Purple Phase Communications

Creating insightful branding that helps brand grow & makes consumers happy
Purple Phase Communications

Purple Phase Communications

Prerak Shah - Founder Director

Purple Phase Communications:

Creating insightful branding that helps brand grow & makes consumers happy

It is astonishing to breathe in fresh air of the transformation accelerated by businesses blowing away the cobwebs. Out with the old, in with the new, branding is not restrained to cut a fine figure in the market only, but also being in the race and emotionally connected with the brand.

Innovations have modernized the dynamics of marketing. The trade warriors execute ground-breaking marketing approach to boost the brand's evolution and maximize the revenue. Therefore, companies need to be expert and innovative to progress.

Brands need rib for sustenance i.e. branding. The concept goes back to the time of pre-literate societies; the unique shape of amphora served some of the objectives of a label to communicate information about the product's source area, producer's expertise and the product quality claims. Since then, branding evolved with time but the sector witnessed burgeoning growth with the internet push. As the web has become preeminent influence on how media and content companies fascinate and retain audience, Prerak Shah and Rikin Shah nurture brands with innovative branding solutions. Today, this home-grown brand consultancy firm cum mentor manages every inch of brands' requisite – from opportunity to challenges of emerging technology, from the challenge of introducing the brand to strategizing a plan fit for the future voyage. While maximizing engagement and conversion rate, the player explores to unify the branding journey to deliver incredible user experience and enhance brands' growth.

Emergence as a Global Enterprise

The branding guru, Purple Phase was incorporated in 2010, at Ahmedabad, India, with the belief that innovative solutions in the contemporary world can change the look of an entire business. Since then, Purple Phase is redefining different tools of marketing, branding, advertising and designing strategy and helping clients achieve their business goals.

Purple Phase has all distinctive flavours and obtained essential ingredients that make a delicious recipe, needed for acquiring Michelin stars in the branding industry.

Since inception, it has been associated with many recognized brands of diverse industries including food & beverages to QSR, fashion & lifestyle, FMCG, leisure, hospitality, real estate, agriculture, automobile, oil & gas, logistics, and healthcare.

"It is a creative agency backed by a team of experienced professionals."

Utilizing CLEVER personality, Purple Phase helps companies take on their business goals by transforming their business ideas into valuable, creative and strategic solutions.

C – Creative |  L – Loyal  |  E – Expert  |  V – Versatile  |  E – Experienced  |  R – Reliable

Thus, bringing into existence and creating iconic brands that become synonymous with business.

From start-up or an established brand, every corporation has to go through complicated situations at some point- understanding the expectations and behaviour of the target audience, creating a strong brand positioning and recall, entering new markets, launching new product lines, and evolving brand with time etc. Purple Phase has a team of creative professionals who bring their experience and expertise to meet the need of the hour.

Sailors of Purple Phase's Route to Success

Acknowledged for its strategic thinking and out of the box idea generation, team Purple Phase team strongly believes that excellent branding is a must but, if it does not serve the purpose, it is of no use. The corporation has evolved many small & start-up projects into well-known brands. Besides these are few key factors that make Purple Phase stand out:

  • Expert & proficient team helps to understand & develop communication for every client from any industry
  • Experience of building renowned brands from scratch
  • Work backed by thorough consumer research
  • Creative inputs at par with international agencies
  • Decades of experience in print production & packaging
  • Quick turnaround time
  • Trusted by clients (Long association with almost all clients)

Area of Expansion

Purple Phase Communications has expanded its footprints globally, serving pan India and a wide clientele across Dubai, US, and Australia. Purple Phase has served more than 200 clients across diverse industries like The Chocolate Room, Ahmedabad One Mall, Sambhaav Group, Indipop, Bollywood Bar & Grill (US), Studio 52 (Dubai), SKAPS Industries(USA),  Avee's Ice Cream, Tangles Salon, Whiskers (Men's Grooming Brand), Om Shanti Estates, Kaizen Hospital, Supernova Gensets, Flowchem Engineering, Steefo Engineering, V Care Logistics, Girnar Logistics, Karnavati Seeds, Kartavya Seeds, Zion Salon & Spa, Lampros Preschool, Dupat Infotronicx and many more.

To stimulate creative minds, Purple Phase nurtures its team with inspiration and enthusiasm. The team is a perfect blend of experienced, versatile, and passionate visualizers, copywriters, client service executives, and brand. They persistently explore new ideas and technologies to give novel creative solutions.

Product Portfolio

Purple Phase aims to be the brain of branding and advertising consulting and has the full-fledged basket to uplift any brand. It deals into branding & advertising, brand strategy & consultation, logo & stationery, packaging design, ambience design, creative content writing, event & exhibition stall design, social media marketing, video marketing, and website design. In each of its service, the team strives to derive unique concept blended with thoughtful strategy, creative execution, and result driven implementation. Whatever the medium be, whether print, radio, TVC, ambient or digital, it has the ability to deliver 360-degree campaigns that contribute in creating top of the mind brand recall and distinctive brand image.

Feathers in the Cap

  • Purple Phase was presented Foxglove award (Silver for West India region) by AFAQS in 2018 edition for its extraordinary contribution in corporate identity development & branding for Whiskers (men's grooming brand)
  • The company was chosen among Top 20 Most Promising Advertising Agencies – 2018 by a recognized business magazine.

What's next?

The company is creating the blueprint to foray into full-fledged digital branding and luxury branding in the coming times. Purple Phase is also planning to expand its presence and client base with a focus on working with more national and international brands.

The Brain behind the brand

Prerak Shah

Founder Director

Mr. Prerak Shah is a passionate & professional brand consultant. In his 19 years of insightful experience, he has turned businesses into brands by providing 360 degree strategic and innovative solutions, which include media planning, campaign design, packaging & logo design, ambience design and so on. Mr. Shah believes idea is bigger than size of the business, hence irrespective of size of the business, he uses his core strengths – passion, perfection and high ambitions to deliver every task he takes up. He heads a team of young & creative professionals that include client service executives, copywriters, designers and interns.

Mr. Shah's real creative journey started since his birth, as he is born and brought up in the family of creative artists. His almost 2 decades of professional experience is strongly backed by 7 decades of family experience. His inquisitiveness to know the results of experiments never lets him rest on his laurels.

Rikin Shah


MBA with Marketing, Rikin Shah having more than 15 years of industry experience is pursuing a transforming agenda and bringing some wonderful strategic and creative edge to the corporation. Mr. Rikin has worked with the leading national advertising agencies like Mudra & Trion Communications. His years of expertise and learning enabled him to initiate phenomenal ideas and evolve in the dynamics of marketing terminology, account planning, consumer behaviour, and brand innovation.

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