Mansher Singh Growar - Founder & CEO - BHEJO Logistics PVT. LTD.

Mansher Singh Growar - Founder & CEO - BHEJO Logistics PVT. LTD.

Mansher Singh Growar - Founder & CEO - BHEJO Logistics PVT. LTD.

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A brief overview of your company and the industry in which you operate

BHEJO is a derivation of the Sanskrit word which means to send or deliver, which we embody in our daily workflow and culture. BHEJO is firm dedicated to solving the various challenges in society and help serve our customers better by delivering exceptional solutions with unmatched quality.

This reflects in our products like our app that has numerous services to help our customers with their daily tasks ranging from Food/Grocery Delivery all the way to cutting edge Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning powered Vulnerable point detection systems that we are offering to cities around globe to curb unwanted activities. Innovation is in our blood and reflects in the efforts we are putting to develop Autonomous Drones for delivery and Augmented Reality based training systems to help train and up-skill professionals better.

Tell us about yourself and your professional experience.

A trailblazing entrepreneur with a background in aerospace engineering from Singapore, I have exhibited exceptional innovation and transformative influence across various domains. After studying my engineering from University of Bradford UK (Singapore Campus) with Hons, I jumped into the Finance Sector, working with Giants like MoneyGram and Western Union understanding the economics of business and world economy that would further help me in building my Startup; that would further help millions during the pandemic! Amid the unprecedented challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, I founded the groundbreaking startup app BHEJO (Big Haul Enterprise Joint Orientation), which seamlessly delivered essential commodities to doorsteps using never seen before AI based cloud logistics that strategically unified an almost impossible delivery workflow, showcasing an innate ability to identify and solve critical societal issues with technological solutions. With its derivation from Sanskrit, BHEJO means to send, and I firmly take that meaning to the next level by delivering the best solutions possible that can uplift society and make this planet a better place!

Venturing further, I harnessed my expertise in technology integration and took BHEJO to lead in the domain of smart city solutions, masterfully utilising artificial intelligence to uplift societies. Notably, my instrumental role in deploying the Garbage Vulnerable Point (GVP) Detection system invented by me and implemented in cities; has significantly mitigated illegal dumping, underscoring my commitment to fostering cleaner and more sustainable cities. Moreover, my dedication to education and innovation is palpable through the official collaboration with PEC University and BHEJO, developing and researching on drone technology in their multi-million-dollar Siemens Lab with BHEJO being the only third company in the whole of the country to have signed this mutually exclusive contract with the institution. This role also includes mentorship by guiding final-year students in research on drones and anti-drone systems, I actively contribute to the advancement of aerospace engineering, while also shaping the next generation of innovators.

My perseverance in technology innovation has led to pioneering work in augmented reality-based flight training systems AARCS/AARMS (Airborne Augmented Reality Mission Simulator). This groundbreaking technology is focused at helping pilots train mid-air with realistic mission scenarios projected to their helmet visors. This makes training far realistic, safer and fuel efficient than current conventional methods. Our solution is also extended to a collaboration with AGS France, revolutionizing Formula 1 driver training. With an internally developed AR Helmet, it offers an immersive, realistic, and safe track simulation, setting a new standard in training that redefines safety and providing an edge to drivers crucial in the race for perfection.

Our CSR journey has led us to create a virtual marketplace for easing the Carbon Credit Trading space, developing a blockchain system for companies to easily and reliably trade the credits making it more accessible for MNC’s to connect with Local Environmental Projects that are Carbon Positive. The journey so far with BHEJO, since its inception in 2020 has been self-funded, being profitable from day one and generating employment and support for our hardworking employees. With the future goals and growth in the AR sector, we are planning a series A round of 70 million dollars to fund further research into Micro Projection technology to support our future endeavours.An avid aviation enthusiast myself, I am pursuing flying at the Santa Monica Airport with Mom and Grandfather both being pilots, while simultaneously producing for prominent artists in LA and DJing occasionally in clubs at Venice and West Hollywood. I have also been playing classical piano since the age of 7 and play the occasional drums live for a few international bands. Beyond this, I maintain an active presence in the sport of kings, playing polo at the esteemed Singapore Polo Club.

What inspired you to start your company, and how did you get your start?

Mansher started the company in 2020 when he was 26 years old. He explains, “While in Singapore in 2015, my mom was flying overseas and when she reached the airport, she realized she had forgotten her passport at home, hence I had to run all the way back and get it for her, this gave me the idea to have a delivery solution app that would help people get their items delivered ASAP and hence the birth of BHEJO came into place, and this was way before there were apps in the market for delivery.” The original name of the app was Duber, inspired as the uber for delivery but eventually the word BHEJO gave more weight to our vision and fulfilled all the values we wanted to incorporate into our final solution.

What are your company’s core services/products which add value to the target clientele?

Hyperlocal App and Technology solutions.

What business problem does your company hope to solve with its solutions and offerings?

We hope to build an eco-system of unmatched service through Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that helps generate employment and also serves society better. Using innovation and technology, we aim to bridge the gap in the economy and strive to be a productive part of the envisioned utopian society.

What sets your company apart from others in the industry?

Our unique solutions like drone delivery and AI ML based algorithms help provide unique pathways to complete tasks like none other. The solutions we provide to our customers are first used and tested within our organisation such as workforce management and video analytics to classify delivery objects so that what we use ourselves in the company is the same pristine well-developed product we offer to our clients.

How would you describe the company culture at your organisation?

We are a company that believes in constant skill development and inclusiveness that helps our team always stay on top of the game and ahead of the competition.

How would you define success for the firm? What are the recognitions and milestones it has earned since its founding?

Delivering over a million customers during the pandemic.

Providing critical logistics solutions to major brands across the globe.

Being awarded contracts for AI based Vulnerable point detection systems.

In this journey, what were the failures and challenges you and your team rebounded and learned from?

Learning is ongoing process at BHEJO, during the pandemic we learnt a lot through serving highly critical tasks and facing constant challenges on all fronts. Our experience has taught us the method of correct approach and value of preparation.

Given the recent challenging economic conditions, how did your company successfully navigate and adapt to these circumstances?

By adapting to remote work and up skill our staff to manage multiple mission critical roles we have managed to maintain our workforce while not compromising on the quality of our service, Rather improving and growing it continuously.

What recent technological advancements has your company embraced, and how have these advancements positively impacted your operations, products, or services?

We have been working with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for many years and with the recent developments and hardware capabilities we have made this available to more of our clients helping them leverage the benefits of automation and achieve their targets quicker. Our company has partnered with Siemens Centre of excellence to develop autonomous drones serve critical time sensitive tasks being one of the only companies in India to take on this endeavor with real life results such as vaccine delivery drones and many more. Our team is focused on leveraging Virtual and Augmented Reality to help F1, Aviation Medical Surgery training better. We also aim to make the final frontier of space more accessible to the masses by developing economical exploration methods for scientific and business prospects.

From a leader’s perspective, what are the most notable recent trends and advancements that have significantly impacted your sector, and how has your company responded or capitalized on these changes?

Autonomous Robots are filling the cities catering to the massive demand in hyperlocal on demand services. This will change the game on how we operate and also how quickly we can upscale our services. But like all innovations it also has drawbacks on employment which need to be considered.

What is the most important thing you’re working on right now, and how are you making it happen?

Providing Smart Cities with Artificial Intelligence Based Camera Detection Systems to help them keep the cities greener and safer. Our system used precision video analytics that helps detect unwanted activities and informs the relevant authorities accordingly. Developed fully in house illegal Garbage Dumping detection algorithm using OpenCV programming architecture is India’s first ever to be implemented in Chandigarh.

How do you envision your company’s future and its impact on the industry? Where do you see your company five years down the line?

We are looking at improving our current solutions but also expanding our on-demand services through drone and autonomous robots to meet the ever-growing demand of our customers. We also hope to further venture into the F1 and Aviation space by providing full scale Augmented Reality Training solutions developed fully inhouse by us.

What advice would you give to aspiring entrepreneurs or professionals looking to enter the industry?

Consistency is the key to the game. Despite failure and roadblocks success comes only through unrelenting consistent efforts.

Anything else you would like to share or any insights you would like to provide about your organisation

BHEJO also stand for Big Haul Enterprise Joint Orientation.

Mission, Vision and Core Values: We are a tech driven firm focusing on delivering tailored solutions for our clients and society.

Founded: Founded in February 2020 right before the Covid Lockdown. Played a crucial role in delivering essential commodities during the pandemic helping the local governments and businesses.

Investors: Self-Funded

Revenue Model: The hyperlocal app that caters to millions across India along with catering to state-of-the-art tech solutions to our individual cliental.

Clientele (total number and the name of a few, if possible): Over a million customers and more than 500 individual clients served since 2020.

Mainly DHL Blue Dart, MoneyGram, Stratagile, Siemens Centre of Excellence PEC, Blackstone Group, Godfrey Phillips and their brand 24 SEVEN, KFC, Graviss Foods and their brand Baskin Robbins, Smartbike, Nikfisk, Chandigarh Smart City, AGS Formule 1 France.

Employee Count: 250+

Offices: Singapore, 9 battery Rd Los Angeles, Downtown Dubai, Business Bay Chandigarh, Sector 17 Delhi & Mumbai Kazakhstan, Almaty France, Nice

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