India, the second-largest telecommunications market with a subscriber base of 1.20 billion has registered a revolutionary change in the entire telecommunication scene in the country. While it has registered strong growth in the past decade and a half, Indian mobile economy, a prominent part of the same, is growing rapidly and will contribute substantially to India's GDP.

In this widespread industry, there are various big, small and medium brands which are creating impact and some more than ever and this is eventually creating a lot of business opportunities that can be exploited from this famous industry.


  • Cyber Cafe/Internet Café: From small towns to the metropolitans, from students to people who are looking for any type of internet facility, cyber cafe or internet cafe is the most profitable retail business in the telecommunication industry. The business concept offers internet services on the desktop with allied services like printing service, Xerox etc. This is very popular among the students, teenage and also professionals.
  • Cable TV Network Providing: This business is one of the most common telecom industry business, cable TV systems, local telephone service and high-speed Internet access is a very profitable business. Now, from cable TV network to internet connections, one can charge monthly rent from the cable network consumers. The high in demand internet connection from cable operators is also a very popular concept costs less compared to other internet service providers.
  • Recruitment Agency for Call Centre: An interdependence between telecom and IT industry exists predominantly. The BPO industry is majorly based on call centres which in India is a famously booming business. This centralized facility providing a hub that handles a large number of telephone requests for an organization call centres are of different types like an inbound call centre, outbound call centre, customer service centre which demand different types of candidates having different criteria.
  • Recharge Card Selling: Today, the Indian population have access to mobile phones more than ever, and mobiles run on recharges. Mobile phones have turned from a luxury to essentials and this recharge card is also an essential item for pre-paid phone or internet user. Though the commission percentage is very less, recharge card retailing is a profitable business. This is also a very profitable
  • Selling Network Equipment & Devices: The most popular network equipment and devices like routers, adapters & access points, wireless extenders, ethernet switches, cloud storage, modem, cables, firewalls, network adapters etc. You can start selling these products from a retail store to sell network equipment and devices.
  • Smartphone Selling & Repairing: A part of everyone's daily and business routine is smartphones and India has a diverse audience from different age groups to demographics, and hence this business ahs a market across the country. It is indeed one of the most profitable business in the telecommunication industry and it continues to be one as the number of "connected things" continues to grow as mobile and "smart" device utilization and connectivity continues to expand—which will ultimately shape and define the IoT space.
  • SMS Marketing: Well, in the age of digital marketing, SMS marketing remains a relevant one especially effective at targeting location-based audience. Also known as mobile advertising, this holds significant potential for growth. Many brands be it the food delivery services, banks, online shopping sites, etc uses the bulk SMS marketing as a very effective tool while launching new products, offering discounts and brand building. 

Road Ahead

The future of Telecomm industry in India seems to have a massive growth especially in terms of the revenues from the telecom equipment sector, several internet subscribers, and overall IP traffic along with the Indian Government's plans to develop 100 smart city projects, where IoT would play a vital role in the development of those cities.

Effect of Jio Entry In The Indian Telecomm Scene

First launched in 2016, Reliance Jio Infocomm Ltd has changed the face of the industry with large amounts of data and voice usage limits. This has eventually led to a period where there has been a huge spike in data usage and voice traffic and a sharp decline in consumer spends on telecom.

Various reports stated how the usage increased and the stats like new data subscribers being doubled in a certain amount of time, the share of customers using 3G and 4G services rose by 40% approx. in three years, voice usage per customer nearly doubling to about 700 minutes per user per month according to the report, Well, this sums up as good for the customers, while the revenues and profits of Jio's competitor brands rose.

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