INDUSTRIAL MODEL – When Biometrics Became Metallic

INDUSTRIAL MODEL – When Biometrics Became Metallic

INDUSTRIAL MODEL – When Biometrics Became Metallic

Demonstrating on how a Biometric Attendance Machine can break the stereotypes of not only being fitted into a Plastic case but in a metallic assembly.

Plastic, a Stereotype for Biometrics:

The world is now well versed with the thought on how a biometric attendance machine would look like. If a person wants to go deep down into the Design & Development part of it, apart from all the electrical and electronic devices, it is majorly being made up of good quality plastic. And that's what we desire for, in terms of outer finish and appearance of a bio-metrically operated attendance machines and access control systems as features are always given preference over the casing.

Why the need for Metallic Casing appeared?

But the conditions are not same everywhere. A light weight plastic made biometric attendance machine can be best suited for Corporate offices with fewer employees and comparatively less wear and tear as compared to big industrial setups, factories, warehouses where a machine will come in contact with Thousands of labors, workers, technicians and many others. It would be difficult for a plastic to bear such amount of load.

Unskilled labors are not familiar with such equipments and training needs to be given to use such machines but results won't be satisfactory as deformity will definitely appear in the machine. Next problem arises with the environmental conditions of such places as manufacturing units are comparatively hotter, moist and unpleasant. On the other hand a machine would come in contact with labor's dirty, greezy or wet hands or fingers making the machine more prone to defects and UN-functionality. So the question here is,

  •  What can be used instead of Plastic?
  • What can be more strength-full with decent looks along with outstanding performance?

  Answer can be simple, to use any metallic substance for casing of biometric machines but the next obstacle will be the Design & Development facility with which it can be designed, manufactured and assembled. This can only be implemented by an Indian manufacturer with in-house Research & Development team and facilities. Next struggle is with the user friendly approach of the machine which should help the unskilled employees to mark the attendance easily.

  • Symbols to show where to punch the attendance through finger or card in National or Native language can be the finest idea for labors
  • Visual confirmation through Red/Green indicators can act as an add on for surety
  • Audible confirmation in National/Native language can mark the final satisfaction for attendance

When Performance Met Toughness:

What we desire here is a biometric machine with commendable strength which can come with strong Cast Iron metal cabinet, admirably fabricated, powder coated or painted to perfection to hold a biometric algorithm inside. The sole purpose of such heavy casing would be:

  • To withstand heavy load of groups of unskilled workers while attendance marking
  • Ability to bear external forces, jerks and unwanted accidents to protect the biometric data
  • To resist challenging environmental and surrounding conditions without affecting a machine's performance
  • User friendly machines for hassle free and convenient attendance punching for unskilled workforce

Looking at the other end, an industrial model should not compromise on the performance as retaining data of such big groups working in double shifts, different patterns of overtime, lunch breaks and uneven clock ins & outs will be a big challenge. Data hampering at this time can cause serious issues with salary processing and calculations.

Keeping in mind about the strength and shift duration in big setups, beneficial nature of a machine may be:

  • Decent finger template storage ranging between 2,000 to 10,000. however considering the fact that workers can be more then this, demand for template storage may rise by 20 to 25,000
  • Competent attendance data recording capacity
  • Options for both fingerprint and smart card punch can play a significant role here as to avoid direct contact of dusty fingers
  • A strong processor to organize all the data and punching process
  • Large indicators to display weather attendance has been marked or not
  • A note in native or national language explaining where to punch the card or finger to mark the attendance

If Metal is the Future?

A survey was conducted in the industrial area on how the attendance process takes place in the manufacturing units, most of the officials informed that they still follow the manual methods for attendance which consumes a considerable amount of time in calculation. If asked to opt for a biometric machine, identical problems which are mentioned were expressed by them.

Not only Big Setups but Corporate offices too have started opting for Industrial models as durability with optimum performance always stands first and that too when it comes with elegant finish and dependable material. In-house manufacturing, Research & Development, After Sales Services makes us believe that the product bought would be an absolute satisfaction .

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