Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd.

Providing A Comprehensive Range Of Ultra-reliable And Highly Profitable Industry-leading Solutions
Akshay Saini - Founder & CEO

Akshay Saini - Founder & CEO

Serverwala Cloud Data Centers Pvt. Ltd.

In recent years, India’s cloud computing industry has undergone tremendous growth. The introduction of 5G will increase the popularity of remote working, further accelerating the growth of cloud computing.

Serverwala, the brainchild of Mr Akshay Saini, is a leading name in the cloud computing industry, making businesses establish their identity online successfully by providing a comprehensive range of cloud solutions.

The industry-leading data centre accommodates numerous online businesses with its innovative strategies and hosting plans. With the head office in Jaipur and branches in Surat, Nashik, Mumbai, and Dubai, the company offers flexibility to its customers to choose data centers globally.

The sole mission of Serverwala is to deliver the most promising data centre solutions worldwide under considerably affordable pricing while providing seamless customer support services.

The 50 members team at Serverwala employ their skills, proficiency, and resources to consistently upgrade server technology and help people succeed in running their digital presence smoothly and easily.

Mr Akshay Saini, Founder & CEO, Serverwala

A true visionary full of passion and perseverance, Akshay Saini founded Serverwala in 2015. Transitioning through several imminent roles in the data centre industry in his eight years long career, Mr Akshay is backed by a wealth of experience and knowledge.

The insightful and influential technical expertise he gained during his early career helped him succeed in establishing and leading Serverwala across the globe. Mr Akshay has been working towards bringing substantial, resourceful, and affordable data centre solutions to people throughout his career journey.

His passion for business leadership, the world economy, and crafting high-quality services led to the collaboration of Serverwala with the top companies worldwide and the construction of a rich network overseas.

During his time in the data centre industry, Mr Akshay gained deep insight into how everything works and what are the weak points. He shares,

“A large percentage of our population is unsatisfied with the web hosting services they get for the amount they invest. The vision to provide value for the money people pay to acquire quality services and bring revolution to cloud tech led to the inception of Serverwala”.

Illustrative Range Of Products & Services Offered By Serverwala

Being a cloud data centre, Serverwala’s target clientele ranges from industries including Ad tech, Automation, Logistics, Gaming, Government, AI, Healthcare, Media & Entertainment, and Telecommunications to VoIP providers, Trading platforms, and B2B & B2C IT companies. To add value to the clients, Serverwala offers a wide spectrum of products and services.


Cloud Computing Stack

Private Cloud

Public Cloud

Hybrid Cloud

CDN Solution

Bare Metal Cloud

Dedicated Server

GPU Server

Streaming Server

Storage Servers

Server Clusters

Colocation as a Service

Shared Space

Rack Colocation

Cage Colocation

IP Address Marketplace

IP Leasing

IP reputation

IP Monetization

IP Geolocation

DNS Management

Abuse Management


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Backup As a Service

On-premises Backup

Cloud NAS

Desktop As A Service

Virtual Meeting Solution

Learning Management System

Hosted Network Services

Database Solutions

Cloud LAN

Edge Router Solution

Google Workspace

Microsoft 365


MPLS and Global MPLS

ILL (Internet Leased Line)

VPN Extended Connect (Cloud connect)

SIP Trunking

PRI Line

SIP Central

Audio Conferencing

Cloud Telephony Solutions

Global IP Trunking

USP Of Serverwala

With customer-centricity as its main focus, Serverwala always aims to provide prompt solutions to the customers’ and clients’ needs. Serverwala focuses on resolving one of the most prevalent issues people have to deal with, which is not acquiring web hosting services and facilities on time.

With the technological boom, the number of Internet users is increasing, and so are their demands. The team of experts at Serverwala ensures immediate deployment of services and an instant provisioning model, which differentiates them from other players in the market.

Being a one-stop platform in the web hosting industry which meets the necessities of infrastructure, technology, and consultancy, they are able to meet all their clients’ needs.

The team remains on their front foot to easily resolve any customer issue, providing a seamless integration of cloud computing services and meeting all their hosting and service requirements.

Employees Are The Key To A Successful Organisation

Founding a company and rising it to the heights of success are two very different things. Serverwala boasts a robust customer base of more than 7k and counting across the globe, including the renowned government sectors as well.

Mr Akshay credits the Serverwala team for attaining such success in a short span of time. He shares, “unlike MNCs, our team members are not bound to a respective department; they are multi-skilled and highly adaptable and work in sync to ultimately make sure the client’s needs are met on time.”

This facilitated Serverwala to create higher employment in every aspect. Further, the company had a turnover of 5 Crore in the FY 2020 - 2021 and 12 Crore in the FY 2021 - 2022.

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Mission, Vision & Values

Aiming to offer the best services and support to clients, the team at Serverwala Cloud Data Centers is working towards its mission to provide the best solution to its clients with Flexibility, Scalability, and Affordability.

The company’s vision is the instant deployment of servers to improve clients’ experience with Serverwala. They wish to keep increasing their efficiency in the days to come by reducing their deployment time to 30 sec for a cloud server, 30 minutes for VPS/Dedicated and 3-4 hours for a Colocation Server.

Empowering diverse businesses globally and readily accommodating the necessities of clients, Serverwala has reached greater heights. Throughout their journey, one thing that remained consistent for them has been their worthwhile and dedicated core values of

  1. Highly steadfast teamwork

  2. Never stop learning. Never stop adopting new technologies

  3. Always doing more than just what satisfies

  4. No such thing as a status quo

  5. Towards a marathon, not a sprint

  6. Constructing our business sustainably with loyal clients and a credible team

  7. Straightforward and independent

  8. Levelheadedness & generosity

  9. Being bolder and moving quickly

  10. Integrity throughout the business

  11. The maximum level of transparency

“For us, challenges have been opportunities to learn something new.” -Akshay Saini.

Building a business from the ground up is not an easy feat, full of challenges and setbacks, and Serverwala is no exception. Bootstrapping a business with no outside investments is an accomplishment in itself for Akshay Saini; however, the journey was anything but easy. He shares,

“With our approach of always moving forward without a halt taking bold steps to attain milestones one after the other, challenges have always been there for us. With the help of our strong core team, we have managed to fight and overcome each of those challenges. We have learned from the obstacles and come out victorious in every situation.”

Serverwala’s Take On The Pandemic

The pandemic was something so unexpected that nobody was prepared to go through it. It left a devastating impact not just on human lives but plummeted the business industry, disrupting the majority of business verticals.

However, the cloud computing industry turned out to be an exception and boomed fervently during the pandemic, with the rising demands for web hosting services and facilities. The boom was majorly fuelled by the major shift towards everything digital, bringing as many things possible online.

Being amid the technological reformation happening during the pandemic, Serverwala was ensuring the strategical employment of technical tools and interpersonal skills for delivering the services and products in demand at the quickest pace possible.

Accommodating all clients that came their way and being available around the clock even when the pandemic was going on established Serverwala as a trusted partner for businesses, and they are still going strong.

Even today, when there is a prompt requirement or any emergency related to web hosting services, Serverwala is the go-to spot for many businesses.

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Evolution Of Leadership Post-pandemic

Although the concept of remote working has existed for some decades, it wasn’t until the pandemic hit the world that leaders were forced to act quickly to facilitate remote working.

The pandemic served as a reminder that human and machine collaboration must be accelerated to support individuals in adopting a more digital way of working.

Delving deep into the growth mindset and embracing the concept of ‘learning intelligence’ aided the growth of Mr Akshay as a leader. He shares,

“I am always on my toes to improve my capacity to make wiser decisions, seek assistance, pick up knowledge from others, and employ their experiences and skills. I always tell my team that we must aggressively solicit and unbiasedly assess data and suggestions from peers and colleagues in other organisations and those from their own.”

Upcoming Trends In The Industry

With the technological revolution, the industry will be undergoing tremendous changes in the coming future. The major trends benefitting the cloud computing industry will be

  • The decline in traditional brick-and-mortar data centers and the occurrence of large service providers from where people will prefer to rent servers.

  • Rise of AI as AI can do many things for data centre facilities, such as temperature (heating/cooling system) management, ventilation, security monitoring, fire hazard mitigation, and Data Security.

  • Implementation of strategies by the owners for eliminating carbon from their data centers.

  • More and more website owners are switching to offshore hosting to attain increased secrecy and protection.

  • Varied businesses are shifting to cloud hosting from traditional hosting.

Future Outlook

Establishing itself as a trustworthy service provider, Serverwala, in the near future, will be advancing towards OTT services, Automation sustainability, and Edge computing while contributing to a much higher employment rate.

Being a client-oriented business, the company will be focusing on moving its clients to AWS with utmost reliability; the shift, however, will not be instant.

The Serverwala team will first align customers with the technology free of cost to understand how the system works and realise its worth, and then pay for the same consciously.

Advising young entrepreneurs, Mr Akshay shares,

"Before starting on your entrepreneurial journey, first recognise the gap in the market where you can add value. Always work by keeping in mind the bigger picture and pick the right people to work with.”

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