Dot Com Infoway

Building and Marketing Applications to Help Your Business Flourish Online
Dot Com Infoway

Dot Com Infoway

Building and Marketing Applications to Help Your Business Flourish Online

Dot Com Infoway: Building and Marketing Applications to Help Your Business Flourish Online

Digitalization has created scope for businesses to grow better than ever. In the past two decades especially, the internet has uplifted many offline businesses and bought into existence successful online start-ups.

To survive the competition today, having a website along with a mobile application and maintaining them with digital marketing is essential and is made possible with the IT solutions companies like Dot Com Infoway (DCI). Set up in the mid-nineties, they bridge the gap between technology seekers and enablers to be a one-stop solution for all IT-related queries.

Vast Array of Services

DCI offers a vast array of services to its customers from web and mobile development to digital marketing services including SEO and social media marketing. It specializes in offering end-to-end services to its clients from its offices in India, Australia, and the USA.  DCI's client base includes start-ups, mid-sized businesses, and large organizations across India and abroad.

Company Philosophy and Value-Added Approach

DCI believes in managing all the aspects of product development and marketing to be performed in-house. This practice is essential in controlling the quality of their products and services while ensuring the privacy of their clients' business ideas and sensitive details.

With such philosophy, DCI has managed to maintain a diverse and ongoing list of multilingual and global client base including the giants such as Amazon, Sony Music, Voonik, IPL and Helo along with several other start-ups.

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Before sales charts and profit tables, DCI believes in delivering unmatched customer experience. To ensure relevant value-added services, they focus on creating internal capabilities through training and skill enhancement programs for their employees.

Great customer experience and empathetic customer service are the most essential elements contributing to the success of their company.

The Team at DCI

For any business to be successful, a strong foundation of hardworking and motivated team is essential.  Dot Com Infoway, is essentially in the supervision of Venkatesh C.R., MD-CEO, an entrepreneur with a distinct passion for taking businesses to great heights, a Mechanical Engineer from Anna University who adores technologies, gadgets, and games.

He has gathered an exceptionally agile team updated with new technologies, skills and business formats making them the most significant USP of the company. To retain its dominant market position with their skilled employees, numerous employee engagement programs are regularly conducted by the company.

Milestones and Achievements

The journey of over two decades has been full of milestones and achievements for DCI. In the past year, the company has developed various successful applications including DMK, HIPSTO, Smartspot, Clubjumbo, and Healthinary.

Today, they are proud of the trust that is invested by their clients in their services. The success that DCI has gained is recognized by various global agencies. These are some facilitations DCI was honored within 2018; #1 Global Apps Marketing Leaders Matrix – Clutch, Top App Marketing Company – The Manifest, Top Mobile, and Blockchain App Development Company 2018 – IT Firms, and Top App Store Optimization Agency 2018 – Business of Apps.

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Future Area of Expansion

DCI currently has 100+ experts in various IT functions including web and app developers, social media marketers, mobile tech specialists, marketing strategists, etc. From the technology perspective, they are currently expanding their repertoire with an on-demand mobile platform, a mobile app platform for clubs and organizations, blockchain, AI and IoT application development. The future goal for DCI is to be in the list of World's Top 50 IT Solutions Companies, by 2020.

To remain relevant and agile, they are working on various emerging technologies that are slated to transform several aspects of human life like AI and IoT. For application development, iOS and android both platforms have their unique benefits; however, DCI has noticed that it is economical and swifter to build an application using iOS.

Advice from Pioneers

Venkatesh believes every successful business starts with an idea, but not every idea leads to a successful Business. Therefore market research is essential to validate the value of any business idea.

The aim should be clear, to plug a gap in the market. With a clear idea of what kind of apps one wants to build, the market they are targeting and how they are going to find funding, they can achieve the deserving success.

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