Revolutionizing the solar industry with Dr. Solar

Revolutionizing the solar industry with Dr. Solar

Revolutionizing the solar industry with Dr. Solar

Revolutionizing the solar industry with Dr. Solar

Would you rather spend thousands on your electricity bill than harness the greatest source of energy and heat, that is available freely and in abundance? The Sun is the source of all life forms and energy. Plants and animals survive and thrive on the golden rays of this blazing ball of flame. So,nature is harnessing solar and so should we. The harsh reality is that coal mines are drying up and electricity charges are soaring. India is blessed with bright, sunny weather and solar energy is the only sustainable solution for the future.

One of the leading players in the Solar spectrum is Vedav Energy Solutions Pvt. Ltd., which is widely recognized by its brand name, Dr. Solar. Based on our research,the company is prominently featured among the top 25 fastest growing companies that is shining bright in the solar industry. Dr. Solar prides itself on its quality, excellence and innovation. The company burst onto the Solar scene in 2007 and is spreading its rays far and wide and is now a name to reckon with. It is technologically advanced and usesthe best materials and processes in the industry which result in a satisfied customer experience.

"Our fundamentals are strongly laid on the belief that energy is not about abundance but of competence. It is essential that we value energy in the most economical and efficient manner."

Harsha Murthy, the Managing Director, is an agent of change and advocate of sustainable energy. He was a senior investment banker at Citibank in Dubai, before he returned to India to take up the cause of clean and green energy. He is a thorough professional and is growth-oriented and result-driven but at the same time passionate about the change he is proposing to conventional methods of harnessing electricity. He incorporated Vedav Energy Solutions with his wife Lakshmi Harsha, with the conviction of providing easily accessible, 24*7 uninterrupted electricity.Dr. Solardesigns and marketsproducts with the greatest emphasis on quality, crafted and customized for each client. While many players in the market cut corners to give the customer a cheaper product, Dr. Solar always stands by their quality and belief that the superior product will speak for itself.  Only a good quality product can guarantee a solid life expectancy of 20 plus years. The company functions effectively on the QSP policy: Quality – Service- Price.

Overcoming challenges and emerging as a frontrunner

"The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten."

There are many issues ailing the Solar Energy industry in India. Poor quality products sold by some companies to make a quick buck, have been a dampener on the growth of the industry. If the customer ends up stuck with a poor-quality product, after incurring the investment cost on the system, it is unfair and disappointing. Bad after sales services also haunt the industry.

Dr. Solar combats these issues by stressing on the quality of their products. It is firmly against cheap, cost- cutting measures. It delivers a good quality product and after sales services that the customer can count on.  The company has strived to educate customers on the advantages of solar energy and the quality that they guarantee. Customers should not be swayed by throwaway prices offered on solar systems as only a good quality system will function effectively for years to come.

The Dr.Solar'sAdvantage

  • Over 150 Yearsof cumulative work experience
  • Over 15specially-trained technical team
  • Over 15 fully-trained sales, techno, commercial sales team
  • Over 5,00,000 Wp of Solar installed
  • Over 75 Lakhsof client money saved 

Area of Expertise

"We are ready to lose an order but will never compromise on the quality of the product just to get the order."

In the modern world, everything revolves around electricity. From phones and tablets to air-conditioners and microwaves, we simply cannot manage without a free, seamless flow of electricity. We crib about the hassles of frequent power cuts and everything comes to a standstill when the power is off. Investing in Dr. Solar means24*7 uninterrupted power supplyand a considerable saving on the electricity bill.Lauded for deploying high-quality products, Dr. Solar offers solar solutions for all kinds of projects from homes, educational institutions and fuel stations to hospitals, showrooms and various industries. Setting it apart from many others in the field, Dr. Solar is in a class of its own, offering comprehensive warranties and an efficient and prompt after sales service team.


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"We market what we believe in"

Dr. Solar practices whatit preaches.Drop in at the company office and you will see that it is powered by a 10KWp Solar rooftop solution.

Business Model

Since inception, Dr. Solar's goal has always been to channelize solar energy to those in real need of electricity. Giving people access to 24*7electricity is one of the company's main aims. Hence, the business model covers tier 2 and tier 3 towns rather than just metro cities. The company believes that their products are very competitive when compared to other providers in the industry.

Why shift to SOLAR?

  • Availability of 24*7 uninterrupted power
  • Clean and green energy harvested by your own rooftop
  • Being self-sufficient in power
  • Using unused roof/terrace spaces to generate power
  • Export excess energy generated to ESCOMs
  • Taking DG out of the picture and saving diesel used for DG

Establishing its prowess: Dr.Solar's Milestones

  • Have 0% system failure in the last 12 years of operation
  • Have provided electricity to remote rural areas of Karnataka through solar home lighting system (many people have rejoiced at having electricity for the first time in their lives)
  • First company and only company to have a NFR tie-up with Indian Oil (Karnataka), India's biggest company
  • One of the first companies to provide 100% solarisation to Fuel stations (no Grid or DG power – Fuel station powered 100% by solar)
  • The first company to solarize resorts of 'Jungle lodges and resorts' located in remote rural areas operating 24*7 on Diesel Generator.
  • Solarized more than 80 Petrol bunks across Karnataka and Kerala and the numberskeep growing every month

Founder's Periscope

Harsha Murthy, Managing Director

Education: MBA, Birla Institute of Management; MSc, International Business from University of Exeter, UK

Experience: Over 15+ years of experience in Indian and global markets with 12+ years of experience in the Solar industry

Key Responsibility: Overall Operations and functioning of the company

Key Officials

Manjunath K

Designation: Deputy General Manager – Operations

Education: Diploma and BE

Experience: Manjunath is one of the key pillars of Dr. Solar, with over 10 years of experience in the solar industry. He has been one of the forces in Dr. Solar whose emphasis on quality has rubbed off on all employees and customers. He is fully geared up and always full of energy and commitment.

Key Responsibility: Heads Operations 

Lakshmi Harsha

Designation: Director

Education: BE, MTech

Experience: Over 10 years of experience

Key Responsibility: Finance & Admin

JV Prasad

Designation: Director, HR

Education: MBA – HR & Marketing

Experience: Over 15+ years in the field of Human Resources

Key Responsibility: Heads HR Department

Expansion Binge

Dr. Solar proudly boasts of 0% failure and 100% customer satisfaction. Every contented customer is a brand ambassador who spreads the word about this sustainable solution.  The company has made its presence felt strongly in the Petroleum industry by solarizing more than 80 Fuel Stations in every nook and corner of Kerala and Karnataka. It is a trusted partner of Indian Oil, India's largest company. At the same time, Dr. Solar is also focusing on educational institutions and small and medium enterprises. It has made bold strides ahead, harnessing the greatest, natural, freely available resource. It has effectively addressed India's growing demand for power without harmful side-effects. It is doing its share towards a cleaner and greener world. Dr. Solar is rightly placed among the top 25 solar companies in India and is a force to reckon with.

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