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Redefining The Real Estate Sector With An Eccentric Approach To Investments
Somya Chopra

Somya Chopra

Founder, Alpha Edge Infratech

The real estate industry in India is one such sector that’s always on the growth with the rising demands for office space and accommodations, especially in metropolitan cities. As large as the industry, so is the number of players, with a real estate consultant in every nook and corner of the city.

Creating a name for itself with its out-of-the-box solutions is Alpha Edge Infratech, an authorized “Associate Member of NAREDCO, National Real Estate Development Council, Government of India, aims to capture the eccentric approach to redefine the real estate sector with more transparency and integrity, one of the most promising and innovative real estate companies in Delhi NCR.

Adopting a very creative and strategic approach to address the concerns pertaining to investments, the Alpha Edge Infratech team takes pride in being a real estate company where experienced real estate consultants and real estate advisors guide clients to find the most lucrative and profitable ways to invest their money in a highly sustainable manner.

With the rising demand, the cost of real estate is also on the rise portraying it as one of the best assets for investments. However, investing in real estate is not as simple as it seems, with several processes and formalities.

Simplifying the process of investments and prioritising clients’ comfort and preferences, Alpha Edge Infratech provides a common platform to address the concerns of traditional as well as new-age investors all under one roof.

A team of smart, dedicated, and technologically proficient agents and advisors at Alpha Edge not just help clients procure diversification benefits with very low liquidity but also help them sell, buy, or rent effortlessly!

Somya Chopra, Founder, Alpha Edge Infratech

An amalgamation of grit, dedication and perseverance would better define Somya Chopra, the woman behind establishing Alpha Edge Infratech as one of the leading real estate companies.

Backed with more than seven years of experience in the Luxury real estate domain, she possesses the critical insight to connect different verticals in luxury brands with practical and meaningful ways to expand, utilising her strategic approach, creative skills, and impeccable time and team management skills.

Not every day do we get to see entrepreneurs who start their journey to make a change. A change that could actually help solve a real problem for millions of people. Such an entrepreneur is SOMYA CHOPRA.

She has reached the peak of her career by changing the business landscape of real estate in India with her expertise of right knowledge for investors at all verticals.

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Sustainability and Real Estate: Designing a Greener Future

Services Offered By Alpha Edge Infratech

With an aim to establish itself as a Real Estate Company to reckon with in the horde of players in the industry, the Alpha Edge Infratech team is making continual efforts and simultaneously achieving milestones in the direction of enabling smoother and safer investments for the Indian citizens, NRIs, as well as global investors.

For a country like India specifically, where the economy is highly volatile and susceptible to dynamic changes, the expert team at Alpha Edge is surely a boon.

The team is well equipped with the skill set and knowledge to guide every potential client through the entire process of investments in the real estate domain effortlessly! The highly qualified team at Alpha Edge Infratech, including Real Estate agents, advisors and experts having hands-on experience operating in different verticals of real estate with equivalent ease, are adequate enough to solve any industry-related queries.

The team possess diverse expertise with a firm and robust grip on all verticals, including residential properties, commercial spaces, SCO plots (Shop cum Office) space and Industrial properties, hence catering to national as well as international investors in an unparalleled manner.

They have a stronghold and knowledge of the real estate market in the NCR. Alpha Edge Infratech is one of the most promising and competent real estate companies, winning the trust of national as well as international clients by offering exceptional solutions adhering to the trinity of trust, transparency and commitment.

Making A Mark In A Male-dominated Sector

“The future belongs to those who have the capacity to adopt a futuristic vision,” - Somya Chopra.

In her view Challenges are gifts that force us to search for a new centre of gravity. Don’t fight them. Just find a new way to stand. “Her success and determination to make a difference has propelled her onto the global stage, and today she is recognized as a global thought leader”.

For years real estate has been a male-dominated sector. Although the scenarios have changed in the past few years with women foraying the sector and carving their mark, there is still much left to do.

No matter the industry, the journey for a woman entrepreneur is not easy; add a male-dominated sector in the mix, and the challenges increase tenfolds. However, Somya, with her zeal and tenacity, managed to do so, and Alpha Edge Infratech was incepted.

Real estate is a very versatile industry, encompassing multiple opportunities for people who know how to translate threats into opportunities.

Entrepreneurship was always on the cards for Somya. Having expertise and exposure in the domain, she was well aware of the ins and outs of the industry and understood the gap areas well.

With an aim to revolutionise the industry with a digital edge, Somya began her entrepreneurial journey with Alpha Edge Infratech. Possessing the skills and attributes to succeed, and her inclusive style of working, Somya is steering Alpha Edge Infratech towards the heights of success.

Recalling her journey, Somya Chopra shares,

“As a female entrepreneur trying to develop my own niche in the domain of real estate, it has certainly come up with its own set of challenges. To begin with, I have worked really hard to ensure that I can gain credibility with the clientele I engage with. Also, since the trends in this sector keep on changing dynamically, it has been quite challenging to keep up with new emerging new trends. To combat this issue, I’ve always believed in investing in the best human resource; by building a team that is experienced and self-driven, I’ve always delivered to the best of my capacity and have managed to understand the transforming trends quite comprehensively.”

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Residential Real Estate: Understanding the Market, Trends, and Investing

What Separates Alpha Edge Infratech From Its Competitors

Being one of the most lucrative sectors, the number of players in the real estate industry is quite high. In order to separate from the crowd and establish oneself as a leading player, offering distinctive solutions is a necessity.

For the Alpha Edge Infratech team, their biggest differentiator is their inherent understanding of the real estate sector.

At a time when other players in the real estate market focus just on external factors like location advantages and connectivity, Alpha Edge Infratech follows a highly responsible and fair approach with all its stakeholders.

They have come up with a robust solution to address the loophole of information and seamless communication between agencies, sellers, and buyers.

By focusing on the digitisation of the process, they have been optimistically aiming at making the process of investment more convenient and accessible to new-age investors. Operating with full integrity and transparency, Alpha Edge strives to deliver high-quality products and services to all its customers.

With a consistent and continuous endeavor to lead Alpha Edge Infratech, a diversified professional services and investment management company providing expert advice to real estate occupiers, owners and investors, multiple constructive efforts have been made.

The founder Ms Somya Chopra carries with her a diverse and profound experience in multiple verticals such as global occupier services, asset services, investment management, project and development services, capital markets, facility services, valuation and advisory, and real estate, among multiple others, positioning Alpha Edge Infratech way ahead of its contemporaries.

Indeed, it is not without any reason that Ms Somya has been acknowledged and appreciated for her visionary mindset, analytical aptitude and revolutionary expertise in the Real Estate domain time and again.

Milestones And Recognitions

By empowering her clients with the right information about the Real Estate Sector, Ms Somya Chopra intends to revolutionise the Real Estate Sector for good.

Fully identifying the requirements of the Real Estate Industry in Gurgaon, Delhi NCR and finely equipped with the skills to enable the investors to maximise their profits, she is raring to take Alpha Edge Infratech to an unparalleled height of success.

In recognition of her excellence and exemplary performance as a woman entrepreneur, Ms Somya has won several accolades. To name a few,

  • The Real Super Women Award

  • Indian Women Talent Award

  • Top 50 Entrepreneurs of the year 2022

  • The Global Business Tycoon Award of The Year “by Meenakshi Lekhi ji Minister of state for external affairs and culture in India

  • The India Prime Icon Award by FoXCLUES for Top CEO of the year

  • Real Super Women Award by Forever star India awards

  • The Indian Women Talent Award

  • Women of the decade in Innovation & Enterprise

  • Women leadership award for excellence in Real Estate

  • India INC’s Rising women leaders

  • Women in leadership excellence award

  • Young Women Business Achiever

  • Star Performer Awards

  • Iconic Achiever Award

  • Most inspiring women in India award by the Asian literature

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Mission, Vision And values

As the saying goes, “With every good, there is some bad,” the boom in the real estate market in India came with an increased number of fraudsters.

With its transparent approach, Alpha Edge Infratech has the vision to create a healthy environment for investors so that they can feel absolutely comfortable and secure while investing their money in the real estate domain.

The team at Alpha Edge Infratech adheres to the principle of trust in the transparency and works hard to ensure that the investors get the maximum profits with minimum liquidity.

Dedicated wholeheartedly to the cause of making the entire process of owning, selling or investing in properties a convenient, joyous, and profitable experience, the Alpha Edge Infratech team collectively envisage creating smart creators, innovators and entrepreneurs of the future.

Adhering to the core principles of Integrity, Transparency, and Honesty, Alpha Edge Infratech is providing safer investment solutions in the real estate sector.

With a collective belief in optimising output by judicious use of available resources, the team always employs a very organised, strategic, as well as collaborative approach in all its undertakings. Somya is certain that with this approach, Alpha Edge Infratech is going to reach new heights of success in the coming years.

Alpha Edge Infratech Outlook On Industry Scenarios

“The next big trend in the industry is Metaverse, and it is going to change everything for the better!”

- Ms Somya Chopra.

Although the real estate market showcased resilience during the pandemic, the past year turned out to be rewarding for the industry, with a boom in both residential and commercial segments.

Even with market volatility, the industry remained true to investor expectations and showcased rising momentum and positive expectations with increasing income and rising consumer demand.

With the potential of price appreciation and attractive rentals, investments in real estate are ramping up. Indian real estate industry is a lucrative option for investors with a multitude of options. However, the increasing number of frauds has also made them wary.

The team at Alpha Edge Infratech is working in a highly rational manner to ensure that the investors can have a holistic experience of investing and can have a preview of the property at close quarters before putting their hard-earned money into any of the properties.

In the residential aspect, people are moving away from rental spaces vouching more for owning their own houses. Through its rigorous efforts, the Alpha Edge Infratech team ensures that everybody can own the house of their dreams in a budget-friendly manner.

Ms Somya says,

“I am very hopeful about the fact that in the years to come, our company shall expand even further with more NRIs shall be reposing their trust in our services. We are trying through all possible means to be able to cater to a larger number of investors in the times to come.”

Parting Words

Advising young entrepreneurs, Somya Chopra shares,

“You are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem, and smarter than you think.”

there are no shortcuts to success. There will be days when your patience will be tested, but you have to stand strong, remain consistent and work towards the bigger picture.

Building a business is never a sprint but a marathon. Expand your network, connect with like-minded people and don’t be afraid to ask for help. Most importantly, trust the process and your ability to succeed. Don’t be afraid to take risks; take your chances and keep moving forward.

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Residential Real Estate: Understanding the Market, Trends, and Investing

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