Topaz Solar

To brighten India with smart, simple and clean energy saving solutions.
Topaz Solar: To brighten India with smart, simple and clean energy saving solutions.

Topaz Solar: To brighten India with smart, simple and clean energy saving solutions.

Topaz Solar: To brighten India with smart, simple and clean energy saving solutions.

When making a solar decision it's important to understand the different types of ways to go solar. Promoted by Mr. Ganesan Natarajan and Ms. Usha Natarajan in the year 2009, Topaz Solar has been driven by a means of protecting our planet as well as reducing cost. The biodiversity of our fragile planet has been steadily contracting since industrialization took place. To bring efficiency in solar system, the company became active in the year 2014 with a planning to foray into domestic solar market primarly Tamilnadu biz in mind due to aggressive solar policy unveiled by then CM late J. Jayalalitha. As SPO (Solar Purchase Obligation) could not take off they went out of Tamilnadu biz barring some roof top biz. Then since 2016 Topaz Solar started selling solar modules and cells in Indian market with eye on setting up solar Module manufacturing Plant for the right moment.

As one of India's leading solar module and cell companies for residential and commercial solar systems, the company understands what it means to be an Indian and the role each of the citizen plays in preserving our way of life. Whether helping homeowners realize the cost saving and benefits of solar power, partnering with local businesses to become more energy efficient or making a difference in our communities, the people at Topaz Solar are passionately dedicated to preserving the environment and culture in which they work, play and love. Topaz Solar has decided to set up 1200MW of Solar Module cum 500MW Solar Cell manufacturing Plant in India. They have already obtained Single Window Clearance from Orissa Government for the same.

Spearheading the company's rapid growth at the current stage is CEO of Topaz Solar, Mr. Ganesan Natarajan. With extensive global experience across domains and solar management, he is a successful versatile leader. In the lounge with Abhishek Dubey – Senior Editor, The CEO Magazine, he shares his vision of creating a transformation in the world of emerging solar system and making a difference to the lives of people globally.

What should consumers know about the company?

Topaz Solar is thriving to be one of the Top qualities Solar Module cum Cell manufacturing Company in India with European quality module and cells are available in India. We are sure that consumers from India as well as abroad will get to know about our company's High quality product with high competitive prices by the time we start production from our plant.

Topaz Solar will be the first Bifacial Solar Module manufacturer in India with Glass-glass modules without EVA or back sheets. This technology will be highly preferred by the consumers because of its high competitive cost with more than 25-30% more efficiency modules with least degradation of just 0.2% per year.

How has the company impacted to solar energy industry?

Topaz Solar has not done much in the last couple of years to make an impact but we are very much sure that it will have a huge impact as we are already being reached by some many from the Solar Energy Industry for various aspects including supply of modules and Solar Cells.

How competitive is the company's model?

We at Topaz Solar are very much aware of Indian market and its purchase pattern (where more than 85% of modules being imported from China). Hence we are equipped to supply the Solar Modules & Cells at high competitive prices with European quality.

What are the obstacles you're facing in getting a product to market?

Currently being a trading company we have obstacles in the form of price and matching quality in the market. We are constrained to match the Chinese module pricing. Since we are going for manufacturing, we know it's only temporary issue which can be sorted out once our own product is out in the market.

Besides for the cost savings, what is compelling about shifting to solar?

More than cost savings producing Renewable energy very much pushed us to Solar Biz. We wanted to play a bigger role in converting India into renewable energy and reduce carbon footprints. Still India depends on coal based power for more than 80% of its power production. With ambitious target of the government 100GW by 2022, we wanted to have good amount of share in this clean energy journey.

Do you think that solar will eventually be the primary source of energy?

Renewable Energy which includes Hydro, Wind and Solar can become the primary source of energy but it depends from country to country. For example country like India where we have ample coal, Nuclear (Thorium) it will be difficult to have solar as primary source of energy but we can increase the share of Solar in next decade to come.

Is there anything I didn't ask or mention that you want to share?

Topaz Solar believes that we need to have a bigger capacity in order to have some say in the Indian market in order to get noticed. We decided to have a minimum of 2GW of Solar Cells and Module capacities.

We are also developing a R&D centre and Skill development centre near the Solar Modules Manufacturing Plant to have a ahead of time in terms of technology and also develop a locally groomed less cost labor which will play a big role in bringing down the overhead cost.

For R&D as well as skill development we are already in talks with few European research Institutions like ISC Konstanz.

As you are aware the consumables like EVA, back sheets now being manufactured with International quality in India, we can produce high quality solar modules at par with any International price competition.

Great! I love talking with you. Thanks so much, I really appreciate it. 

Great talk with you Abhishek. It's great to be here and let's do it again real soon.

The Spirit

Mr. Ganesan Natarajan is pioneer in Metallurgical Coke and Coal Industry in India and well recognized in the International arena.

Mechanical Engineer from the Prestigious Madras University, he has undergone extensive training and exposure in architecture and landscaping. He has done Research and study for "Producing Hi-Quality Metallurgical Coke and selection aspects of Coals and its preparation".

Coke Industry

Began his association with Ennore Coke Limited (BSE listed Company) part of US$ 15 billion Shriram Group as President & CEO in September 2007 and later became Whole time Director of the company.

Within a span of one and half year, given a brand to the company in India as well as in the International Steel & Coke market. Become prominent in the industry ad presented several papers in the steel and coal conferences.

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