Disruption begins with questioning the norm. In this brave new world, driven by millennials, a seven-year-old boy's innocent question and his father's entrepreneurial abilities  has led to the formation of a unique concept and Ship2MyID initiated its journey a few years ago and the possibilities of unleashing new opportunities began in shipping.

Ship2MyID is a patented shipping enablement and identity management platform that allows consumers or businesses ideally "anyone and everyone" to ship products to others without the need for the receiver's mailing address. As an incredibly powerful and patented platform, it resolves the global problems of addresses & Identities and gives abundant new revenue opportunities for postal communities, logistic companies, ecommerce, and most of all, Consumers.

Today, without mailing addresses, products cannot be shipped. Ship2MyID comes as a shipping solution, where the Sender can provide either a cell phone number, email or any social media ID of the recipient when they don't have the actual mailing addresses, and Ship2MyID takes care of the rest.


With a profound experience of about three decades, Santosh Gopal, the founder has been leading Ship2MyID and taking it on higher latitude. His expertise envelops an excellent track record in Information Technology including Entrepreneur, Services Company for ISVs, Social Commerce. Prior to establishing Ship2MyID, he serves at key positions in different industries like Technology, Software, Education, and Publishing. Santosh is an innovative executive leader for strategic alliances and always comes up with something out-of-the-box.


The concept of Ship2MyID was born out of the expectations of Santosh Gopal's son, Kush. It was his seventh birthday and his parents bought a lot of gifts for guests as return gifts. But unfortunately, they left them at home. After the party, the son asked his parents how we would send those gifts as we do not have their addresses.

Once, Kush was waiting for the shipment of his tablet. He received an email about the shipment while he was in Virginia, but the tablet shipped to his home address in California. He pondered: If email can find me in Virginia why can't my shipment come there too?

Powerful innovation, simple to use and delivers disruptive changes to the way people send and receive gifts — the freedom and flexibility of a virtual world.  Convenience, Accessibility & Privacy are driving the digital world. Ship2MyID aims to bring those benefits to real-world life.

The core concept of ship2myid stems from addressing these two fundamentals;

Can we send packages to any Digital ID instead of mailing addresses?

Can packages follow consumers and not tied to fixed locations?

Today we talk about the digital world. Our phones carry thousands of digital contacts. The traditional approach doesn't allow us to send packages without addresses. Now with Ship2myiD – you can send packages to every digital contact.  The foundation of Ship2MyID was taken to tackle these issues.


  1. Without the address of the recipient, shipping is not possible.
  2. As per UPU (Universal Postal Union) 50% of the world has improper addresses deny-in them of basic amenities such as water, power, gas and health care
  3. 30% of Millennials change their "home address" every year leading to biggest reason of lost packages
  4. World addresses have no standard structure or language which results in global shipping issues


The Ship2MyID solution is based on these two simple mantras – Addresses need to be portable and packages need to follow people (or businesses) and not be tied down to a physical location.

Today, almost every person has a cell phone or an email id that is unique worldwide. A person can associate his cell phone, Facebook, email or any social or Digital ID to Ship2MyID. Now, these digital ID's become the handle to reach the person. The user can create multiple delivery locations and each of these delivery locations can be mapped to a street address or an alternative. Consumers or businesses can ship to each other by simply providing the digital ID's of the recipient. Ship2MyId transfers accountability of address from the sender to the recipient. To ensure privacy, Recipient has 100% control on all the packages which come to their home.


Let's catch a glimpse of the key factors that bestow a competitive advantage to the company and have enabled it to lead digital shipping across the world:

  • Unique lifetime Digital address mapping any physical location
  • 100% control for each delivery and acceptance depends on sender
  • Data privacy is on top priority
  • Eliminating the need for conventional mailing addresses and solves global shipping problem
  • Manage one-touch hold, schedule or FWD at a transaction level
  • Solving address validation challenges and has 100% visibility of all shipments
  • Cross Border Deliveries become a lot easier; no language or script barriers
  • Seamless Ecommerce Checkout Integration
  • API integrations with existing infrastructure
  • Plug-in for e-commerce, business, Scanners, Sorting Machines, GPI systems
  • Alerts, Notifications, and Delivery Confirmation
  • Alphanumeric or QR code for every transaction

Further Santosh Gopal adds, "Today, everybody is trying to spy data; suppose you click any product on Flipkart, next day, you see the same ad on Amazon and other e-commerce sites. Everyone is trying to spoof and spy consumers to understand their buying needs and behaviours. Many large companies have been sued for breaking privacy laws. Instead of collecting data behind consumers back, Ship2MyId likes to bring trust back in the system. Consumers can decide what they want, when they want and where and all this with complete anonymity so that they don't have to face barrage of sales calls from brands & manufacturers. It's a game-changing way of direct marketing, and shifts the paradigm from 'creating demand to leveraging demand'.


  • Empowers National Postal organizations to play a bigger role within community
  • Creates brand new revenue streams powering the business growth
  • Leveraging Consumer Opt-ins provides Deep Insights to every consumer's digital footprint including purchase behaviour, shipping transaction, demand Generation and digital access to consumer's network.
  • Enhance Delivery with Higher Accuracy- Address + GIS
  • No Lost packages due to wrong addresses
  • Unique Shipment ID for each package
  • Automation using GIS-based sorting. No handwritten mailings
  • NO Cross border address challenges, multilingual labels can be printed
  • Omnichannel- KYC based customer service

Ship2MyID is the perfect solution for post offices globally to digitize their entire addressing problems in their respective countries. It can be the backbone for ecommerce, shipping, addressing and logistic industries, and enabling consumers to feel more secure as they have an option to control every aspect of their privacy and yet send and receive packages. It would trigger additional orders and shipments and con-tribute to the growth of ecommerce and logistics


Ship2MyId is in discussions with several National Postal organizations including UPU (Universal Postal Union under United Nations) and empower their postal organizations to deliver to a digital ID.  Company has aspirations to provide this platform free of cost to national postal offices and wants to ensure worldwide penetration with NO COST to consumers.

in Addition, they are planning to expand and want to be a standard platform for worldwide shipping needs. They believe that all people should be able to have a digital identity; mapped to their physical identities. The company is also on the way to provide a one unique lifetime identity for every world citizen.

"The most powerful ideas are very simple and the biggest destructions change from a simple idea. As Ola and Uber have given the power to consumers from taxi drivers in the same way we want to take power from shipping and e-commerce companies and give it to the people," Santosh Gopal wraps up.

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