A quick fix to Tax and Financial Planning difficulty


Tax-It-Here:  A quick fix to Tax and Financial Planning difficulty

Customers, today, demand a fast but high-quality service and value for money. Today they want the seamless financial tool for their economic growth or make running their business easier in a time-starved environment. Tax-It-Here is a Fintech Company helping individuals and organizations to file their IT returns in a seamless way and hassle-free manner along with providing financial guidance and unprecedented support for a minimal sum of money. Tax-It-Here provides a solution to one of India's biggest challenge which is the tax and financial planning for the unorganized sector. Besides, it also guides in seeding new and innovative ideas of entrepreneurship in the minds of zillion youngsters to pave the path for the next generation entrepreneurs by inculcating social responsibility and a buoyant work spirit.

The firm keeps the trace of relentless nerve to achieve unmitigated aspirations and invincible expressions to create the vigor needed to spark zillion of minds. Tax-It-Here is both a customer-centric as well as an employee-centric organization helping individuals file income taxes in a hassle-free manner both online and offline.With the aim of making India Tax Compliant, it ensures to assist every individual and organizations maximize their tax refund while helping them file their IT returns. While assisting to design a consistent investment plan that would be beneficial in long-term, the firm enables its clients to help them save and maximize their investments. Taxation continues to thrive as one of its key verticals.  With a vision of becoming the most trusted financial partner to every citizen of the country, Tax-It-Here is now working on building Artificial Intelligence that will enable every citizen to plan his/her financials and ensure economic growth.

Theideaof Tax-It-Here flourishedfrom the sheer patriotism of Sree Krishna Seelam, Founder of the company. It surfaced to address one of the most crucial problems of living. India is one of the most non-tax compliant countries with low tax morale. Increased taxpayers and tax compliance can help raise the economic standards of the firm to become a part of the country's economic growth. On one hand, the government is playing its part by instilling responsibility in every citizen to file taxes and on the other, Tax-It-Here is playing its own part by extended assistance to individuals file returns seamlessly along with financial advisory. Evolution of the companies like Tax-It-Here will definitely compel India to become one among the top-notch tax compliant nations in the world.

Currently, the company is bootstrapped and is running a self-sustainable business model. Even though the company has been approached by few investors, they haven't zeroed on any and are looking to consider someone with more capabilities over cash.

Silver Bullet of the Organization                                                                              

The success of Tax-It-Here lies is its work-culture. Any company can replicate the process and systems of Tax-It-Here but the collective effectiveness of the team who works for their dreams unlike most who end up working all life to pay their bills, cannot be replicated. The firm is building a world-class culture that the world has rarely perceived. Let me give you an example. Mounika, an intern in Sree Krishna's previous startup is now a core team member of Tax-It-Here all because of her tremendous level of energy. She has been appointed as a founding team member along with a fair share of equity in the company. Mounika had a dream of being the chief spokesperson for her college and a common dream that most of the successful entrepreneurs share. Her relentless passion and optimism brought her closer to her dreams. Just because Tax-It-Here monitors carefully the progress of its employees to ensure their growth, Mounika could live her dreams within a year from her joining.

Tax-It-Here does not have any HR policies or hard and fast rules; it strongly abides by principles that are set as its vision, mission, and values. There is a lot to talk about how the Fintech companies are going to find smart ways of working together. However, what seemed to have slipped from people's mind and from today's business agenda are lifetime values and long-term relationships. Tax-It-Here, therefore, offers every member of the team to take up quarterly leaves for 15 days or they can even cumulate entire two months towards the end of the year. These work-offs are not used for relaxing but to spend onvaried experiences such astraveling, learning new skills, volunteering to build a strong culture and so forth.

Born to delve into inexperienced chapters and experience on everything that life has to offer, Krishna's mission is to turn this planet into a better place for the upcoming generations. Acertified life coach with a passion to teach and motivate people, Sree Krishnahas 14 years of corporate sales experience in domestic and international markets and worked on five projects in the past four years and ended up with two successful ventures. Besides business, he took interest in several other areas such as traveling and politics. In the year 2014, he contested as an MLA in the general election representing a National party.Unlike several business tycoons, Sree Krishna does not have a fancy Ph.D. or a premium degree but has an urge to explore and is open to new learnings. Business is in his genes. Give him any product and show him a mule, I bet he will prove to be the best investor you have ever met. His earlier startup had clocked revenue of million dollars in just a few months. He started his second startup with an investment of little less than 8000$ with a team of three people and within a span of six months, he crossed over a million dollars in revenues.

Milestones and Future Plan 

Tax-It-Here has been featured in over 35 lakh publications and is recognized as a startup by DIPP. Being frugal is the key to the company's success. It started its operations in Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh last year and in less than a year of incorporation, it managed to go live with 4850 centers across two states for filling of IT returns.Tax-It-Here isquite optimistic in capturing a good percentage of the market share in India in the next 6 months.


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