Unleashing transformation in the traditional lending landscape by linking the financial requirements of the customers with suitable debt financial products: Finlinker

Unleashing transformation in the traditional lending landscape by linking the financial requirements of the customers with suitable debt financial products: Finlinker

Unleashing transformation in the traditional lending landscape by linking the financial requirements of the customers with suitable debt financial products: Finlinker

A country's economy is best portrayed by the way its people borrow and lend. Debt, being a material matter of any Individual, Firm, Corporate, Industry or Government's day to day life, has firmed its roots in the Indian Economy since ages. Recent past has captured Indians' relationship with loans is closely entwined with the traditional banking system. With good grace, the accelerating pace of technology disruption in the financial lending ecosystem today has brought a dramatic shift with the introduction of online marketplace lending (OML). The lack of fluidity, banks throttled with loans and a hefty amount of pending applications, this current scenario holds numerous opportunities for OML to build their strong foothold in the financing sector. Sometimes people lose on the eligibility criteria and sometimes the red tapes and counter signatures lead to delay. And when the money finally arrives, the person has already lost his track of time.

The high cost of acquisition, varied sizes of customers & scattered customer locations reaching the priority sector & the common masses had always been looked out as hurdles for any Nationalize, MNC bank, NBFC's as well as small-scale lenders to reach out to the target audience. The line doesn't end here; people in search of funds lack the basic knowledge about financial products. Poor access to banking system & fear of complex documentation worsens the situation more, thus dwarfing down the chances of getting desired funds. Every customer wishes to buy the best product & services with the minimum hassle at the lowest cost. Hence there emerges a need to understand & compare the products of all the banks, offered Rate of Interest, Margin Charged, Processing Charges, Foreclosure Charges, Repayment structure and many other terms along with the timely finance as well as post borrowing day to day dealings with Banks.

Nurtured by the core values of transparency, commitment, and innovation, Finlinker has positioned itself as a pioneered online financial debt marketplace for marketing all the financial products offered by the Financial Institutions. Addressing the financial needs of retail & SME Corporate clients with superior solutions and providing superlative customer experience have always been the key differentiators for Finlinkers since its inception in 2012. Renowned for understanding its clients business structure and handing them the best cost-effective solution handpicked from its bouquet of 26 Banks & Financial Institutions leaders, Finlinker's journey has been driven to create a platform of making tie-up with every Financial Institution in the Industry for providing right and timely finance i.e. Home Loan, Loan against property, Business Loan and Personal Loan to its every Customer, thus simplifying the lending process through its innovative platform.

Matching the needs & expectations of an Individual, corporate & Industry with apt debt financial products

The in-house underwriting & lead management software implied by Finlinker boost the efficiency of the organization in providing best lending options for any customer among all financial institutions without applying to any lenders. The credit behind Finlinker's adroitness, the technology platform goes to a brilliant mind, Mr. Vipin Gera, an industry veteran possessing 7 years of experience who chairs the role of Founder & CEO at the organization.  He dished out the wagon of Finlinker in 2012 with the association of other Management Team Members. The key person responsible for developing relationships with Banks, Financial Institutions, HNI Clients, Mr. Gera spearheads all operational & strategic matters at Finlinker. Quality services and timely finance with efficient working has yielded successful association for Finlinker with 500+ leading finance professionals across the industry. Over a short span of 5 years, Finlinker has been able to establish its niche in the domain across Delhi / NCR and has been crowned among the top 10 Direct Selling / Marketing Agents (DSA-DMA) of NCR for various products namely Personal Loans (PL), Home Loans (HL), Loan Against Property (LAP), Unsecured Business Loans (BIL), Corporate Loans (SME Loans) & Vehicle Loans (AL).

Team Finlinker apprehends the complexities of Indian businesses structures across almost every industry and infuses its expertise in providing expert solutions and arrange finance matching their expectations and business needs at the lowest possible rate of interest in the earliest time, backed by sound research, market presence, analysis and market knowledge.

Finlinker's Expertise

Tie-ups with leading retail lenders operating in Finance domain, a strong market presence and knowledge in Retail Industry, a sound top management, and a strong analytics team & in-house Analytic Technology Platform, all these enlace together to assure that Finlinker matches every client's expectations financially within abbreviated time. Furthermore, Team Finlinker keeps its clients updated on changes in RBI Policy, Interest rates & best offers from new entrant's lenders which enable clients to switch over to lowest borrowing rates from one financial institution to another from time to time. This unique customer service results in repeated business from existing clients as well as references with words of mouth. Here is a glance at the expertise offered by Finlinker:

  • Home Loans
  • Loan Against Property
  • Personal Loans
  • Unsecured Business Loans
  • Overdrafts / CC / BG's & LC's
  • Machinery Loans

Key Officials

Ms. Divya Sharma

Ms. Sharma is Management Graduate having rich experience of more than a decade of handling sales of various products of banks. She had worked as a hardcore sales person with Kotak Mahindra Bank & ICICI Bank for various Unsecured Loan & Mortgages products catering to SME Clients. Ms. Sharma takes care of various administration roles besides heading unsecured Loans division at Finlinker.

Mr. Manish Gautam

Mr. Lokesh Yadav

Ms. Shilpi Mehra

Expansion Binge and Road Ahead

Finlinker's journey has been tremendous till date. The organization's prowess has been acknowledged among the top-notch channels for sourcing mortgage business in Delhi / NCR by ICICI, IIFL, Edelwiese, Indostar & various other Institutions. The organization has gone beyond the shores in delivering empowered financial solutions. With a growth of 40% YOY, Finlinker has emerged out as one of the most consistent channels with all the MNC banks. And with a new parallel focused on referral & consolidation business, it seems that the growth is expected to touch 100% mark. To expand its reach towards tier II cities, the organization is planning to incorporate two satellite offices while fine-tuning its expertise in existing product vertical by:

– Increasing its market share in the NCR market for established products.

– Expanding operations for recently started products – Vehicle & Personal Loans.

– Promoting Digital Presence & Brand Promotion

– Developing & Improving Technology platform

– Starting its operations in 4 new cities in the 1st phase.

– Creating a base for extending operations to 10 new cities in 2nd Phase.

A short while ago, Finlinker invested in developing an in-house technology platform to team up systems & processes as a true force driving the company towards helping customers access the right financial product – forward. The organization is currently working on developing a platform which can be relied upon by Banks & Financial Institutions for marketing products, sourcing business, documents processing, for managing their collection portfolio for existing products as well as new products.

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