Unikove Technologies

The 2008 Founded Niche Player in Mobile Application Development
Mr Jasmeet Singh Batra, CEO & Founder, Unikove Technologies
Mr Jasmeet Singh Batra, CEO & Founder, Unikove Technologies

Unikove Technologies, the 2008 Founded Niche Player in Mobile Application Development

“I feel ecstatic on this huge acknowledgement by CEO Magazine, it’s like all these years of ups and downs of running a business, and the fantastic work performed by everyone in the Unikove family has finally paid off,”

Mr Jasmeet Singh Batra, CEO & Founder, Unikove Technologies

Jasmeet Singh Batra is the man behind, Unikove Technologies, a venture incepted in 2008 at the beginning of the mobile app era and an established leader in the mobile application development industry today. Unikove Technologies is a global custom software development company bringing to the table more than a decade of experience in areas of enterprise mobile app development, integrated web solutions and software product engineering.

Navigating with a consultative-driven approach to building an end-to-end technology solution, they are guided by the technical digital experience. They are driven by a focus on usability and visual design (UX & UI) along with the deep-rooted expertise in technologies; the core of several award-winning webs and mobile solutions in the B2C and B2B segments.

Having worked with distinct clients across verticals such as publishing, education, automobile, health & pharmaceutical, fintech, retail, logistics, real estate to name a few, Unikove Technologies can leverage cross-industry insights to create innovative solutions for an increasingly demanding digital audience. They also have accumulated experience working extensively with start-ups. This has been followed by the creation of state-of-the-art digital products that have won accolades in their respective verticals.

Speaking of start-ups, Jasmeet also works with start-ups and Enterprises as a Technical Advisor to guide them through different aspects of a product’s life cycle: requirement management, product design, user experience, development, data analysis, etc. While his specialities include Business Strategy, Offshore Delivery Excellence, Solution Architect, Multi-domain expertise spanning Publishing & Education, FMCG and fintech.

From Jasmeet’s Desk

“Having spent more than 13 years in Corporate IT with Tata Infotech & HCL, I had gathered extensive experience in creating business strategies, managing, and establishing large teams in offshore delivery models and building strong client relationships.

In 2008, there was a shift in the technology industry with the birth of the new era of smartphones/tablets. Being always passionate about new technologies, I wanted to be part of this cutting-edge paradigm shift to Smartphones, which were soon to take over the complete digital space in a whole new way. This, coupled with the need to feel the gap of building solutions with really intuitive, elegant but simple UI/UX – gave birth to Unikove Technologies and my entrepreneurial journey began,” penned Jasmeet Singh Batra.

In an exclusive conversation, Jasmeet talked about several aspects of his venture, Unikove Technologies. Edited excerpts:

TCM: Enlighten us in detail about your distinct services and products.

Jasmeet: Since the past decade, our services focus on transforming our customer’s thoughts into well-engineered Mobile and Web solutions; through our integrated design and technology process. Our key service offerings include:

Web Platforms - We provide full-stack expertise on all major technology stacks and build device-agnostic solutions.

Mobile Apps - A forerunner in mobile app development; we build apps that are interactive & sustainable.

Visual Experience Design - We understand the 'science' behind user behaviour & create aesthetically appealing experiences.

Enterprise Solution - Our experience as a diversified provider has enabled us to build success stories in the web and mobile enterprise segment.

Internet of Things - We transform business needs into differentiators through our innovative IoT solutions.

Artificial Intelligence - We have created solutions that simulate human intelligence and converts data effectively to leverage businesses.

Resource Augmentation - We provide on-demand skills & resources to our clients with complete flexibility, enabling them to scale up and down.

TCM: Was acceptance a challenge while incepting. Take us through your hurdles in your journey?

Jasmeet: Entrepreneurship is like a game of chess. Play every move with a lot of thought. It is never a smooth ride. It comes with its challenges. For me, it was my passion and belief in Unikove Technologies that helped me overcome the hurdles. Being self-funded was a huge hurdle during the growth phase of the company.

There was a conscious decision not to go ahead with funding and I am glad that we managed to cross the bridge by focusing on lesser clients but the quality of work. This helped in the sustainability of clients. Technology is ever fast changing. So, keeping abreast with the latest and thinking ahead of time so that competition doesn’t take away business was a huge challenge. To overcome the same, we created internal training programs and always had a pool of resources who could adapt to change.

One of the most significant challenges we face today being at the forefront in our niche is retaining talent, being a resources industry. For me, my people are my strength and to keep them engaged and happy is always a challenge.

TCM: What according to you is your biggest USP?

Jasmeet: Our biggest USP is our extensive experience in both the web and mobile industry, coupled with deep domain knowledge. The combination of in-house UX/UI and technology, with 360-degree solutions, has always been our winning streak.

TCM: What motivates you as a leader? And how do you keep your team driven?

Jasmeet: The key is to love what you do. And my role in Unikove Technologies is what I adore. I believe, it is the biggest motivating factor for me. I robustly believe that morale is just as important as the actual work. As a leader, I believe that my job is not to guide my team to our goals but also to inspire.

Teaching and inspiring my team about gracious professionalism helps them with any adversities that they may face. My team is a bunch of happy, highly motivated, and determined individuals. I believe a leader’s job is like that of a compass. Most leaders and CEO’s have their own office, they stay away from the actual work, and I believe that creates a professional hierarchy.

I want my team to believe that their job is just as important as mine because it is and that is why I choose to sit with my team, this creates a closer bond between my team, and I have found that it boosts productivity and morale.

TCM: What are some of the key technological transformations in your space, especially post-pandemic?

Jasmeet: The pandemic has taught us to think and work differently. It has brought about a transformation in all spheres in our industry. The use of technology has been adapted in all human interaction spaces with success. As well as with managing productivity. There is increased use of tools across various functions including communication, reporting, productivity, to name a few.

TCM: What are the awards and milestones that you are most proud of?

Jasmeet: Expanding our wings to the UK and setting up the London office in 2019 has been a huge milestone we have reached. The shift of moving international, working with the UK and European markets has been extremely rewarding for the company’s growth, which I view as our biggest award/milestone. We have also been listed in the Most Promising IT Company this year, which I owe to my team.

TCM: How would you define success? Is there a secret mantra to success?

Jasmeet: Success is something that is celebrated at Unikove Technologies. In our 13 years of existence, we have seen our fair share of success. We see success in the smallest and biggest things and both are appreciated and recognised equally.

Through passion, hard work, and determination anything and everything is possible. This is the only success mantra at Unikove Technologies, these are values that we have built into our core.

TCM: Could you talk about your company’s business performance through 2020, key learnings, and your expansion plan for 2021?

Jasmeet: We saw exponential growth in 2020 as the business dynamic took a turn during the pandemic. We were part of industries that enjoyed the positive impact. We grew substantially on both our top line and bottom line and are focusing on enterprise clients and working with European geographies to cater to the demand for technology adaptation in the business processes.

“Follow your dream and don’t stop to think but be conscious. If you have humility, passion and a drive for hard work, nothing is impossible,”

Jasmeet Singh Batra

Mr Jasmeet Singh Batra, CEO & Founder, Unikove Technologies
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Mr Jasmeet Singh Batra, CEO & Founder, Unikove Technologies
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Mr Jasmeet Singh Batra, CEO & Founder, Unikove Technologies
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