Changing the way the world works with logistics operations by improving their processes, and bringing in new technologies, TripleDe Technologies was founded in December 2009 as a consulting company, specialized in process and application consulting for the logistics domain. The decade-old endeavour under the leadership of director Sanju Ariyangattil has successfully worked with global logistics service providers, manufacturing and trading companies helping their logistics operations streamlined and implementing technology solutions.


In the logistics management niche, the company has been helping clients to identify the operational pain-points, their root causes and actionable solutions to solve the problems. The outcomes in terms of improved KPIs, reduced costs, rise in customer satisfaction, and employee acceptance along with satisfied clientele are noticeable in the projects they handled.

In sync with the fast-paced technological shift, the TripleDe has been offering far-reaching disruption fuelled by technologies like digitalization, analytics, cloud, IoT, and automation. Their one-of-its-kind enterprise-level SaaS solution for facilitating optimization and sourcing of transportation needs is gaining attention from a wider audience globally.

The visionary leader shared his views in consideration of the evolution of the brand over years, "Being a consulting led tech company, we have been offering consulting, application and support services and also developed SaaS solutions that can be implemented faster, resulting in quicker ROI and drastic improvements in processes and efficiency. In the future, we are aiming to empower our customers by creating innovative solutions like TranspoEdge. The product is designed to fix the errors in the preliminary stages of transportation, ensuring better operations subsequently."


Through their consulting services, including the review, assessment and transformation of logistics operations, the TripleDe team work with customers to analyse their processes, evaluate the challenges they face, and recognize opportunities. They approach customers from an unprejudiced viewpoint and recommend best practices in order to streamline and incorporate technological solutions with minimal financial and operational impacts.

They have been successfully identifying and defining requirements for new systems, enhancing existing systems, assessing products and suppliers for technology adoption, developing applications, implementing and integrating systems and assessing business values post-implementation.

TranspoEdge is their SaaS offering for transportation management that can support large and medium-sized distributed organizations to achieve logistics goals by increasing equipment utilization, reducing transportation costs, improving service quality and leaving less carbon footprints. This application helps organizations by bringing transparency to their internal transportation needs and provides control over sourcing at strategic, tactical and operational levels.


"Coming to the Logistics domain, the two words – innovations and impediments – define its current state." shared Sanju Ariyangattil.

The scope, scale, and complexity of technological innovations and disruptions are evolving at an exponential rate, and they have also become accessible to businesses of all sizes, across the globe demanding shifts in operating models and working environments. Being agile, new generation businesses are capable of catching up with technological advances, but traditional business is still moving at a linear pace struggling to adapt.

"As they quote 'doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results are insane', I believe that businesses need to change the models and implement technology to support their survival and growth. In this ever-changing ecosystem, transformation and investment in technology solutions are the only way to differentiate and endure the business," Sanju emphasized


  • Technological changes: Rapidly changing technological trends are creating great pressure for a company to move fast and beat their competition. If a startup is not responding to changes quickly the window of opportunity may close even before it is ready for the market.
  • Reaching the goals: Since technology evolves so rapidly, there is a strong possibility that a startup might not be able to complete what they initiated. If they do not accept the reality and change directions, they will stagnate and die in the early days of their operations.
  • Partnership decisions: Most startups operate in a collaborative environment and rely on partners for the technology and business needs. When it comes to choosing partners, not having clear policies in place regarding the partnerships may pose larger risks on the way.
  • Human resources: Getting the right employees and retaining them is another challenge for startups as employees do not value these endeavours. On the other side, startups with large early funding over scale and hire too many employees prematurely and struggle to survive in the long run.
  • Operational risks: Since most of the startups rely on the web and related technologies for their operations, there are significant risks in terms of business continuity, data security, and privacy, technology changes, cyber-attacks, etc.


TripleDe is led by Sanju Ariyangattil who is an accomplished logistics and technology professional with over 18 years of global experience. He is qualified with Masters in International Business, certifications in business and technology areas and is also a member of many professional organizations.

The TripleDe team consists of business and technology experts who work hand in hand for Analysis, decision-making, solution modelling and ensure an appropriate balance between the business and technology. At TripleDe, employees are encouraged to keep a big picture of everything they work on and that not only help the areas they handle but adds value to the projects at large. The company keeps employees engaged and ensures their skills and knowledge are strengthened so that they can evolve to the next level, take up the next challenge and prove their mettle.


Whatever they touch, there is a constant effort by TripleDe to leave them a little better than they were. They walk the talk by initiating CSR activities with support from various stakeholders including customers, partners, and employees.

Their concern for the environment and the society is evidenced through initiatives such as helping to reduce carbon emissions by implementing improved organizational logistics models, minimizing the use of paper through electronic communication, instilling the need for education for underprivileged children and encouraging students through workshops to promote creative thinking and entrepreneurship.


The leader Sanju and the TripleDe team envisage the brand to become one stop solution for any logistics technology needs for any kind of organizations. They have also invested their efforts into developing applications based on the trends they observe, integrating their business and technology expertise and aims to operate a global technology platform for managing logistics functions.


"The world has been subjected to rapid changes over the past years along with the economic ups and downs and disruptive innovations taking place. For any business to survive, it should be compared and contrasted in the market with a clear and unique superiority of its products or services. It is in this scenario, the process of differentiation is relevant and logistics is a key element in keeping pace with customer demands and outperforming competitors." shared Sanju.

He advises that "For organizations that want to invest in technology to improve their business, I would advise to evaluate your current strengths and challenges with an eye on future opportunities and threats before acquiring any technology solutions. The success of implementing a technology solution can only be achieved if the right technology solution is implemented in the right way and at the right time else it will result in operational disasters, dissatisfaction in the organization, and negative returns."

He further added "For Technology startups that develop technology solutions and customers who acquire them, consider the following points when investing in a tech product or service:

  • Solve problems innovatively and effectively rather than applying advanced solutions to existing inefficient processes. It will be a struggle for an ineffectual business process to fit in to a high-end solution. If the process needs to be re-defined, transform it and apply technology over it.
  • Consider a technology product that solves the current pain points, yet capable of scaling up to solve future business and technology challenges."


"Technology can help to improve the agility of logistics operations and enhance customer experience. The key is to adopt the right tools while actively planning the change. Our vision is to inspire and support organisations to realise this."

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