The Indian Healthcare industry has made significant advancement owing to the emerging technologies. The healthcare industry in India is already one of the country's largest sectors in terms of both employment and revenue generation. The healthcare sector in India accounts for worth $160 billion and is expected to reach over $280 billion by 2021. Despite, the tremendous growth and advances, the healthcare industry is dealing with a plethora of challenges.

Due to this, healthcare service providers must build on the looming growth of the industry while staying up with a steady evolution. According to an expert of healthcare coding industry and CEO of Medesun Healthcare Solutions which provides medical billing, medical coding and training in subsequent areas, Dr.Meriyala Santosh Kumar Guptha said "Increased regulatory burdens and reporting requirements, plus the updates to the diagnostic and procedural code sets have created an environment of both challenge and opportunity for medical coders"

There is a growing demand for well trained medical coders in the healthcare industry therefore, the Medesun Healthcare Solutions are effectively moving towards developing a large team of rightly skilled professionals to sustain healthcare providers around the world. This firm is situated in Hyderabad and its head office is in the U.S. Emerging as the guiding light of quality and enthusiasm in the industry, the firm promises to deliver cost-effective medical coding BPO processes that hold on to the best practices and standardize coding standards. Medesun is serving clients across Ireland, UAE, the U.S. and Dubai.

The story of Medesun is a mixture of a lot of hard work, undying passion and entrepreneurial spirit. Santosh Kumar Guptha was born and brought up in a middle-class family in Hyderabad where his father worked as a salesman. Both of his parents never went to college. He was someone who always known the importance and power of education and his turning point came with ICD-10 Implementation where he was trained under AHIMA-USA. Despite all the hardships and struggles, Meriyala Santosh Kumar Guptha came out of adversity like a winner. He is a World Record Trainer having 42 certifications and over 15 years of experience in medical coding and billing. There is no doubt that he has cemented his place in this trillion-dollar Healthcare Business Outsourcing Services industry.


It all started in the year 2003 when Santosh Kumar Guptha was working as a medical coder for a US-based healthcare company observed globalization of the US healthcare industry. He found out that the company was planning to outsource the process of medical billing and coding to India and at that time there was not much manpower that can do work efficiently, therefore, the opportunity for growth was marvellous. Seizing this opportunity, he incepted Medesun Healthcare. The main focus of Medesun is to train the best minds in medical billing and coding and giving well-skilled manpower to the healthcare industry.

They started their path to success by training students the area of medical coding/billing/HIPAA/HL7/ICD-10(International Classification of Diagnosis – 10th Revision), CPT (Current Procedural Terminology) and HCPCS (Healthcare Common Procedural Coding System) for supplies and drug coding.


At Medesun they train students to add value to the healthcare industry with thorough training on clinical knowledge, practical application, gap analysis and communication. They believe that the job opportunities for recently trained medical billing or medical coding professionals are increasing at a faster rate than all other professions.

"Most students are in a dilemma when it comes to putting in money for certifications or getting placed in a good company. Opportunity wise, the industry is wide open and there's a huge requirement of efficient medical billers/coders even till this day. We offer the value-added best certification courses where student's success drives our entire operation." further added by Santosh Kumar Guptha.

He believes that to share knowledge and add a positive impact on the healthcare sector, first one need to master the art. Santosh Kumar Guptha is a well-recognised personality in the healthcare industry as most of his students are currently serving as Managers and Vice Presidents in medical coding and billing companies.


Medesun Healthcare Solutions has more than 20 trainers who are experienced in working in the US healthcare industry. The international exposure while training students gives us an edge over competition. Along with medical coding/billing training to students, Medesun also offers HIPAA Compliance training, IP-DRG, HCC, ICD-10-AM, Tumor registry, cancer registry, Revenue Cycle Management (RCM), HIM training, AAPC CPC, AHIMA CCS and medical coding auditing services. They also provide an online medical coding training and internship programs. All the students quickly develop the passion and interest because of the experienced trainers. From the last few years, Medesun has seen enormous revenue growth and most of their students have been placed in great positions in the healthcare industry and are spread around the world.


India is at the very beginning of medical coding and Dr.Santosh Kumar Guptha wants to introduce medical coding and billing system in India at a large scale in the coming years. With a futurist leader leading the way, Medesun claims itself in offering certified, qualified and experienced staff for all coding services. Their clinical coding specialists are supremely talented and trained in every area of medical coding & billing and they are also certified by AAPC and AHIMA U.S. Having a vast experience of over 10 years in the industry, the coders there also have auditing experience. Clinical coding auditors are trained to execute quality and funding optimisation audits and they also provide no-risk optimisation audits that eliminate the forthright costs for health services.

Dr Santosh Guptha, 43 Certifications, World Record Holder

"Our coders are also experienced in mentoring and coding education, and take pride in providing both accuracy and throughput," says Santosh Kumar Guptha.

The team of Medesun also have doctors who can understand clinical documentation so they can implement the exact codes to every admitted care.  Medesun's Health Information Managers (HIMs) allows delivering tailored, cost-effective medical coding services. At Medesun, they provide a tailored made clinical coding training and education according to the client's coding team's areas of interest to build its audit findings. The firm communicates clients' audit findings with a detailed summary of the clinical coding audit reports that are easy to read and well-structured, with clear recommendations for coding improvement. To enhance the accuracy and productivity of its coders, the company ensures that they go through a rigorous recruitment process and keep undergoing quality checks.


Medesun fully dedicated towards their clients and community as they are a motivated and enthusiastic company. In order to boost not only Indian but the global healthcare sector, this result-oriented firm is trading towards building a strong pool of coding experts. With their hard work and consistent work they have managed to grow their revenue by 200 per cent in the last five years and they are aiming towards building a 500 seater coding Services Company by 2023.

"As healthcare costs are skyrocketing, proper statistics on time will help in risk adjustment and healthcare cost control. MedicalCoding allows statistical analysis of diseases and treatments, diagnosis-related group reimbursement, and easier observance and tracking of epidemics or pandemic events. It also helps inform planning with the medical organization's decision support systems," explains Santosh Kumar Guptha.

At Medesun, it is believed that proper medical coding will provide valuable diagnostic data that can be used for research and education purposes and it can also impact the overall patient care. The enterprising company is thus drafting a strategy to implement medical coding in state and central government health schemes by leveraging Ayushman Bharat, a very good program brought about by the central government. Medesun has come up like a force to be reckoned with in the global healthcare community and they are only aiming to go beyond limits as they have a team that has a combined experience of over 100 years working in the medical field.

"Medical coding has to be implemented in all hospitals, nursing homes and clinics as this helps healthcare providers in enhancing their decision-making capabilities. This makes them provide affordable healthcare to all. In the next couple of months, we will be approaching the state and central government to implement medical coding in India, in a fully-fledged manner. As this will save millions of rupees, avoid frauds, or any kind of abuse in healthcare," concludes Dr.Meriyala Santosh Kumar Guptha.

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