Top Organic Food Brands in India

Top Organic Food Brands in India

Top Organic Food Brands in India

Top Organic Food Brands in India

You are what you eat! This is a popular saying.

Food is vital for our life; the food we eat determines our health. That is why we must eat healthy and natural food to make our body function properly. If you eat healthily, then your body will be in good health.


One of the best ways to ensure this is by eating natural and organic food. Organic food is produced without using any artificial chemicals, antibiotics, or hormones. These kinds of foods are not processed through synthetic food additives, irradiation or industrial solvents. Because of it, organic food is considered as safe and good for health.

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Though organic food is beneficial for your health, it is important which organic food brand you should go for as there are plenty of options in the market that make it tough for you to find the best. For your help, you have made a list of some of the best organic food brands in India.

Here we go:

Organic India

Among the best organic food brands in India, Organic India is selling a premium brand of natural-based nourishment. Set up in Lucknow, the brand offers multiple natural and Ayurveda nourishment based products for the solid development of your family.

The company actively works with the provincial ranchers of different rustic towns and handles nourishment things liberated from synthetic substances and composts.

Pure & Sure

Pure & Sure is focused on delivering 100% affirmed organic food items. All the products brought you by the company are sourced directly from ranchers and prepared under rigid quality measures. Presently, Pure & Sure is bringing over 140 items and tries to give a genuine organic encounter on your plate.

Major production of this organic food brand includes ghee, sunflower oil, castor oil, ground oil, coffee powder, etc.


An amazing organic food brand in India, Pro-Nature is a perfect choice for those who are looking for gluten-free food items. It also offers the option of buying your preferred organic food items online.

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Pro-Nature is widely popular for selling the purest form of organic food products that are produced without any use of harmful pesticides and chemicals. Some of the major products you shop from Pro-Nature are honey, pulses, cereals, and more.

Pristine Organics

Another popular in the list of best organic food brands in India, Pristine Organics was established with a vision to transfer science and technology into a socially useful area of food and nutrition. The brand started its unique journey in the year 1992 to use tradition and technology in the dietary habits of everyone.

The food brand is manufacturing organic and nutritional products through different varieties of abundant, diverse crops.

SRG Organic Food

Having ethical and honest food retailers, SRG is successfully offering healthier food choices. It makes sure that people are getting the most nutritious products while decreasing the food miles involved with the food we eat.

When going for the SRG Organic food, you do not need to stress about the quality; SRG foods are of high quality and meet the set standards. It follows virgin land farming, under the foothills of Western Ghats.

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Mantra Organic

Mantra Organic provides nourishments like home-made quality products. It offers a different variety of products from jaggery powder, rock salt, honey, pluses, to various forms of rice, to the customers with a wide scope of nourishment divisions and classifications for the individuals to choose any organic product as indicated by their extraordinary requirements and inclinations.

The products are locked in with the country ranchers to come up with the optimum quality nourishment products directly from the rural lands without any addition of pesticide and synthetic.

Organic Tattva

Based in Delhi, Organic Tattva is one of the leading organic food brands in India. It sells new and characteristic nourishment products that are synthetic-free for customers. It also offers a wide scope of organic grains, pulses, and cereals for all ages with no trade-off in quality or the amount.

The products offered by the brand are natural, regular and completely safe to eat. What makes Organic Tattva people's favourite natural food brand is it guarantees you 100% sound and new regular products?

Last Verdicts

Apart from this rundown of the best organic food brands in India, few other brands are incurring a notable position among people. Sorich Organics, Conscious Food, Wingreens Farms, Jiwa Organic are some of the other top brands that are establishing themselves as serious contenders to the above-mentioned list of popular organic food brands.

We hope you found this list of top organic food brands in India, helpful. Do share the brands you use for organic products in the comment section below. Also, let us know if you have any doubt or question. We will be happy to hear from you.

<div class="paragraphs"><p>Top Organic Food Brands in India</p></div>
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