Unleashing the Logistic Industry with a refreshment of technology: AxesTrack

Coalescing the philosophy of creating own roadmaps with a burning desire to disrupt the logistics segment through unparalleled technology advancements, a flock of Strong willed, pro-active minds assembled their passion together to plunge into the entrepreneurial world four years back.

What was started as a brand dedicated to cater simple and standard GPS tracking solutions for all types of vehicle users, stands today as a pioneer deploying sui generis Fleet Management and Location Analytics services across 300+ cities globally to leading giants like Honda Motorcycles, Suzuki, Amazon, Ultratech Cement, Wonder Cement, JK Cement, Aditya Birla(Birla carbon) Delhivery, Indian Oil, Pernod Ricard, Piramal Glass, Allied Blenders & Distillers, OLA, TVS, Blackbuck, just to name a few.

With 40% quarterly growth and enrolling more than 1.3 Lac vehicles, this brand needs no introduction. Proficient in providing valuable solutions, AxesTrack has established its niche as one of the most trusted GPS based Fleet Management Solutions boasting of a large group of highly satisfied customers. Uncompromising on Quality & Performance, AxesTrack has been setting benchmarks and revamping the transportation industry with its class-apart solutions and customer support initiatives.

With an exceptional command for executing in the shortest turnaround time with operational excellence, AxesTrack enjoys vast experience in executing projects across a variety of clients and model developed by a talented and adept Fleet managers often look for a solution that can deliver real-time information on vehicle and alerts in order to respond instantly to critical or unplanned situations and avoid possible financial losses or damage to vehicle.

A turn-key solution provider, AxesTrack's platform assists the fleet managers to gain deeper insights via analytics to improve productivity and to manage the fleet more efficiently leading to optimum fleet utilization. It furnishes real-time and historical data of vehicles, fuel consumption, driving behavior such as over speeding, idle engine alarm, and engine fault code recording etc.

AxesTrack's Journey from a 'startup' to a 'brand'

The Fleet Management in India too has found its touch in the evolving technology while transforming itself more digitally with several advancements. Serving as a great help for individual vehicle drivers or managing the entire caravan with ease while keeping a track of their trucks' whereabouts, the fleet management industry houses multiple stakeholders with each of them playing a critical role in the supply chain's success. 

Fleet Managers have the unenviable task of running a fleet of vehicles at optimum productivity and keep each of the stakeholders happy. Yet the bottlenecks including high operational costs, depriving customers of quality services due to late deliveries leave many fleet owners end up over-stretched and unable to fulfill their duties.

For long-haul businesses, managing fleet is the focal point. Even though the market is flooded with many fleet management solutions, a user still finds it difficult to get a tailor-made solution. AxesTrack provides a complete and comprehensive 'professional' Fleet management solution designed to put an end to all the worries. The organization understands that managing large fleets is not a cake walk.

And that's why the organization does not provide but design efficient and customized robust solutions, keeping in mind the requisites of managing large fleets such as usability, reliability, integrity, security, scalability, maintainability and the ability to evolve with technology. Acclaimed as one of industry's best, AxesTrack's solutions will help the clients to get optimized fleet performance and hence increase your returns.

AxesTrack has been successfully deploying its expertise for logistics industry which has not only improved the efficiency of operations for operators but has managed to keep the things aligned as well with a variety of modules and finely designed solutions at disposal. CEO & Co-founder shares the initial days of AxesTrack's journey, "As our solutions and services were marketed, we understood that the acutest need of sophisticated tracking and location analytics solutions was in the logistics space.

We worked hard and gave it all we had. Today, we can boast about our firmed proficiency in handling varied industries like 3PL, Metal, Cement, construction, Automotive, FMCG, Steel cab services, cable and telecom, heavy machinery, schools, to start the list with our distinctively crafted solutions, viz. Logistics solutions, Supply Chain Management solutions, Open Market Fleet Monitoring solutions, have proved to be a big hit among our clients."

Waiving off the clutches of challenges in the Logistics space

AxesTrack's flagship product is a complete and comprehensive 'professional' Fleet Management Solution. It is a unified web and mobile platform to manage and monitor any Logistics operation that is integrated with the customer's ERP and any plant automation systems to provide a comprehensive and seamless flow of information across all internal and external stakeholders.

It provides different dashboards and tools to suit the relevant needs of different stakeholders across the organization hierarchy. With multiple modules ranging from Planning, Operations, Traffic, Finance and Analysis, the solution touches upon different functions of the client's organization. Each module is self-sufficient and yet integrated into each other creating a very flexible architecture that allows us to customize the solution to include client-specific functionalities.

The multi-functional solution can be easily tailored and applied to industries and vehicle types. AxesTrack's gamut of solutions helps in the management of logistics operations, passenger transportation, fleet management, supply & distribution as well as pickup and drop services.

With its consultative approach towards solution development, AxesTrack manages logistics operations catering to multiple types of stakeholders by fanning out handcrafted solutions in the distinct modules ranging from Planning, Operations, Traffic, Finance and Analysis. Bringing in the uniqueness of flexible architecture, the multi-functional solution can be easily tailored and applied across industries and vehicle types.

AxesTrack's GPS Based Fleet Management Solution is the spot-on answer to a simple question- "where are my vehicles?"

AxesTrack's fleet management dashboard assembles data from the live tracking of clients' vehicles and delivers it through reports and statistics that will massively reduce the amount of paperwork Fleet Managers have to do to –to focus on managing their fleet's efficiency. Enabling driver productivity is the main focus for fleet managers. Solutions like GPS Tracker, helps drivers operate in the most efficient manner.

There are additional time-saving benefits with other technology options, like geofencing and live tracking, so drivers can spend less time on tactical phone calls and give their full attention to the road. Also, in the dearth of any vehicle tracking & route monitoring, it's extremely intricate to see the route drivers are taking during the trips.

There may be problem areas and patterns that can materialize with the kind of data AxesTrack's GPS fleet tracking solutions can provide under one hat to improve the efficiency of drivers' journeys. Often it becomes impossible to track down the cause of delays in delivery of consignments due to unscheduled or long halts by drivers. AxesTrack's Driver monitoring solutions allow fleet managers to determine which of their drivers are and aren't operating in line with the standards and measures.

Another star: AxesTrack's Fuel Pay card

Planning, budgeting, and mitigating the variable cost of fuel turn out to be a daunting task for fleet managers. Sometimes, Fraud management and fuel management security also affect the fuel efficiency. AxesTrack comes to the rescue of fleet managers with its Fuel Pay card, providing alluring cash backs to avoid tone down fuel price volatility to a great extent. The product will hit the floor soon.

Together, these solutions are an integral part of a solid logistics management system, emphasizing the importance of tracking for customer service excellence and end-user consignment delivery. Being a customer-centric company, AxesTrack continues to render a state of the art GPS based Fleet Management Solution that strengthens logistics performance by reducing fuel costs and ensures timely delivery of goods.

AxesTrack's technology prowess blended with its creativity strategy definitely provides an edge to the fleet managers in increasing productivity and diminishing cost. AxesTrack's Fleet management solution diagnoses the pain points in fleet management spectrum for its clients, collects the data to treat them and makes their fleet a more profitable, less painful.

Synonym for transformation

"We have already deep dived into analytics for some of our clients displaying insightful trends for Plant, State and Corporate logistics separately and accurately."

Here's what contributes to the uniqueness of India's Largest GPS Company with the best price to performance ratio in the GPS Industry:

  • Backed by a strong management team of IIT's and IIM's alumni
  • AxesTrack's founders come from an analytical background, which is well reflected in the company's ideology. AxesTrack uses its analytical skills to design insightful reports across all verticals
  • The consulting approach focused to design solutions rather than selling them, which has helped AxesTrack tremendously in identifying technology deficient areas across various verticals
  • AxesTrack's flexible architecture allowing a high degree of customization in workflows, algorithms, dashboards and reports, thus allowing for tailored solutions for different clients
  • Footprints covering more than 300+ cities across the globe with serving clients over are served in over 120+ locations
  • Devoting considerable resources for the storage, management, and analysis of big data, with data as the answer to complex industrial problems.

AxesTrack's Chronoscope

 Awards & Accolades

  • Company of the year in GPS Fleet Management Solutions 2016
  • Featured on Business Talk in A&S India Magazine, November 2016
  • Honored among the 10 best fleet management service providers by Industry Era 2017
  • Awarded Best IOT service provider to the logistics industry at CNBC Global Logistics Summit, 2018

The Trio spearheading AxesTrack towards new heights


Rahul Yadav is the Founder and the pivotal driving force behind Axestrack. He is instrumental in transforming the company from 'young start-up' to an admired 'brand'. Rahul earned his B tech from IIT Bombay and MBA from HEC Paris. Serving as the Director, Rahul is responsible for directing the global operations, commercial activities, financial management and strategic development of the business across a wide range of products and software solutions. With over a decade of considerable entrepreneurial experience, he is focused to take Axestrack to new heights.


Jagmeet is our CEO. An Automobile Engineer, Stanford business graduate, global leader, he is a tech-enthusiast with a business bent of mind. He was Partner of Cognizant's digital business consulting, R&D engineer with Reva-India's First electric car and a growth leader with Infosys Consulting. With 15+ international publications, 3IPs, multiple awards of excellence, he brings with him an immense global automotive industry experience in driving Customer Value. A happy-go-lucky personality, author, blogger, and with the down-to-earth attitude, he considers himself as a practitioner and a firm believer in Customer Empathy.

Future Ahead

Ever since its establishment in 2014, AxesTrack's focus has always been to develop tailored solutions for challenges and problem areas for its clients. By following the same maxim of building solutions to problems, the organization stands confidently to become a premier provider of technology, automation and analytics services to logistics operations across industry verticals.

In-line with its mission to continue building technology-driven solutions to aid every stakeholder in the value chain of the logistics industry, AxesTrack aims to build more solutions for the fleet owners and managers expanding their technology ecosystem.

Combining the power of cutting-edge technology and IOT with exhaustive analytics, AxesTrack's team aims to straddle the entire logistics ecosystem and play a key role in the digital transformation of the supply chain.

AxesTrack hopes to continue its stellar work in building solutions for manufacturers and fleet users and expanding its presence among industries it operates in, while simultaneously expanding its packages to serve newer industries and expand its footprint. AxesTrack will continue to strive to push the boundaries of technology implementation in the logistics space.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email: onlinead@theceo.in

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