Uviraj – India’s Most Trusted PPE Manufacturer etches its leadership in global safety solutions; metamorphoses the landscape saving millions of lives each year

Uviraj – India’s Most Trusted PPE Manufacturer etches its leadership in global safety solutions; metamorphoses the landscape saving millions of lives each year

Uviraj – India's Most Trusted PPE Manufacturer etches its leadership in global safety solutions; metamorphoses the landscape saving millions of lives each year

It has been truly said that the passion for entrepreneurship is true when it is maneuvered by a desire for welfare of the people and society. A dire social cause paved the way for foundation of Uviraj Group, which, today, is known for its dynamic leadership in manufacturing of Personal Protective Equipment all over the globe. Incorporated in 2010, the company sits at the top of the corporate ladder for the peerless reliability that it offers in the panorama of global safety solutions. Uviraj has been engaged in planning, development, manufacturing and supplying of Personal Protective Equipment following a sui generis approach since inception. As one of the pioneers in this space in India, the company leaves an indelible mark having innovated solutions that are futuristic and intend to create utmost value for clients protecting their workforce.

The Asian Pacific market of personal protective equipment is poised to observe a noteworthy growth rate in the next five years. As the region covers rapidly developing economies, the escalated demand in this sector is driven by widely spreading awareness in diversified industries regarding robust safety measures. The evolutionary landscape of Personal Protective Equipment market needs plenty of innovation. Uviraj has positioned itself uniquely for its valuable contributions to this space that includes a broad range of ingenious equipments for fall protection, foot protection, head protection and Material Handling & Load Restraint equipment.

Innovation lies at the heart of Uviraj's culture. As a market leader, the company is strongly focused on designing and developing cutting – edge products that conform to global safety standards; with an uncompromised adherence to the highest standards of quality. Besides, the team offers its products at a very competitive pricing and ensures highly efficient processes towards delivering excellence to its clients. During a chat with The CEO Magazine, Mr. Viraj Kohli – Chief Marketing Officer at Uviraj Group shares, "We believe innovation is something that sets us apart from our competitors. We key on empowering our products with groundbreaking features so that our customers perceive something of great intrinsic value when they use it. We constantly strive to create great user experience for our products byenabling them to enforce reliabilityevery time they are used. We realize that we can achieve this onlywith an absolute blend of three key ingredients; meeting the needs of the marketplace, advanced technology, and highest-quality materials."

The company boasts a robust portfolio carrying CE0082 & BIS marked products that are also accredited with the EC-Type Examination Certificates.  These prestigious certifications reinforce Uviraj's steadfast devotion to robust quality management systems. A horde of construction companies and those belonging to heavy industries have entrusted Uviraj for their specialized needs. The company's clientele is studded with several corporate giants including Reliance, Shapoorji, Larsen and Toubro, Huawei, Tata Projects, Indian Oil, ABB and the list is endless. Speaking of the company's extensive reach in all corners of the world, Viraj says,"Uviraj is approved and certified as a manufacturer for many European brands in countries like Spain, Italy and United Kingdom. In South East Asia, Central Asia, Africa and South America, our brands are well established and are selling through a widely spread distributor network."

In line with the brand's tagline 'Hume Parvah Hai', the company's management undertakes a lot of promotional activities for educating masses about their safety while creating awareness about the products; towards saving more and more lives.

Brands echoing Uviraj's excellence (The Journey)

Uviraj was established by Rajiv Kohli, a corporate veteran who decided to leverage the best of his resources towards building an organization for manufacturing and development of powerful product range dedicated to protect the lives of huge masses working across diversified industries around the globe. His dream was later taken over by his two sons, Viraj Kohli and Swaraj Kohli, whose leadership have been the major guiding force behind the success the company has achieved. The company began its journey in 2010 with its first establishment on a very small plot measuring 1,000m only. Uviraj's first brand, Viraj safety first successfully set the company's foot in this market gaining a worldwide reputation with production of Fall Protection and head protection equipment. Within two years, cargo lifting slings and ratchet lashings were introduced as another diversified product range under the brand Kargolift that gave tough competition to the already existing brands in the Indian market. As they say, with great power comes great responsibility; immense success fueled the founder's desire to contribute more to this industry towards shaping its growth in the global landscape. With further expansion, the company undertook the project for foot protection. As research based insights on the needs of the end consumers revealed the demand for safety shoes, the novel idea of 'Designer Safety footwear that are metal and leather free' took shape. The development of the safety footwearstarted under the brand name Alpha Gripp that entered the market with a bang.

The leadership that inspired Success

Viraj Kohli – Chief Marketing Officer at Uviraj group

A passionate social entrepreneur, Viraj is keen on making vital contributions towards the welfare of the societythat wouldcreate a difference in the lives of the people. He has been recently honored as one among the 'Top 50 Most Promising Entrepreneurs in India' by a globally renowned magazine. Guided by his influential leadership, the team at Uviraj has achieved commendable success towards realizing what the company envisions. His remarkable and dignified efforts have been instrumental in establishing Uviraj as a grand empire having reputation as one of the most trusted names in the space.  Prior to taking lead of the company, Viraj developed his career in marketing and gained a comprehensive experience in the domain.

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