CADFEM India: Nurturing MarketLeaders with Digital Simulation

CADFEM India: Nurturing MarketLeaders with Digital Simulation

CADFEM India: Nurturing MarketLeaders with Digital Simulation

Engineering Simulation opens up a huge range of possibilities for product companies – it helps them develop ground-breaking innovations, set new standards in product quality, cut costs and development time, and bring their products faster to market. CADFEM Engineering Services India's mission is to help companies achieve these many benefits of engineering simulation.With over a decade of experience replete with customer obsession, commitment, innovation, integrity, trust and passion, CADFEM Engineering Services India has best positioned itself as a committed providerof engineering simulation.

CADFEM Engineering Services India, also known as CADFEM India or CADFEM locally, is the brainchild of Mr. Madhukar Chatiri who carved out the company with the encouraging support of like-minded professionals. Being at the forefront of technology innovations, CADFEM provides engineeringsoftware and services across different industrial segments. Engineers atCADFEM India are highly qualified and experienced in engineering design and analysis.

CADFEM – Global Company with Local Expertise

CADFEM, founded in 1985, is a pioneer of digital simulation. With 500+ employees spread across 14+ countries and serving more than 2,500 customers worldwide, CADFEM is among the largest providers of simulations in the industry globally. This has put CADFEM ahead of the pack by supporting its global customers with local companies and expertise. Driven by its belief in rapidly-growing technology and by social responsibility, CADFEM invests in start-ups of young engineers and scientists.

Computer-Aided Engineering (CAE) Simulation requires more than just software, and hence CADFEM provides all the resources which are critical for success in simulation – all from one source that offers leading software and hardware technology, technical support, engineering and transfer of know-how.CADFEMis a strong partner of world reputedANSYS, Inc., a worldwide leading provider of CAE-software. CADFEM is ANSYS's Elite Channel Partner in Germany, Austria and Switzerland. In India, CADFEM is a strong channel partner to ANSYS by offering the full range of physics (structural, fluids and electronics) across the country.

Headquartered in Hyderabad, CADFEMhas its presence across four more locations covering Bangalore, Chennai, Pune and Mumbai offering rich engineering experience and provides end-to-end solutions in the many fields of engineering across diverse domains.CADFEM International, Dynardo and few individual investors promote the business of CADFEM India. There are also additional partners from other industries.

CADFEM International has been an active investor in CADFEM India's business. "Achieving more together" is the motto of CADFEM International, the umbrella organization for the global activities of CADFEM. This organization includes a range of companies that work with various aspects of the core business of CAE technology. The unparalleled breadth and depth of expertise in a wide-range of physics and applications, and the cumulative experience of working with customers across the world that are at the cusp of innovation, are being channeled by CADFEM International into the Indian market.The companies under the CADFEM International umbrella work together and use synergy effects to strengthen each other and supplement each other's service portfolio.With the help of Dynardo, CADFEM India provides innovative and most-efficient software tools available for CAE-based virtual product development.

For customers who have peak loads or those who wish to solve a complex engineering problem, CADFEM's engineering consulting service undertakes such requirements, analyses the problem and offers design recommendations. Their wide range of services includeproduct design, engineering analysis, engineering documentation, training and much more. The engineering team at CADFEM is geared towards enhancingdesign productivity and operational efficiencies using the most advanced tools and applications. Several global companies, with origins in Germany, are longstanding customers of CADFEM in India. Owing the nature of strong and high-quality support, CADFEM India is the preferred simulation partner for customers.

In addition to ANSYS technology, CADFEM portfolio covers the entire gamut of software solutions including optiSLang (of Dynardo GmbH), Rocky DEM (particle simulations) and other specialized tools. The technology offerings are on specialized and upcoming topics such as Additive Manufacturing, Internet of Things (IoT), Digital/Smart Cities, Automotive Painting among others. Adding further value, the company also provides hardware and IT solutions as an enabler for its customers to yield a better return on their investments in simulation.

CADFEM caters to a diverse group of customers in India, and this keeps it challenging and interesting for technical team to resolve support queries and to meet their training requirements. Deepak Joseph, the Head of Development (Truck) at Knorr-Bremse Technology Center India, talks about CADFEM, "They have helped us understand the ways to achieve accuracy." Recently another highly satisfied customer, Mr. Birendra David, the Director of Process Engineering at Dr. Reddy's Laboratories thanked the technical staff at CADFEM India for understanding their needs and offering them advice on the appropriate ANSYS solutions.

Man behind CADFEM India

Madhukar Chatiri is a graduate in Mechanical Engineering with a Ph.D. (expected).In his career that spans over 15 years across Europe and India, he knows methods to drive productivity and deliver results. Mr. Chatiri has successfully lead cross-functional teams with the sole focus of helping customers realize the benefits of Simulation-Driven Product Development. Apart from managing P&L responsibility for India operations, he enjoys mentoring young professionals, enabling product innovation and development, emphasizing the need for simulation-based education and offering customer delight. The topics that interest him are composite product development workflows, computational material modeling, planning and executing strategic initiatives.

Major Milestones

Since the past six years, CADFEM India has been successfully organizing Optimization & Stochastic Days, a specialized technology conference focusing on parametric studies and design optimization. The last year's edition attracted 80+ attendees. In 2016, CADFEM was recognized as one of the 20 Most Promising Engineering & Design Solution Providers in India by the popular CIO Review magazine.

CADFEM offers a revolutionary, one of its kind platformcalledeCADFEM to cater to the increasing nature of on-demand requests from customers in India. eCADFEM is a secure, scalable and a flexible platform to access software, hardware and engineering on demand that aims to democratize engineering simulation in the country. Furthermore, CADFEM India invested in ANSYS Authorized Training Centre which was started in September 2015. Till date, over 50 engineers graduated from this centre. Recently CADFEM partnered with PES University in Bangalore to bring the much-acclaimed esocaet Master Program in Applied Computational Mechanics to India. The esocaet program offers tremendous opportunities to engineers for continuous learning. The first course will begin in September 2017.

CADFEM India's long standing success is witnessed by its unique blend of competitive advantage, innovative solutions, sustainable growth and ownership with proven performance. By making simulation more accessible and affordable, CADFEM is reducing the barrier to entry into simulation and helping more customers realize their product promise. The company has geared up for the next decade of business in the Indian subcontinent. Having recognized the needs of the market, the company is betting big in the areas of Additive Manufacturing, Electronics and Digital Cities. Another significant investment is being made into the newest partner of CADFEM International – CADFEM SEA Pte. Ltd. in Singapore.

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