TWB_: The Global Pioneer of Communicating Technology

TWB_: The Global Pioneer of Communicating Technology

TWB_: The Global Pioneer of Communicating Technology

Technology leaders especially in the B2B Enterprise marketplace create complex technology but is not always easy to communicate how this stands apart from others in the same market. In the B2C market this is the done by advertising agencies, market research agencies etc. TWB_ managed to solve the problem of bringing deep domain understanding in Information Technology, Telecom, Financial Services, Manufacturing, Life Sciences and Aerospace & Defence and combining them with analytics, media and marketing capability to allow their customers to communicate effectively to their internal and external stakeholders.

The Start

Rakesh Shukla founded TWB_ in 2006 which went on to become the first company in the world to offshore large-scale technology content. It also became the first India-based company to implement enterprise-grade Content Automation in 2010 and the first India-based company to roll out & implement IETM IV/V solutions for Defence and Aerospace.

An Insight into the company

TWB_ (pronounced TWB Shift) is a world leader in communicating complex ideas for leaders in the technology arena including the Fortune 500 companies. It makes their customers' technology stand out in an overcrowded tech marketplace with a full suite of marketing and media solutions. These solutions include branding, advocacy, analytics, authoring & publishing. There are over 40 Fortune 500 technology players in Information Technology, Defence & Aerospace, Engineering, and Energy & Life Sciences in India, USA, Europe, Taiwan, China & Japan leveraging TWB_ services and capabilities. TWB_ makes complex technical and business ideas of technology leaders from across the world get easily understood by their stakeholders.

In 2006, TWB_ pioneered the offshore creation of technical content which was hitherto created by companies, either internally or through consultants. TWB_ changed that by creating domain depth that mirrored the customer's own technology capability with deep SME teams for a variety of industries including Information Technology, Defence & Aerospace, Engineering and Life Sciences. TWB_ then integrated this technology capability with high-quality content creation teams that could create products for learning, and marketing across these industries.

TWB_ is the primal choice of the Fortune 500 companies and start-ups alike. TWB_ has delivered more than 1 million hours of marketing, learning and product content to worldwide customers. TWB_ has a customer footprint across the Silicon Valley, US East Coast, France, Luxembourg, Germany, India, Taiwan, South Korea, and Japan.

Leaders in information technology, telecom, financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, and aerospace & defence use TWB_ generated content to connect with the world. AXA, ABB, Cisco, Fidelity, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Israel Aircraft, Microsoft, Oracle, Panasonic, Société Générale, Samsung Shipping, Siemens and Toyota use TWB_ produced content to communicate their technology to consumers worldwide. TWB_ creates, automates, repurposes and publishes content, achieving unprecedented efficiencies, enhancing content quality and achieving faster go-to-market while lowering costs.

Offerings & Uniqueness

Marketing & Employee Solutions: branding, analysis & reports, competitive & market intelligence, digital outreach, presentations, videos & gamification, and product communications.

Internal & Employee Communication: vision & value Communication, employer value proposition, internal branding, employee engagement, internal communication audit, strategy & business evangelism.

Thought Leadership Solutions: CxO speak, leadership vision & alignment, building trust, advocacy, driving change and fostering innovation.

TWB_ proudly stands as the only player in the content and communication arena that marries deep domain knowledge with marketing and communication requirements of the clients to deliver solutions that simplify their technology and makes it accessible to their customers, employees and other stakeholders. It is the only firm that communicates this technology across the lifecycle; premarket stage, technology marketing & sales stage, purchase & adoption stage and technology pervasiveness. TWB_ is a one stop solution company as their customers do not have to look for different partners in different stages of their technology and products. They do not have to find partners with different capabilities such as research, e-learning, marketing or video capability. TWB_ also provides unparalleled savings by repurposing and recasting content across different stages of the product life cycle. TWB_ has offices in Bangalore (India), Houston (USA) & Tel Aviv (ISRAEL).

Dynamic Leadership

Rakesh Shukla is the Founder & CEO of TWB_, a TEDx speaker and a specialist in strategic marketing for B2B technology. He has addressed business audiences in 100's of conferences, companies and institutions of learning. Rakesh is an engineering (1993) and Management (1996) graduate with 22 years of leadership experience with the world's largest technology corporations in USA and Asia.  He founded TWB_ the world leader in technology branding, strategic marketing and content. TWB_ is the partner of choice of fortune 500 companies around the world including Microsoft, Oracle, Lenovo, SAP, Pratt & Whitney, Honeywell, Bombardier, HSBC, ANZ, and AXA, among others. Rakesh has featured in 100+ interviews, talks & documentaries with BBC, Al Jazeera, CNN, The Huffington Post, Times of India, Economic Times, Business Today, Business India, Hindustan Times, The Hindu, CNN IBN and others.


TWB_ delivers to over 40 Fortune 500 technology majors and many Indian technology giants and start-ups including AXA, ABB, Cisco, Fidelity, Honeywell, IBM, Intel, Israel Aircraft, Microsoft, Oracle, Société Générale, Samsung Shipping, Siemens, Toyota, and others.


TWB_ has no direct competitors but has lateral competition from:

  • Companies with point solutions such as marketing, branding, e-learning, etc.
  • Companies which do not understand technology domains and restrict themselves to only one kind of service.


  • By 2017 TWB_ had delivered over 1,000,000+ hours of professional services to clients in information technology, telecom, financial services, manufacturing, life sciences, and aerospace & defence. 
  • By 2018 TWB_ has created 20,000+ TWB_ certified professionals in marketing communications focused on customers, human resource. Internal communications focused on employees, corporate communications focused on diverse stakeholders and product communications focused on customers through 100+ corporate training titles. 
  • TWB_ IP includes eight published ISBN titles & four significant industry reports.

Future Plans

TWB_ plans to grow through partnerships and acquisitions of deep digital media capability, production capability, and creative focused vendors to augment TWB_'s presence and deepen their delivery capability to existing customers.

To Reach Us Call Now: 011-4121-9292 or email:

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