Denave, A B2B Global Sales Enablement Company Focused on Driving Revenue Growth Through Services Driven by Technology

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO & Co-Founder, Denave

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO & Co-Founder, Denave

Denave, A B2B Global Sales Enablement Company Focused on Driving Revenue Growth Through Services Driven by Technology

“It’s an honour to receive the ‘Company of the Year 2021’ award. Despite the challenges owing to the pandemic, the recognition for Denave comes due to its undeterred focus on service excellence and collaboration to drive exceptional results for its clients and people,”

Snehashish Bhattacharjee, Global CEO, Denave

Established in 1999, Denave enjoys the stance of an industry leader with its dedicated team of 1700+ professionals directed by Snehashish Bhattacharjee. For more than two decades now, the organisation has been a global sales catalyst savouring quality experience building robust ecosystems that drive positive business outcomes.


Leveraging systematic, planned, and tech-driven solutions to set up robust sales engines, Denave has built multi-industry expertise to partner with global businesses. Denave takes a solution-conscious approach to deliver best practices in sales by leveraging people, processes, technology, and innovation to drive revenue.

Currently, Denave has reached across 5 continents, 50+ countries, and 500+ cities globally. Having generated over $5 billion in sales revenue for our industry-leading clients, spread across varied industries such as Technology, Telecom, E-commerce, FMCG, Consumer, Oil & Gas, Chemicals, etc., they aim at being the top sales enablement organisation.

About Denave

With novel sales methodologies across the buyer's journey and value creation through innovative products enabling their growth for years, their tech-enabled sales solutions aim to help global brands navigate their uncharted terrain with confidence and optimism. Denave is focused on generating employment opportunities through delivery centres across the world and creating sales leaders of tomorrow. Building sales competency is an answer to leverage a country's demographic dividend.

Sales enablement is often a nebulous concept, defined differently by different organisations, a realm that Denave has set out to conquer with a service bouquet that has a direct impact on their customer’s profitability. As an all-inclusive and end-to-end approach, Denave’s sales enablement methodology defines best practices for strategizing, implementing, recruiting, enabling, and analysing all aspects of the sales cycle to drive optimal returns for enterprises and enable success in sales.

The Denave Services

Denave deploys its efforts to offer an exclusive solution encompassing several services:

Intelligent Database Management System (IDBMS), a powerful database engine that enables deeper market and sales intelligence & access to identify B2B prospects. The B2B database engine accurately taps into the whitespace and enables enterprises to expand prospect base, generate & sustain demand, and drive successful sales closure with the help of a variety of tools. They also leverage the same platform to drive effective data management and maintenance services – the lifeblood of today’s digital transformation.

Digital Demand Generation: Denave offers digitally native and deep capabilities for digital demand generation and revenue enablement, specifically in the B2B landscape. It assists awareness creation to reach prospects and move them along the sales funnel faster. They work with several domains and language experts to generate leads on language localization strategies as well as customer acquisition process from initial contact through implementation - ultimately resulting in increased revenue. They offer Telesales, Field Sales & Marketing and Digital Marketing as a part of the Digital Demand Generation service:

Telesales: As a part of the telesales service, Denave offers industry-proven and battle-tested methodologies to improve telesales conversations and improve closure ratio. They provide a consultative approach to smooth out telesales by accurately addressing the customer's information needs and improving sell or cross-sell opportunities.

Field Sales & Marketing: Denave’s digital demand generation engine is also backed by seamless offline customer engagement and GTM strategies which are covered under the Field Sales & Marketing service. They offer an effective tech-enabled service to execute flawless result-oriented GTM campaigns targeted towards brand activation, geo expansion. The company’s ROI focused processes are ideal for enhancing or strengthening the client's presence through distribution channels of their choice.

Digital Marketing: As a leading digital marketing services provider with expertise in enterprise-level campaigns for all business sizes, they understand how a prospect's journey unfolds on various channels. This includes a cohesive mix of marketing automation strategies that give iterative direction to campaign spending while ensuring optimum efficiency every time.

Sales Training: IDEA (Induct, Develop, Enable and Assess), Denave’s Sales Training program is a virtuous cycle to improve sales force performance in a complex and dynamic market landscape. Denave’s comprehensive range of multi-model sales training modules is designed leveraging 100+ man-year experience to deliver enhanced salesforce engagement and drive revenue impact across varied industries.

Retail Solutions: Modern-day retailers need to be fast and flexible to thrive. Denave offers a bouquet of solutions including virtual retail solutions, retail analytics, visual merchandising, planogram, virtual retail audit, and more to help them scale their infrastructure for sustainable success. High-growth retailers are leveraging Denave solutions for eliminating redundancies, or automating routine activities, optimizing, and reaching unrealized efficiencies.

Sales Process Automation: Denave’s sales automation solutions drive quick end-to-end implementation that translates into systematic data capture, timely feedback, improved team productivity, smoother dissemination of information, and KPI tracking.

Challenges, From Snehashish’s Lens

"Many technologies of the past year are non-existential today. Staying on top of trends poses a challenge along with building pace in the sales journeys, which have lost significant momentum post covid. To continuously build scale in our tech products, helping clients to overcome their challenges, and boost sales, we have aligned our sales solutions to the new normal. Furthermore, we have re-aligned our seller’s journey to enable sales recovery for our clients,” shared, Snehashish.

Proudest Milestones

After four years of inception, the profitable start-up understood that sales as a service had the staying power with a focus on retail, manpower, training, and so on. They took the giant leap with expansion in Singapore, challenged the status quo at every turn, and kept adding new services. This was followed by expansion from technology to telecom and energy sectors in 2009, in APAC markets with Malaysia operations after 3 years, and in Europe in 2014.

The same year, they received the IDC I.C.O.N.I.C Award for Excellence in Employee Engagement. In 2016, they were honoured with Red Herring ‘Global Top 100 Company.’ They were recognised in CIO’s ‘Most Promising Sales Tech Solution Provider 2019’ list. Denave was also recognised in the Economic Times Best Brands 2020 list. They were also recognised as “Great Place to Work 2020”. Recently, Denave won the best B2B Marketing Communication Award at the CMO Vision & Innovation Summit 2021.

Emerging sales enablement trends in 2022

The sales enablement continuum will be even more fast-paced and demands enterprises to adopt upcoming trends as archaic sales processes will evaporate. With a focus on next-level account-based marketing operations, prospect account activation and account prioritization, enterprises will mark their potential prospects and extract the intelligence around their business needs.

B2B databases will play a major role in helping enterprises to reach their potential customers and shortening sales cycles. Digital automated technology will play a pivotal role in discovering the prospect data and updating or maintaining intervals and enriching it.

Marketing and sales automation tools will significantly boost and fast forward business expansion initiatives of enterprises. Integration between sales and marketing applications and CRM systems will run parallel to sales and marketing functions. Sales training will be the next big imperative. They will need constant upskilling to keep pace with the technology updates, remote selling trends that are emerging to shape multi-dimensional sales ecosystems.

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