Merino Consulting Services, Stitching the Fabric of Successful Partnerships with Robust Processes, Intelligence, and People

Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services
Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services

Stitching the Fabric of Successful Partnerships with Robust Processes, Intelligence, and People

“At the core, we are an IT services company focused on providing best of breed solutions to our esteemed customers in Enterprise Application Space, and this makes us different. Our ability to adapt to dynamically changing business scenarios has helped us to move with the time and reach different geographies. We are long term partners for many great brands, across the globe.”

Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services

Merino Consulting Services, Stitching the Fabric of Successful Partnerships with Robust Processes, Intelligence, and People

The esteemed Merino Consulting Services, one of the 20 Best Companies to Watch in 2021, commenced its journey in the IT sector from 2006 under the supervision of an incredible visionary Bikash Lohia.


Born in a business family and inspired by the entrepreneurial background Bikash Lohia understands ‘what works and how it works’. Moreover, ample of organizational experience made him think,

“Why not let the knowledge be shared for greater benefits?”.

Hence, the foundation stone of Merino Consulting Services was laid as a platform to deliver promises equipped with experience and expertise thereby promoting a symbiotic bond with Merino’s clients and partners.

In an exclusive conversation with Purnima Narang, Editor, The CEO Magazine, Bikash Lohia shared about his brand’s inception, his entrepreneurial outlook on leadership, Covid-19 virus Pandemic, growth plans, and more. Here are the edited excerpts:

TCM: What is the story behind the unique name and how do you uniquely cater to your target clientele’s needs?

Bikash: The brand name, Merino (IT Services), is derived from the parent company, Merino Industries. The Merino Logo symbolizes growth propelled by three important functions people, processes and services working in conjunction. While the three arcs represent people, process and services, the green arrow is a sign of prosperity and growth.

Merino Group of Companies has a tradition of fostering innovation and achieving high customer satisfaction consistently. The group has a diverse business portfolio in the manufacturing industry across segments such as furniture, high-pressure & low-pressure laminates, and farm-to-plate apart from IT business.

TCM: What was the nature of the challenges you faced in your entrepreneurial journey?

Bikash: Information technology fosters innovation in business, which resulted in more innovative apps, improved data storage, faster data processing and multi-layer security to ensure business continuity. Entrepreneurs need a complete view of business, artificial intelligence and zero dependability. And this makes the IT business extremely demanding.

Merino Consulting Services believes in balancing the traditional values with the fast-changing technology environment.

Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services
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TCM: What are some of the mistakes you wish you could have avoided as a leader?

Bikash: As it happens with all new businesses the initial team lacked detailed expertise of the IT industry. Consequently, the progress was a bit decelerated.

However, we took those instances or events as opportunities to stop and reflect. As a young businessman, I was more impulsive. But with maturity and experience I have learned that when honesty is blended with hard work there is never looking back-we just become unstoppable.

TCM: Being one of the 20 Best Companies to Watch in 2021 in the industry, what are the core values your team treasures?

Bikash: I strongly believe that PEOPLE, PROCESS AND AGILITY and is the key to remain stable in long run. Another focus is always the value generation for the clients.

We are a great team and growing multi-faceted, be it adding new geographies or technologies, values will remain at the core and we will continue to differentiate ourselves with the mantra – delivery with value addition.

TCM: What are the marketing strategies you engage in to grow today?

Bikash: We move ahead with industry focus and digital platforms to reach our prospective clientele. We are currently working with omnichannel marketing wherein we aim to engage people on the digital platforms through value-based content including our achievements.

Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services
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TCM: What is Success? Who would you like to credit the success to?

Bikash: Success to me is crafting a satisfactory experience that results in smiling customers as they receive the desired value. It ensures an everlasting bond with the customers.

We work as one big Team- rain or shine we are all together to deliver the best possible services.

TCM: In the extremely competitive IT industry, in your opinion, what makes Merino the trailblazer?

Bikash: We differentiate ourselves as a brand that believes in offering solutions not only for the sake of doing business but also to focus on realising the value to the entrepreneurs who are single-handedly running their shows.

Our knowledge, strength, capability to deliver to customer’s expectations along with our ability to adopt new technologies and apply it to businesses are the main keys to our unstoppable journey of success.

TCM: How did you surmount the curveballs thrown by the Covid-19 pandemic?

Bikash: Fortunately, before the pandemic hit the country, we were equipped with our technical setup and resources that our team members needed to deliver uninterrupted service.

The entire team stayed connected across the globe and all the needs of our clients were taken care of on time with utmost care and perfection. We were able to go for new collaborations and partnerships as well as getting new clients. So, the impact was not that harsh on Merino’s business.

Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services
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TCM: What are the achievements and awards you are most proud of today? What’s next in terms of growth?

Bikash: I take pride in crafting a team which is excited to learn new things, take up new challenges and resolve the issues of businesses with skills and confidence. These aspects add driving value to the brand -Merino.

The growth roadmap evolves around bringing new products and solutions to our portfolio.

Words Of Wisdom By Bikash

“Merino is not just an IT Consulting, Services and Advisory organization, it is a proven & trusted brand. We, at Merino, put every effort to serve our clients with a motive to build everlasting relationships and to enable them to ‘Expect Beyond’. With our ever-growing business processes and solutions, we look forward to building more collaborations and bringing them in our portfolio for serving our customers. Thank you. Stay Safe, Stay Healthy,”
The man at helm of Merino Consulting, Bikash Lohia, shared.
Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services
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Bikash Lohia, Founder, Merino Consulting Services
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