Well-Recognized Speciality Hospitals Refashioning Nephro Urology in India and Abroad

Well-Recognized Speciality Hospitals Refashioning Nephro Urology in India and Abroad

"The success of the hospital, the Institution and the brand are possible due to all our 540+ team members who so proudly take care of all those who seek our services. Our great team has made us what we are today. We believe robustly in manifesting our tagline, "Expert Advice – Ethical Treatment,"

Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh


Well-Recognized Speciality Hospitals Refashioning Nephro Urology in India and Abroad

Catering to the need of hour services back in 1999, when single speciality hospitals were not very common, the Bangalore headquartered NU Hospitals was founded to offer super speciality services under one roof.

Today, offering their services in Indian and overseas waters, the super speciality hospital for Nephrology-Urology care and Reproductive medicine, NU Hospitals are one of South India's leading Nephrology-Urology hospitals and Karnataka's first dedicated Nephrology-Urology centre.

NU Hospitals is NABH (National Accreditation Board of Hospitals & Healthcare Providers) & NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories) accredited. While both of their hospitals in Bengaluru are also NABH Nursing Excellence accredited, makes them the first standalone Nephrology- Urology hospital in India to achieve these dual distinctions. NU Hospitals has in-house Institutional Ethics Committee which is registered under DCGI and Accredited by NABH.

With more than 500 employees, NU Hospitals is also a training institution and a platform for many Urology and Nephrology Doctors to learn with the DNB, super speciality training programs. It is NU Hospitals' way of serving the nation by ensuring no shortage of specialists in India. They also train Renal Dialysis technicians and Laboratory technicians with University accredited programs.

With branches at Shivamogga and Ambur, Bengaluru, Tamil Nadu, and one at Male, Maldives, the hospitals are striving under the sound leadership of Managing Director, Senior Paediatric Urologist Dr Prasanna Venkatesh M.K., who anchors the strong foundations that the institution has into every team member and also to achieve similarity of care received by all the patients across branches.

Brand of The Year 2020

NU's full time experienced, knowledgeable, and skilled clinicians, during these two decades with Karnataka's first nephrology- urology centre, have evolved and developed more sub-specialities in the field of Nephrology-Urology and Fertility care. This is a key part of the brand's ability to bridge the gap between complicated surgical; and treatment requirements of the vast clientele and patient outcomes.

With an evolved level of experience, knowledge, and expertise by these professionals, what has allowed NU hospitals to become a name synonymous to best quality care is their strengths viz. our experienced professionals, state-of-the-art technology, strict adherence to quality protocols at all levels, and cutting-edge research.

Besides, NU Hospitals has also ventured into reproductive medicine and micro subspecialties along with andrology and male sexual health including advanced penile Implants and is highly successful in providing professional care from their internationally experienced clinicians, professionals, using the latest and state-of-the-art technology.

Key To Successful Customer Base

Dedicated and committed clinicians, along with the rest of the trained team members. Combined with holistic and ethical based protocolised treatment procedures, is a prominent factor differentiating NU Hospitals' ability to deliver the best surgical and treatment outcomes and this is what generates a solid customer base at NU Hospitals.

In parallel, it ensures total patient satisfaction and clinical outcomes. Coupled with these, is NU's strong patient care policy which takes utmost care of all their para-clinical and non-clinical requirements. The NU team is also a well-geared one with the technological advancements utilizing high-end software for ease at work from initial patient appointments to discharge and feedback. NU Hospitals has left no stone unturned when it comes to using technology in all its functional departments duly adopting software and cloud technology in interpreting images and communicating with its counterparts situated in far and remote locations.

"We have been the first user of numerous technologies both in the state of Karnataka and in India. Which include the Pneumatic Chute delivery system, VmWare software, Online prescription modules, Dictation Hardware through phone, Online appointment portal system, PACS etc," shared the leader.

Overcoming 2020 & Success

NU Hospitals has quickly adapted to technological advancements and has ventured into "online" consultations. And has marked itself a niche in digital marketing and branding. Back at the hospitals, we follow stringent disease control mechanisms for entry to exit; and have trained our manpower suitably to counter the pandemic.

"Smart and ethical based substance at work; open communications; dedicated clinicians who always patronize "patient first" policy; young, energetic, knowledgeable, and intellectual team spirit; and an unfettered desire to deliver," sums up Dr Prasanna's idea of success.

Research and Development

NU Hospitals' endeavour to deliver better quality treatment is relentlessly backed by R & D. As the doctors and clinicians are encouraged to actively take up pieces of training, seminars and do conferences; present papers and participate in clinical workshops.

Many of our clinician's works have found places in national and international forums and publications with crowns of laurels. We regularly publish approximately 10-15 articles in peer-reviewed journals in our specialities. We also have an in-house Institutional Ethics Committee which is registered under DCGI and Accredited by NABH.

Core Values Behind Nu Hospitals

Standing on strong pillars of professionalism, integrity, compassion, teamwork, and social welfare. NU Hospitals is striving towards an upward slope of success. However, in the past two decades, NU Hospitals has reached various milestones. Some of them, which NU Hospitals takes pride in today includes, moving on from Just Nephrology-Urology to Micro Sub Specialities in Nephrology-Urology and Reproductive medicine and Andrology services.

The list is inclusive of spreading the NU Hospitals base to remote places in the country and abroad; where these services were not available. They were successfully able to provide and spread their services internationally. NU Hospitals is growing and has a committed healthcare team of 540+ serving mankind; and making life beautiful to their patients.

The Leader and Future Plans

The revolutionary name pivoting on the concrete shoulders of Dr. Prasanna strives forward with his definition of a good leader, "Keeping yourself in constant touch with advancements and quickly adopt changes for better, having a commitment to deliver and commitment to lead, regular manpower training and development, and understanding the pulse and voice of patients. I believe one should always be open-minded in communication and conduct oneself ethically."

Dr. Prasanna Venkatesh and the NU Hospitals team is committed to realizing their future goals of expanding their horizons. Keeping abreast with technological advancements in every aspect of healthcare, investing in a fool proof and robust technologically advanced healthcare machinery for more minimally invasive treatments thereby bringing more ease and comfort in providing healthcare delivery for both clinicians and patients.

On The Cards for Nu Hospitals

I am working on taking Nephrology-Urology and Fertility services, including renal transplants and dialysis services, to where it is currently not available. To ensure this happens we are building a robust team who will deliver and are making templates that can be executed across all branches.

We are working to consolidate our existing operations, especially considering the current pandemic. We are also scouting for opportunities where we can deliver services at the earliest.

Nurturing The Core of Nu Hospitals, Employees

The 20 years old NU Hospitals initially faced crucial struggles of hiring and retaining skilled manpower. It was indeed a difficult one, but by, providing the right atmosphere enveloped with good clinical work; and a conducive work ethic. They have been able to retain most of the senior team members over these years. They have blossomed onto independent decision-makers themselves, of which NU is truly proud.

Another decision in direction of empowerment is taken with NU Trust, a CSR wing. Responsible for educating the children of the NU housekeeping and security team members children; including paying for the school and college fees. Although, the NU Trust also funds patients who cannot afford treatment. Especially if they are reversible causes of kidney failure or correctable Paediatric Uro-Genital anomalies.

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