & Media Head - W Five Communication Pvt. Ltd.

PR firms are crucial for businesses in the highly competitive and diverse Indian business landscape, aiding in maintaining positive relationships with stakeholders and effectively communicating with the target audience.

W Five Communication Pvt. Ltd. is a top PR firm in India known for handling diverse clients in sectors like corporate, retail, real estate, finance, and government institutions.

Raashi Rohatgi Khan, Director & Media Head, and Murtaza Ali Khan, Strategy & Planning Head, have succeeded the company with their brand strategy and Communication, marketing, banking, and finance expertise.

Their leadership has propelled the company to new heights and established it as a leading multi-speciality PR firm in India.

W Five Communication is a go-to multi-speciality PR firm for businesses and individuals seeking comprehensive marketing and communication solutions.

The company’s expertise in creating custom solutions that showcase the individuality of each client has established it as a trusted industry partner, especially during the evolving communication landscape.

Mission & Vision

W Five Communication’s mission is to build brand engagement and establish a strong brand identity resulting in favourable perceptions. They use three critical brand proposition techniques: needs, offer, and Communication, to expand brand awareness online.

Their team designs effective strategies aligned with the client’s business objectives, ensuring message delivery to the target audience. They prioritise client and customer needs and establish meaningful connections driving business growth and success.

Key Leadership At W Five Communication

Raashi Rohatgi Khan, Director & Media Head, W Five Communication Pvt. Ltd.

As the Director & Media Head of W Five Communication, Raashi Rohatgi Khan brings a wealth of knowledge and expertise in communication and media management. Her visionary approach and work ethic cater to client’s needs, leading to strong, long-term relationships with media and clientele.

Raashi’s exceptional skills have been instrumental in successfully launching several high-profile brands in India, including Frazer and Haws, Hugo Boss, Valentino, Body shop, Marks and Spencer’s, Debenhams, Aigner, and more.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Murtaza Ali Khan, Head Of Strategy &amp; Planning, W Five Communication Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>

Murtaza Ali Khan, Head Of Strategy & Planning, W Five Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Murtaza Ali Khan, Head Of Strategy & Planning, W Five Communication Pvt. Ltd.

Murtaza Ali Khan brings over two decades of expertise in PR, marketing, banking, and finance to the table.

His attention to detail and high work ethic consistently result in exceptional outcomes for his clients.

Murtaza has successfully managed and executed projects for a variety of corporate brands and events, including Oriental Bank of Commerce, Punjab National Bank, Crocs shoes, Liberty shoes, A10 Media, Ozone Networks, Cotton Council USA, Preciosa Czech Republic, NDTV Good Times, Merino Group, 28 Black Germany, GAIL, OBC, Bramco Group Bahrain, and many others.

The founders were driven by the lack of owner-driven companies in the market, which left a void in valuable brand communication. They recognised their profound expertise in handling and understanding brand ethos and needs, which led them to venture into their own company.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Raashi Rohatgi Khan - Director &amp; Media Head - W Five Communication             Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>

Providing Tailored Solutions For Diverse Industries And Collaborating With Prominent Brands and Organisations

W Five Communication provides comprehensive company image management, crisis management, media management, and product & marketing communication services.

The firm assists clients with message incorporation and provides consulting services to strengthen their brand. Additionally, W Five builds networks within communication channels to enhance clients’ reach.

The firm also offers comprehensive services like branding, copywriting, and branding to provide comprehensive solutions for its clients.

W Five Communication provides customised services to various industries, including corporate, tech, sports, healthcare, education, real estate, television, hospitality, fashion, lifestyle, retail, art, culture, and entertainment.

The company has managed significant events such as India Japan Hydrogen Seminar, Waterways Conclave 2022, AKAM Mega Show, and PVLF 2023. W Five Communication has partnered with prominent brands such as GAIL,

Blossom Kochhar Group of Companies, Da Milano, NDTV GOODTIMES, FYI Channel, History Channel, F Bar & Lounge, Liberty Shoes, Cotton Council USA, Forever Living, Bridal Asia, Smokey’s BBQ & Grill, Abu Jani-Sandeep Khosla, Asha Gautam, Falguni & Shane Peacock, Soumya Khuranna, Archana Aggarwal, Rangriti, Diwan Sahaeb, Delhi Times Fashion Week, Fashion Design Council of India, Goonj, FICCI FLO, Izhaar Core Designs, and Medanta Hospital Lucknow.

Bridging The Gap Between Brands And Their Target Audience

W Five Communication provides effective marketing strategies and key Communication to help brands build confidence and target customers and stakeholders in the fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape.

The company’s tailored solutions help brands achieve their goals in the dynamic industry dynamics of B2B, B2G, and B2C. W Five’s unique approach lies in its ability to provide structured, need-based, highly effective brand strategy and communication solutions.

Success For W Five Communication: Building Brands That Resonate With Clients’ Vision And Mission

“For our entire team, client satisfaction and gratification matter. One doesn’t halt after building the brand; one has to constantly live with it to nurture the same for unleashing bounds. You become the foundation, and the brand becomes the pillar. If the foundation is strong, the pillars will become stable and potent, which means your inputs resonate with the brand’s vision and mission.” said the Co-founders.

W Five Communication offers a range of services, including company image management, crisis management, media management, and product & marketing Communication.

Its unique brand proposition techniques have earned the company a reputation as a top choice for global brands seeking to expand their presence in India and beyond. With established networks in India, Asia, the Middle East, and America, W Five has seen significant growth.

Consistent Brand Proposition Techniques: The Core Values of W Five Communication

“Our three distinctive brand proposition techniques: needs that lay emphasis on prerequisites of the brand and take off the work further. Secondly, offer where prominence is positioned on the proposition of the brand. And lastly, Communication, the stage where the actual creation begins, is classified as being clear and concise where the receiver’s view plays utmost significance.” as informed by the Co-founders.

Adapting To The Pandemic

The pandemic caused panic among consumer and lifestyle-driven brands, leading some to pause their communication efforts. However, W Five Communication saw an opportunity to encourage more brands to increase communication efforts to avoid a low brand recall.

The pandemic also led to an evolution in W Five’s digital presence and the acquisition of health, wellness, and pandemic-related brands.

Expansion Plans For Future Growth

W Five Communication aims for the top 10 Marketing and PR consultancy brands in 5 years as the industry evolves.

With more companies recognising the need for planned Marketing and PR solutions, W Five is expanding to strengthen its global presence, seeking partnerships and hiring talent locally and internationally.

The company plans to establish more offices in India and Asia and acquire globally-oriented brands.

Advice To Young Entrepreneurs

"Try to uphold personal and professional life at par by spending time with yourself and family, that not only rejuvenates and revives your soul but also pumps in dynamism to confront bigger challenges and attain greater heights in ventures.” emphasise the Co-founders.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Raashi Rohatgi Khan - Director &amp; Media Head - W Five Communication             Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>
<div class="paragraphs"><p>Raashi Rohatgi Khan - Director &amp; Media Head - W Five Communication             Pvt. Ltd.</p></div>

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