Multi Stream Broadcast: Visualising the Business Goals with Streaming Technologies

Multi Stream Broadcast: Visualising the Business Goals with Streaming Technologies

Multi Stream Broadcast: Visualising the Business Goals with Streaming Technologies

Every accomplishment starts with a determination to try. Some people are born to take pains for the unique phenomenon and explore new dimensions after one another.

Multi Stream Broadcast is one of the achievements of an unsung business hero, Maneesh Sharma, who strives hard while remaining behind the limelight and is continually making efforts to bring things in a superior way. His goal is not just success but knowledge to achieve more each day.

Every business's desideratum is to rack up influence on the audience and convert them into potential customers. Video marketing is contemplated as an outstanding way of breathing in fresh life to a brand with evocative, engaging imagery and shareable content. It allows companies to tell the story, create emotion and present a new level of awareness. Data says that keeping a viewer's attention depends on two emotions, enjoyment and surprise. In order to maximize engagement, it is vital to generate at least one of these responses. Multi Stream Broadcast was incorporated by Maneesh in 2016 with the same goal to deliver quality Live Broadcast services that can connect with people emotionally.

Maneesh completed his graduation in commerce. He is an extraordinary personality, who aims to be the best in designing and technology. To achieve this goal, he started graphics designing with top Indian news channels including TV18, HT MINT, INX MEDIA, and INDIA TV. Popularly known as DESIGNGEEK, Maneesh switched to live broadcast version of media at the peak of his career.  After spending 13 years in media, he decided to look forward to doing something extraordinary. So, at the age of merely 35 years, he started his own Broadcasting Company. His company Multi Stream Broadcast became one of the top live streaming companies in India within a year. Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube you name it and MSB will broadcast every event on it. Maneesh and his company MSB always believed in 'no compromise on quality' policy. Their motto is quality, means doing it right, when no one is reckoning on'.

To get a scoop about the company, our editorial team spoke to Maneesh Sharma, man behind the brand. Here are the edited excerpts:

How has MSB acquainted its uniqueness in the industry?

The Multi Stream Broadcast has established itself as a reliable broadcast service partner for our clients. It is becoming a leader in the live streaming industry in India. Live Streaming is just one part; MSB has multiple dimensions covered under a single organisation. Video Production, Motion Graphics, Website Designing, Event Listing and Online Ticketing with attendee management are other areas of services where MSB explored and left its mark. Till date, MSB has written many successful stories in the span of two & half years and will continue to evolve as a bigger brand in Media & Broadcast Services.

What are MSB's Major Offerings?

Multi Stream Broadcast is dedicated to providing professional Live Streaming & Broadcast services across the globe. The team MSB consists of enthusiastic people who have years of experience in Live Streaming, Video Production, Event Management, and Motion Graphics.

Animation & Motion Graphic

  • Digital Advertisements
  • Info graphics
  • Promotion and Demonstration Videos
  • Looping Videos for Stage Shows and Events
  • Corporate Films
  • Post Production Services

Master Social Media with MSB

  1. Social Media Optimization
  2. Social Media Marketing
  3. Social Identity Creation
  4. Social Viral Campaigns
  5. Google Advertising
  6. YouTube Advertising

Sports Broadcast []

We take full responsibility for any Sports event including tournament designing, preparations, the overall execution of the event, and then live streaming on the internet.

A Perfect partner for Live Wedding

MSB presents SHUBHVIVAH.LIVE, a platform for weddings to offer Webcast of wedding/parties & complete photography & videography services. 

What is the exclusionary aspect of MSB?

Live-streaming is going to be big in 2019 and beyond. If you analyse the importance of live streaming, then the first point would be that it has the advantage in every way. Live streaming can set a growing trend for the brand. And, presently MSB is the leader in Live Streaming that makes it unique.

Give a Brief Information on your company's whereabouts. 

Currently, we have the office in New Delhi only. We will be looking to open offices in multiple cities in the near future.

Clientele (total number and a name of few if possible)

We have 35+ clients; some of them include Hero, Yes Bank, Mint, Tata Motors, Standard Chartered Bank, Ministry of Home Affairs, Hockey India, All India Football Federation, and BML Munjal University etc.

How many employees are in gear at MSB?

8 employees

What are the preeminent consummations of the company?

After starting the company, our first major event was AMCDRR 2016 for Ministry of Home Affairs and then we have worked with many esteemed clients for their Corporate, Government, Sports & Educational events.

How do your services support other companies in their endeavour?

With our solutions and offerings, a company can grow at a faster rate than they even imagine. With services like live streaming and social media promotions, a brand can gain a huge amount of publicity in a short time. Live streaming is as a window that gives your consumers a glimpse into your world and business. Give them something they want more and more of and before you know it they'll be your lifelong customers.

Road Map/ Blue Print   

The journey of a thousand miles starts with a single step. The association has taken that initial step and going strong with its mission to be the best in business. The vision is clear, and we know what it takes to move forward without compromising the quality.

They say, "A business has to be involving, it has to be fun, and it has to exercise the creative instincts," MSB seems to be doing the same to achieve and learn something new every day.

 Forthcoming Plans

Multi-Stream Broadcast will foray into complete event management services. It will offer services starting from planning to its execution and endeavour to provide customers with the best value for money through the ideal expense and quality balance.

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